Lovely chick jerks off and licks wang

Lovely chick jerks off and licks wang
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I'm running through the forest, faster and faster till I can't run any more. It's behind me I know it just a few more meters to go I'm almost there…&hellip. I'm in bed now, a dream, how could I be so foolish to believe that IT was chasing me. I know it's far far far away in a place that I don't plane on visiting anytime soon. A man if u could call it that. More of a forgotten animal that tormented me…… It all started about two years ago when we decided to go camping.

My husband and I decided to go camping for the weekend out in northern Canada for the week. Out of the fast life of the city to just relax for a big tits amazing latina hardcore and blowjob out in the forest. Just me and him alone for a whole week. It sounded like a week of romantic sex that we never got to do because of our hectic lives.

I was still an attractive woman about 32 with a thin size one waist that made my 34c breast stand out in a crowed. Shoulder length brunet hair that I usually keep in a pony tail. A nice wholesome face with baby blues that made guys blush when I caught them staring. "I was a great catch" is what my husband always told me&hellip.

He wisent much to look at but he had the hart of a loin. A middle age looking man. He kept a bald head because he started to go bald in high school.

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Not much of build on his body but he could always get the pots from the top cupped for me. Our fist night in the forest was terrific with an all night love session that had me screaming my husbands name with my multiply orgasms that he brought me too.

He had this thing he could do with is tong that flicked my clit that gut me going like a rollercoaster. I woke up about mid morning and I still felt a little a need to get off before my husband woke up. So I snuck out of the tent with a little lotion bottle. I found a nice place on a rock that looked perfect for my devious deed. I got on my back and began to work like a jackhammer on my pussy.

I need to be quick before he woke up wondering where I went. That was the first time I saw IT, a quick shadow that moved across me. A bird, I thought nothing of it then again a shadow. An eerie feeling came across my body almost like someone was watching me. I came out naked from the tent thing we were the only people in the forest. I collected my self and thought nothing of it and went back to our camp site. I slowly walked back to the camp when another shadow came through the trees&hellip.

Now I was scared shitless, I started to run now. The camp is just right around bend and blank. That's all that I remember. I'm guessing this big booty ho gets big cock step brother when IT decided to capture me or I was in suck shook of seeing my dismembered Husband being eating by theses animals.

I don't remember and don't care to remember this part of the ordeal… I wake up to pitch black and the heavy smell of death just lingering in the air. "Where I'm I??? Is anybody out there??" Then the loud shrieking of IT comes back as an answer.

The sound made me cold to the bone. My husband&hellip.

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He's gone&hellip. I'm next……… I started to cry at that moment when IT walked in with a torch. It was a man if u can say that with a deformed face beyond recognition of that of a human, but the body of an ape man with no hair except on his head.

Another one walks in and another behind that one… I start to plead with them but it falls on deaf ears if they even understand what I'm saying… The largest of the three shrieks at the other two. The two shrieks back but step bro romping aubrey sinclairs pussy on top must have offended the larger one because he smacked both of them off there feet.

The two hurry off afraid of any more punishment. The one left walks closer to me. I now see more closely at what his truly wants to do with me…… In front of me is a pole of manhood that had to be a foot long.

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Like a branch off of a tree in front of me. I"m still naked from the mourning before. I try to run but it easily catches me it pins me to the ground and I feel IT's manhood pressed up to my love canal. I brace for the powerful trust when the other two animals race in with rocks and sticks in there hands. The beast dismounts me and confronts the other two… A loud shrike is the last thing I hear as I ran for my life out of the curly black teens sharing white cock in threeway. I run and run knowing that IT could jus be right behind me, I run and run till I get to the main road&hellip.

I flag down the first car that comes (wasn't that hard to get a man to stop with me still naked). I'm lying in bed now with the past behind me and the future to look forward towards.

I miss my husband so much. I still can't shake that image of him in pieces being eaten by those animals… Something doesn't feel right… I still feel like i"m dreaming…… What's this burning sensation between my legs? Oh my god it hurts so bad… Feels like i"m being stabbed over and over in the same spot!?!?!?!?!?!

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What is this, it hurts sooooo bad. I"m going to split in half from this pain…………&hellip. &hellip.ah……ahhhh&hellip.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………&hellip.I"m awake now the blackness has now consumed me&hellip.

IT is on top of me thrusting with all its might&hellip.

The pain is gone, the sounds of the beast is gone…I'm slowly going…………&hellip."Just a dream I slowly say to my self over and over.

Just a dream&hellip."