Morther and son go trip and together on bedroom

Morther and son go trip and together on bedroom
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Horrors of Humanity - vengeance isn't always sweet. Our short story starts off with a family of three children and two parents lets call passionate bbw strap on sex the Jackson family. The family consist of Becky the oldest child of 21 years old her younger brother Fank he's only 20 and the youngest Cindy she is just seventeen about to turn 18.

There parents are Jack and Bethany. Jack was 44 years old balding of average height and pudgy his face was that of a tired older man and his attitude was of a angry bitter man who blamed his failures and misfortune on his wife and family. Speaking of his wife Bethany was also 40 she on the other hand looked like she was way younger and acted it.

Often if Bethany wasn't flirting with her oldest daughter boyfriends she was on social media trying to make young boys cream with her provocative pictures she loved posting. Becky never got along with her mom catching her with her first boyfriend slobbering over his dick didn't help things. To compensate from turning her over to her dad she just brings it up whenever she needs some pocket cash to buy some dank or a bottle for herself. Frank was a little different he was always more flamboyant and effeminate but he wasn't gay and he often get in fights in school and the streets fighting bullies who secretly suck off one another when they think there alone in the locker room.

Fank has always been close with his older sister some might say a bit too close but those are usually the same people Frank knocked out because they were threatened by how open he was with both his manly and effeminate side.

Cindy disliked them all the youngest was supposed to be loved and even babied but apparently her family didn't get the memo. Her mom hated her for ruining her perfect figure. Her dad wasn't even sure if she was his and frankly didn't want to know either way. Becky was always way to wasted to even care about anything besides herself and her brother who had a job and gladly hand over his check to her for a few favors.

Cindy was always quiet never really spoke up much always was teased about having a gay brother or having her brother fucking his sister. She knew they were lies well half truths at least. Dad was weak couldn't even hold his own wife in check and keep her from acting like a whore online. Mom was to busy being a slut and trying to stay sexy even though that's a lost war. Cindy would often sneak in her sister room and steal a bit of her weed and sometimes steal a swig of her bottle.

She never noticed a bud or two missing and the bottles in her room was mostly backwash anyways. Cindy tried to find her own persona and was often labeled a goth or emo by the white trailer trash and undereducated fucks in school. She didn't think herself as a emo she had feelings and leah gotti freaky teens amateur sextape i express them just fine no cutting needed. Her style was more dark if anything always wearing black and splashes of neon colored tee-shirts and bra and panties stripped toe socks and white sneakers with hand drawn designs.

Cindy was relaxing in the ally behind the house as her sister Becky and mom were arguing about money. Cindy knew it was her fault she stole a few extra buds off Becky's stash but it was worth it.

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Cindy rolled a large joint up and waited for Alex her best friend. Her and Alex were also label lesbians because that just had to be the only reason her and Alex would hang out.

Alex was the complete opposite of Cindy. Alex always wore sexy or sporty clothes was a slim and athletic teen just turned 19 a few months ago had long blond hair and a bubbly infectious attitude. Cindy hated the whole school she dreamed of seeing the school burn up on more then one occasion.

Just as she finished pearling the joint she noticed her older brother Frank pulling up into the garage.

Frank had a new fresh black eye on his eye. "You ok bro?" Cindy asked as she shoved the joint on top of her ear and brushed her bright blue hair over it. "Nothing I ain't used to what's their problem now?" Frank said as he stepped out the car. "Money she needs more and moms holding out or something like that." Cindy said as she looked down the ally waiting for Alex. "Damn I just gave her twenty dollars last night." Fank said as he opened his wallet and looked over on how much money he had left.

"I think she got drunk last night with a guy friend." Cindy said as she saw Alex ridding her bike up to her house. "Ok well see ya I'm going with Alex to a friend's house.can I get a few bucks?" Cindy asked hopefully. Frank looked his sister up and down maybe after your birthday party tomorrow I'll give you cash for a favor." Frank said staring at her budding tits looking a little bit more perky then usual. brutally fisting her ruined pussy in bondage submissive domination I'm not like Becky I don't need money that bad." Cindy said as she crossed her arms over her small tits.

"Hey Cindy sup?" Alex asked breathlessly as her bike skirted to a stop. "Hey you doing." Frank asked looking at Alex small chest rise up and down in her pink tank top. Alex blushed hard once she saw what Frank was staring at.

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"Hey-y-y Franky I'm doing ok what bout ya?" Cindy interrupted "Alex we got places to go let's head out." Fank sucked his teeth and gave Cindy a playful slap on her booty as he headed out the door. "Pervert!" Cindy yelled out rubbing her booty. "That hurt." Alex rubbed the other cheek softly. girls plow fellas anus with huge belt cocks and squirt juice amateur babe jealous.

I wish he slap my ass." Cindy face turned red. "What the hell.that's my brother don't be a slut." Cindy playfully pushed Alex and got on the back pegs of the bike.

"Onward my trusty steed." Pointing to the train tracks across town. Alex turned her body around and motorboat Cindy while making a sound like a horse. Once they made it out of the town houses and got to the tracks Cindy tackled Alex down to the soft grass and laughed.

"Cindy your such a goof." Alex said while grabbing the joint off Cindy ear. "For me? You shouldn't have babe." With a wink Alex lite the joint up and took a few puffs.

Cindy was still laughing as she grabbed the joint and puffed on it then flicked her tounge in between her middle and pointer fingers. "Oh really?" Alex said as she spread her legs apart and patted her small pussy that was pressing up against her small gym shorts. They both roared with laughter as they joked around smoking on the pilfered joint. Alex was glad they could goof around like this wasn't going to be long until she has to move out to college while Cindy got a job to get the fuck out of her house.

"You know I'm going to miss the fuck out of you bitch." Alex said as she twisted Cindy's nipple that was sticking out from the cool autumn breeze.

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"Ow I won't miss them purple nurples you keep giving me." Cindy said as she rubbed her sore nipple. "Shut up you love when I paw over you." Alex said as she made a claw hand and pureed like a kitten. "That's true.besides once I get a enough money we can move in together and live far away from this shit hole." Cindy said as she quickly died out the joint and reached in Alex tank top right at her bra and pulled out her one hitter.

"Light it for me." Alex lite the one hitter then quickly grabbed it after Cindy started choking hard. After inhaling the last bit of the the weed. "Ahh light weight." Alex laughed then started hacking. Cindy giggled as Alex still was hacking up a lung. "I'm the light weight? Sure why not I'll let you have that one because this is our last day together." Alex pushed Cindy over and climbed over her "Not our last day we still got your birthday coming up." Cindy squealed with joy and spread Alex legs open so her knees weren't digging into her legs.

"Your dad agreed to wait til after my b-day?" Alex laughed and fell on top of Cindy. "Yeah bitch I'm going to stay at your house tonight then leave after your party." Cindy squealed again and pushed Alex off her.

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"Yeah bitch tonight's the night." Alex look confused then asked. "The night for what bitch?" Cindy laughed hard. "Tonight's the night we get back at Miss perfect Gabby." Alex knew Gabby was the one who first started the whole rumor of Cindy and her being lesbian and teased Franky all the time.

"You mean you got it?" Cindy showed Alex her phone and on it was a picture of Gabby sucking off Mr.Flaisco the home room teacher. "You got them together? Holy shit how? When? What?" Cindy looked confidently at Alex and said "I was doing some panting in art for fun after class before the school closed and I heard a noise coming from the class and I peeked in he was moaning as she was sucking him off.

I took a pic but then he decided he wanted to skinny female agent deep throats in office her so he told her to stop then bent her over and fucked her over his desk. I got that on video and been waiting for her end of summer party." Alex was stunned and turned on Mr.

Flaisco was the youngest and most handsome teacher in the whole school. She often used him bending over or standing nude as her motivation when she touched her pussy late at night. "Holy fuck you got it on video? I bet you watched it over and over." Alex said as she lustfully dreamed of being fucked by Mr.Flaisco. "No I was wondering if I should post it on FB or just wait until her party when the half the town would be there and I figured I do both and we can do it tonight after everyone is asleep in the house." Both Cindy and Alex high fived and giggled.

On the way back they spotted a clear white wall just on the other side of Gabby house. "There right there that's were we will play the video." Cindy pointed to the building.

"How will we play it?" Alex asked. "Simple we will borrow the projector that my dad has in his garage." Cindy said and Alex shook her head. "Fuck yeah and then we will post up in them bushes." As the girls made there plan they rode in and saw Frank leading Becky into the house while Becky had her hand on Fanks ass.

"Shit there they go at it again." Cindy said shaking her head. "What do lick my pussy and fuck me hard pornstars mean there just friendly like how you and me are." Alex said as she smacked Cindy ass and grabbed it roughly. "Ow not so hard bitch.I didn't say stop." They both giggled at Cindy last remark. Then getting into business the both of them searched around and found the projector and the wires that hooked it up to the phone.

"Ok let's charge it in my house so it's ready for tonight." Cindy said while going into the house with Alex following. As Alex and Cindy came in the house they saw Cindy's mother posing in her new work out clothes in the living room.

A red and one size to small tank top that emphasised her huge and full C cups as well as some leggings that were practically see threw. "Whore." Cindy mumbled as she passed by the living room.

"What's that dear?" Cindy mom asked as she made a kissy face and shot a few dozen pics with her cell phone. "Nothing.whore" Cindy mumbled back as her and Alex laughed.

"Ok dinner in 2 hours your dad is bringing home chicken." Bethany yelled back as she climbed on the couch and did a ass wiggle and took a few more pictures. "What's her deal?" Alex asked "Doesn't she know duck face is so not sexy anymore?" Cindy laughed "No she still gets a few likes and thumbs up once a while mostly from love struck kids from middle school." Cindy said laughing so hard she snorted. "Oh very class-aye" Alex said then stoped in front of Becky's door to hear if Becky and Frank were doing it.

"Don't be a perv come on." Cindy said while pulling Alex along. After plugging the projector in to charge up Alex and Cindy logged on to FB and trolled Cindy's mom page under fake accounts. Toon bondage if youre going to be a creepy stalker you may as well stalk the most saying how old is she and how her face is what not to have done at the plastic surgeons office.

After a few minutes of delight they got to the juicy part. "Ok me sexy teens music video till the world ends video come on." Alex pleaded with Cindy. "Ok fine but don't laugh it's not the best quality." Cindy fished out her phone from her pants pocket and then got to her videos. After swiping past the vids of Alex and her goofing around by the tracks and poking holes in Becky's condoms they got to the video of Gabby sucking off the teacher.

It started off a little blurry at first but you can definitely make out Mr. Flaisco head leaning back as Gabby sucks on his dick while sitting in his chair in front of the teachers desk. "What a slut." Alex said while squirming around on her knees. Gabby then got up once Mr. Flaisco tapped her left shoulder. "Get up were not done yet." Said Mr.Flaisco as he lowered his pants and bent Gabby over. Gabby raised up her skirt and pulled her panties aside.

"Look you can see her bush told ya she wasn't a natural blond." Cindy said pointing to Gabbys dark patch of pubes. Mr.Flaisco then spanked Gabby and sent her yelping like a scolded dog. Mr.Flaisco then went on to pump his dick into her pussy while pushing down on Gabbys shoulders as Gabby squealed and gasped at the pummeling her pussy was getting. "I thought he be bigger." Alex said a bit disappointed Cindy then said "Look here's the best part." Mr.

Flaisco then pulled out turned Gabby around and pushed her to her knees then splashed her face with his sperm. "We need to edit that last part so that it shows her face as he's creaming." Then they saw Mr.Flaisco throw a few bills of money at Gabby.

"Take that as a tip and congratulations you passed." With tears rolling down her face Gabby picked up the money and cleaned off her face. Gabby said "Thanks." Then the video ended with Cindy's thumb coming over the camera and turning off the recording function on her phone. "Wow she totally whored her self out for cash and grades." Alex said a little too happy. "I always knew she wasn't as smart as she put on." Cindy agreed.

They got on Cindy's laptop passed down from Becky once she got a tablet and went to edit the video. They skipped out the blurry beginning and started off with her half way into sucking Mr.Flaisco off. After making the video clearer they decided to blow up the part of Gabby having tears and sperm running down her face for the ending and used the word cum bucket on the bottom of the picture.

"There we go all done let's go get some food I'm starving." Alex said rubbing her tummy. The whole family ate fried chicken and then Bethany went to clear up the table while Jack popped open a beer. "So Alex going off to college huh?" Jack asked while leering at Alex sucking the grease off her fingers. "Yeah it's a public college but it only for me to get the small stuff out the way then I'll transfer into a new college and get my degree in Sociology and junk." Alex said while sucking on her middle finger very slowly knowing Cindy's dad was watching intently at her.

Cindy kicked Alex under the table and said "Come on let's go to my room." Just as they left Bethany and Jack started yelling at one another while Frank and Becky headed out the door. "Were going to a party be back in a week or so." Frank said knowing his parents didn't hear or care about what he just said. As soon as Cindy closed her door she started to scold Alex.

"What the literal fuck was that?" Alex fell on Cindy bed and laughed "What?! He was looking at me so I gave him something to look at." Cindy blew her bangs off her face and sighed. "That's my dad he's like a million years old and a total perv he shouldn't be looking at you like that and you shouldn't be acting like that in front of my mom too." Alex threw her hands up in defeat. "Ok oh.kay.look I'm sorry I just couldn't resist he is always looking at me like that when he thinks I don't notice I was just playing around." Cindy got on top of Alex and said "Not cool bitch" then tickled her and wrestled around for a few minutes.

After it was ten o'clock and Jack was passed out on the couch and Bethany was busy cramming with some love struck teen to get back at Jack in her bedroom. Cindy and Alex snuck out of her room threw the window and jumped down with the projector in a back pack and real teen loves hard fucking reality amateur wires too. It was a short ride into the rich part of town.

Well the better off part of town and they both set up in the bushes on a hill next door to Gabbys house. They got there just in time the party music died down just enough for people to start talking and drink the beer and liquor they snuck into the party.

Cindy spotted Frank and Becky on the fence chatting with a few of there friends. "Perfect load up the video and gorgeous hot milf regan in hot scissor sex with riley her up." Cindy said as her and Alex fired up the projector and the Video started to play. The music stopped and the whole party looked at the white wall next door and saw Gabby sucking off Mr.Flaisco then fucking him and splashing his nut on her face.

Then the cherry on top a blow up picture of Gabby with the word Cum Bucket under her face. The whole party laughed louder then the music playing while Gabby cried and ran to her house. You can see her bedroom light turn on. A few of Gabby close friends went to consul her. While the rest of the party cheered and whooped when Mr.Flaisco came and nutted on Gabbys face.

Alex and Cindy turned off the projector and the party said in unison "awe" Alex was busy huffing along on the bike while Cindy was uploading the video to FB under one of her fake accounts.

"I'll tag the whole school and everyone will pass it along." Cindy said while super satisfied they finally got back at Gabby for her years of torment. The next morning the video was still being passed around the net while the family had a small party later the afternoon for Cindy's birthday.

After the cake the whole family went to the living room and tried to find something to watch while they waited for Alex's dad to pick her up. The local news came up instead of the movie channel. "This is Kert Kelegotantopluis from channel 4 News with A Breaking Story." Said the new reporter. "A body was found early this afternoon hanging in front of the local high school. The body is said to be of local teen Gabby Polanski in a apparent suicide. The local officials claim that cyber bullying was the final push this young girl got to finally.hang it up.

More of this tragic tragic story will be brought up at the 9 'clock News Hour. Now back to your regular broadcasting." The whole living room went silent. Bethany had an affair with Gabbys father back before Gabby was born. Jack knew Gabby mother from his work and knew that she must be devastated.

Fank and Becky were just at her party last night and both shared and.forwarded the sex video of Gabby at least a dozen times. More shocked was Alex who burst into tears and started to sob uncontrollably. Cindy looked at the twisyts august ames beautiful girl natural tits and hardcore screen then at her hands and grabbed the remote to see what else was on tv.

Alex dad came and picked her up to take her to college an hour later. Her and Cindy never did get that apartment together in fact they never spoke to one another again after that. Just goes to show you boys and girls our actions my be justified and the right thing to do at that moment, but they could have grave consequences.

Try to remember that next time you post a video of a person that might humiliate them or leave a nasty comment in a comment section. Or be like Cindy and not give a fuck if your a cold heartless sociopath. Until next time boys and girls on our trip threw the Horrors of Humanity.