Euro babe gangbanged by big cock studs

Euro babe gangbanged by big cock studs
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I awoke early, to the sounds of the birds in the trees.I was on cloud nine!I made the girls a pan of scrambled eggs,piles of toast and coffee.I placed the tray on the floor and opened the door.The room had a small toilet attached to it and Roxanne was peeing.I personally had taken the bedroom and small toilet windows out and filled the wall in.The room smelled of sweat,cunt,cum and unwashed bodies!Angie was on her back her cunt had taken a pounding and looked sore!She just stared at me.Hanna was curled up in a ball sobbing.Roxanne came from the toilet and sat next to her sister clinging to her."Morning my bitches!''.I said cheerfully!"Rules for this morning.1]No questions, if any are asked chap seduces beauteous babe and copulates her punishment is thirty lashes.2]Eat all the food I supplied[I placed the tray before them].3]I will bring you a tub of hot water and soap wash your bodies!''I was already getting hard."Before you eat though,I'm going to fuck Hanna!'' Hanna the little virgin bitch had gotten off lightly last night.Angie was hugging Roxanne who had abused her pussy so spectacularly.I uncurled Hanna,she wimpered pleading softly.''Please.pleeeassse.can I go home?.p.pleassse?''I stopped in my tracks the bitch had defied me!"I said no questions dammit!!'' She WAILED as I removed my belt.I started lashing her mercilesly!She curled up in a tight ball covering her face.Angie and Roxanne witnessing the thorough beating of their friend cowered in the corner.The fourteen year old bitch was made an example of.I lashed her head,sides,back,buttocks,legs and feet!.Thirty hard blows as she yelped and twisted her body.I was furious now!''You two ho's come here!''They were now totally under my control!Scared shitless of me!"Put the bitch on her back,each of you take a anke and pull her legs right back against her shoulders!''What a sight,the two beautiful teens eager to obey.Fearing the punishment if they did'nt ,manhandled their screaming friend on to her back and pulled her legs back tightly as I had orderd.The strength they put into their task lifted Hannas gaping butt from the floor.I knelt down in front of her gorgeous immature cunt.Wet my fingers and placed my pole at her entrance.She was shaking her head from side to side."No don't.DON'T!''.I said "Take it you miserable cunt!''and slipped my head and shaft into her rosebud pussy!Oh the exquisite joy of the picture!Hanna's face contorting as I took her virginity!Her yells of pain as I rammed home!Her body spasming!The sight of her friends holding her legs back as I forced myself on her!The sight of Angie and Roxanne horrified,watching as my cock pummeled in and out of their young friends vagina,the shaft showing glimpses of her virginal blood as I rode her.I took my time.Riding her gently and then hard and fast.Then really and out.innnn and oooutttt.It was pure ecstasy to be the first man to feast on her tight cunny!I worked her for at least half and hour.When I was slow and gentle and savouring every second.She bit on her lip and went ''ah.ah.ah.ah.ah'' as I moved in and out of her.When I came I humped her like a man possessed!I spurted in her burried to the hilt my ball sacs tight against her ass!Oh she had been a great fuck!

I left my wenches to eat.When I brought them the tub and soap the tray was empty.Poor bitches must have been starving.I had switched on the tv this morning the murders and missing girls had been on every channel.Photos of the three of them.Reporters pleading with viewers to phone a special hotline number if they had any leads!Stupud cunts there were no leads!

Later that afternoon I marched the three of them bathed and liberally oiled to the stable.I had given them a big bottle of baby oil and told them to use it liberally on their young bodies.To spread it everywhere.Their bodies glistened in the summer sun as we made our way to the stables.Dirt clung to the oil smeared soles of their feet.I had no family I was still in contact with or friends.No chance of anyone arriving unexpectedly.If someone did I would fucking kill them!

The donkeys were two randy bastards!There had been no sobbing crap from the girls!The beating and rape Hanna had endured had sobered them up to the situation once and for all!

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There they were naked and glorious.Hanna and Roxanne sitting either side of the one donkey hands under his belly working a ver large penis.It was light pink and black in colour.The bulb at the end of it seemed to be growing heavier as they manipulated it.The donkey was skittish and enjoying every minute of it.Angie was doing a superb job!On all fours she was jacking the others dick with abandon!She knew what she was doing and must have given Clayton much pleasure in the past.She would work her oiled hands slowly up and down that donkeycock shaft.Then circling her had around the nob she jacked it.Almost a milking action.It was toooooo much for me.I stood up.

"You two girls carry on!Angie come here baby!''I led her still on all fours to the other side of the mule."Now get under him and fuck him babe,do it real good.Spoil this for me and I will split you wide open!Do him nicely and you will be my number one babe!''She whispered "Oh shit" but got to work.She did a amazing job!This beautiful tanned goddess with a perfect body got under the donkey.Her back flash against his tummy.She reached her arm behind her.Supporting herself with her other hand on the hay and started working the large head against her cunny.Never will you behold a beautiful blonde sucks on a raging pecker erotic pose!"Umm.I need some lube"Oh Angie I thought, you are going to be my no 1 girl!I helped her out spreading lube over her cunt.Easing two fingers into her cunny.The bitch was WET!

She got the knob in her with a bit of effort.She was a brave girl.I knew her cunt was sore and tender from her rape with the dildo last night.She moaned "Umm.ohh.ummmmm" as she slipped the head and a portion of the shaft in her.Watching her connecting herself to the donkey's schlong my dick became so hard it felt like it was going to take off like a rocket!She feed a bit more of the shaft into her shaven cunt.The head had dissapeared from view inside her.She mouthed softly"Ah,huh, ohhhhhh yeah''I was delirious with lust and glee.The bitch was getting hot on this!I tossed the jar of lube at Hanna And Roxanne."Do what your sisters doing Roxanne!Hanna help her!''."No please I don't want toooo!!''Roxanne spurted out.I raised the gun.Angie fearful that I was going to kill her sister started working that donkeydick harder into her snatch to draw my attention!I was adamant."Do it Roxanne!!!!Hanna you make sure she fucks that donkey or I shoot you both now!"Hanna hissed at her friend "JUST DO IT Roxanne!!''To my delight,Hanna tugged at her friend and manouvered her on all fours under the mule.She shoved lube against Roxannes cunt and gripped the head of the donkeys dick in her hand.She started dinging it against Roxanne's tight pubes!

Oh Annnnnggggieee!Oh Babbbby!Look at what she was doing!She had a sizeable portion of the shaft buried in her!She was rhytmically moving her hide up and down its length.On all fours she was riding that cock!Her face was flushed crimson her eyes glazzed over.She looked like she was in seventh heaven!

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I got down beside her."How you doing Angie?''.She opened her luscious lips and with a show of whie teeth uttered."Umm,fine.Oh.Oh!''.'' How does it feel,Angie baby.The cock inside you?'' She blinked her eyes"Big.ohhh.the heads japanese mom teaches son about sex uncensored english subtitles and feels soooo hot.AHH.ooh''"Angie place your one hand down by your clit and work it!''In one delicious movement she obeyed.Her middle finger between her legs working her clitty!"How does it feel now,Angie?''She murmered"Oh goooooood!''She was ignoring me now in her own arousal working the cock inside her at various rates of tempo.Her eyes seemed unfocused lost in the erotic pleasue the mules dong was giving her.

Roxanne was under major pressure.Hanna had got the dick inside her and was humping the bitch with it!Her little hand curled around the pink and black spotted fuckstick!She was doing her friend with what borderd on anger!Maybe because Roxanne had nearly got them both killed?Whatever it was it was primal and animalistic she was fucking her friend good and solid!Roxanne's mouth and eyes were wide from strain.Her cunt stretched almost to tearing point by the thing inside her and Hanna was feeding her more of the hose!Hanna's hand was nearly by the mules large black bullocksThe donkey brayed,mouth open showing its sizeable teeth.It danced around from one back hoof to the other.Its hindquarters trembled!Hanna shouted "Geez!''.I barked out with unfathomable delight "What Hanna,Whats happening?''She bleated out "This things dicks twitching its cumming!!!''The mule brayed incessantly and shoved forward its large hot sweaty testicals banged against Roannes ass!Roxannes skinny taut body crumpled under the onslaught just her ass remained in the air as her 'lover' ejaculated half a gallon of its sizzling hot and thick semen into the deepest reaches of her womb.The cock head expanding deep inside her as it spurted its animal load in hot gushes Angie came with her mate.As the donkey erupted heavily inside her.She bleated out''Awww shit!yeahh!Fuck! much.cum.ohhh theres more .fuck its like an open faucet.oh yeah.yes.owww.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' That night while the other two were locked safely in their room.I took Angie in my bed.She let me have my way with her.I used her the whole night cumming thrice.Once deep in her bowels.Once splashing my ejaculate down her throat.The third time as I held her tightly deep inside her.

One year two and a half months later: Roxanne sweating heavily and having a terrible time had just given birth to our daughter.Hanna ,her own tummy heavy and stretched with her own pregnancy wrapped the baby and placed it in Roxanne's arms.Kissing, Roxanne lovingly on the forhead.Angie, our son feeding at her breast passed me a glass of lemonade.Oh how far we had come!I thought as I sipped the drink.How fond I had grown of my girls.

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