Hot gf with glasses tries out anal sex while being filmed

Hot gf with glasses tries out anal sex while being filmed
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Santa's Perverted Helper (or Susie Learns What Happens To Naughty Girls) By rutger5 (An original story-copyright 2012) "Would you keep up you little brat. Really Billy you're impossible sometimes. If it's not bad enough I have to walk you home everyday instead of going to the mall with my friends you always have to be a slowpoke." "I'm sorry Susie but my legs are shorter than yours" the adorable tyke replied as he struggled to keep up with his much older sister though his backpack laden with textbooks continued to slow him down.

The pretty blond teen stopped and turned with her hand on her hip as her brother caught up with her before she resumed walking. Just then her cell went off playing the latest Katy Perry ringtone. Susie retrieved her phone from her bag and flipped it open before placing it to her delicate shell like ear.

"Hey Megan, what's up? No I have the twerp with me as usual. God forbid that I'm ever allowed to have fun or a social life. The worst part is he gets to have his friends over and I have to then baby-sit them as well. But if I want to have someone over I gotta clear it with my Mom first. It is such bs. Okay I'll talk to you later, bye." Hanging up the phone Susie continued along the bare tree lined street.

She shivered as Jack Frost sent a bone chilling breeze in her direction on this cold, gray afternoon. Her school uniform skirt did little to keep her warm especially as she must have altered it to be shorter than the school regulations permitted.

Susie attempted to pull her jacket tighter about her nubile frame but the jacket was more suited for fashion than the practical aspect of keeping warm and it seemed to do her little good. Not until Susie and Billy had turned the corner did I shift my black Ford E350 van into drive and slowly follow them at a safe distance.

They were halfway down the block when I turned onto Beech Street and drove in their direction. My hand adjusted the earpiece to my sound amplification device as I crept down the street. It could pick up a whisper from over 300 yards away putting them well within its range and I heard an earful that confirmed that my choice was the correct one. "Hey Sis are you coming with me and Mom to the mall tomorrow?" the boy said, his voice brimming with hope and innocence.

They had reached their house and Susie had already turned up the walk when she turned to her lagging brother with a sneer on her angel like features. "Of course I'm going Bratty. I don't get many chances to go to the mall so I'm not milf big tits anal facial xxx no money no problem to miss this one even if I have to go with you and Mom." "That's so cool Susie, but why do you have to call me Bratty not Billy?" "Because twerp you are a brat as far as I'm concerned." "Okay if you say so" he said while making a sniffling sound before his cherubic face brightened.

"Susie do you want to come with me when I visit Santa and tell him what I want for Christmas?" The boy asked this with such a sweet, earnest expression that it would have persuaded old Ebenezer Scrooge that Christmas wasn't a humbug after all but Susie's reaction was to laugh derisively at her brother. "Now why in the world would I want to waste my time like that? I'd rather just stay home and do my homework than watch you beg some rent-a-santa for presents." "What do you mean rent-a-santa Susie?

Besides maybe you could ask him for what you wanted while you're hawt drilling with hard shlong smalltits hardcore are so fuckin' clueless twerp. First of all you'll just be telling your pathetic wish list to some drunken bum who the mall hired to lure the suckers in with their kids lia lor enjoys a session of shagging they'll spend more money.

And two, Santa Claus doesn't exist - he's just a story to make brats like you be good so that you'll get presents." Susie was so caught up in her tirade that she didn't notice the crestfallen look on Billy's face but I had to grip the steering wheel so tightly that my hands hurt. It was all I could do to stop myself from jumping from the moving van and rushing to deliver swift, righteous retribution to Susie.

For a moment Billy remained silent until his little face reddened with anger at which point he answered his sister. "You are such a liar Susie; I'm going to tell Mom what you said. Sometimes I wish you weren't my sister." After saying that he burst into tears and ran to the front door but of course it was locked and he had to wait as his sister got out her key and opened it.

"Whatever Billy" Susie replied as she unlocked the door. Her brother rushed past her, threw his bag on the floor and ran upstairs sobbing. She closed and locked the door, oblivious to my van sitting in front of the house idling.

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This girl was truly a piece of work. All angelic and beautiful on the surface but on the inside a mean, naughty girl. To be honest I had doubted Billy's letter when I first read it and had thought perhaps he was exaggerating but if anything he had sugarcoated the truth.

Well that was why I was here - to set things right and I intended to. For the next two hours I stayed in my van and I suffered from the cold but it was necessary to gain more information while not appearing suspicious by running the engine. While parked across the street from the Walker's residence I was able to continue eavesdropping on the house while also using my digital binoculars to scan the windows. Since it was now dark outside with the house lights on I was able to see inside easily and more than once I caught a glimpse of Susie passing by a window.

My most enjoyable moment was when she went to her bedroom upstairs. Since her room was in the front of the house I observed the light go on so I focused my view there. There was a narrow gap between the curtains through which I could see part of the room.

Her back was to the window as she removed her uniform, first her white blouse and then her short plaid skirt. She had on a red thong that separated her supple ass cheeks and a white bra with narrow straps. Susie removed the bra but to my chagrin she never turned my way before slipping a fleece top over her head and she then pulled on a pair of sweatpants.

At least she bent forward slightly allowing me to take a candid picture of her small, round ass. In spite of the chilly temperature I felt flushed on seeing her in that position especially as I magnified the binoculars to the point that she seemed so close I could touch her.

No sooner had she finished changing than we were both startled by the sound of the phone ringing. She disappeared from my sight but soon I heard her voice through my earpiece.

"Hello, hey Mom. Wait, what did he say? No it wasn't that way…" "Mom let me explain what…" "Fine I'll see you when you get home and I'll have dinner ready." After the call ended I heard Susie scream in what sounded like frustration to my ears followed by the reply of her brother Billy.

"Susie what happened? Are you okay?" he asked in a frightened tone. "Yes I'm all right except my little tattle tale brother has gotten me in trouble so if he knows what is good for him he'll stay in his room and out of my way" she yelled at him.

That was followed by the sound of a door closing and a minute later the sound of footfalls going down the stairs. My patience was rewarded by hearing a phone conversation shortly thereafter. "Hey Jimmy, it's me Susie. Me, I'm shitty right now. I called to cancel our plans for tonight. My little rat brother got me in big trouble with my Mom and now I'm grounded.

Oh gee I'm sorry I won't be able to satisfy you, don't worry about me though. Whatever Jimmy, yeah right, sure. Talk to you whenever." I had to chuckle after hearing that, things couldn't be going better if I planned them myself. However I understood that grounding was not nearly enough punishment to modify her attitude and that much stronger methods would be needed. With Susie grounded though my plans would be much easier to accomplish and tomorrow was now the perfect day to bring them to fruition.

Before starting the engine I took a quick peek at Susie's picture which was now stored on my binoculars' Sim card. That night while eating my dinner of canned tuna and beans I went over my plans with a fine tooth comb and I found no flaws.

Later as I sat in my recliner drinking my beers and smoking I stroked my hard cock as I visualized what tomorrow would bring but I was careful to not cum. That wasn't easy after seeing her with her bare back and thong earlier in the evening but I wished to conserve every drop for the next day.

Before retiring to bed I went to the basement to make sure everything there was perfect and in order. After satisfying myself that all was ready I turned in and dreamed of sugarplums and naughty Susie.

The next morning I rose before the sun and loaded everything I would need into the van. Since I didn't have time to come home between work and my rendezvous with Susie I had to make sure I had things set.

When I stepped outside I could see a few swirling flakes in the air and I smiled. The forecast called for intermittent flurries throughout the day with little accumulation and it seemed to be accurate. Twenty minutes later I pulled into the parking lot and headed into the building. "Good morning Bill, Sharon" I cheerfully called out to my fellow United States Postal Service workers as I headed to the sorting room.

They both looked startled by my friendly demeanor and Sharon almost choked on her coffee she was so surprised by my cheerfulness. "Morning Fred get up on the right side of the bed for a change" Bill answered, surprise etched clearly on his weather-beaten face. "Well its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, don't you think? And that is the most wonderful time of the year" I answered sincerely. They exchanged glances as I started to whistle a tune as I rounded the bend.

On the way I passed the dead letter area which also included the letters to Santa section. Seeing that I broke into actual song and even danced a few steps with joy. The day moved quickly even with my numerous mandated coffee and cigarette breaks and I only broke a few packages deliberately that day I was so giddy.

Once when I was out front smoking I even forgot to be surly when a customer asked me a question even though I was clearly on break. Once quitting time came I rushed out to my van and headed out towards Susie's neighborhood. I was waiting when she arrived home all alone and she didn't seem happy to be there. Well I would be brightening her day in no time.

Before she arrived I'd changed into my facsimile brown uniform of a wicked, horrible private courier delivery company. I figured if someone saw me then hopefully that would throw them off my trail.

Before exiting the van I checked my long salt and pepper beard in the rearview to make sure no food particles were embedded there. No need to start off on the wrong foot with Susie I decided. Not waiting for a chance for her to call anyone on the phone or even worse to change from her schoolgirl uniform I took the package and other needed items and headed to her front door.

My gray hair was under a brown cap with the rest tucked under my collar and I had on a pair of aviator glasses to conceal my eyes. My gloved finger pressed the bell and I waited impatiently for the door to be answered. The door opened a hair a minute later and she peered through the gap with an unhappy look on her perfect face. Well I would change that if only for a minute. Scanning the clipboard I held I spoke to her.

"Package for a Susie Walker from dELiA's, can you accept it?" I said in my most businesslike voice while continuing to look at my clipboard and the imaginary order.

Susie almost squealed with delight on hearing the package was for her and from one of her favorite clothing retailers. She opened the door wider to accept it and I saw she was still blessedly dressed in her schoolgirl uniform. "Here Miss you can take this first and then sign for it" I asked as I handed her the box. She eagerly took it and positioned it in the crook of her left arm as I held out the pen for her to take.

Just as she was about to take it I brought it forward enough that it hit her small hand and went careening to the floor a few feet away. She muttered something under her breath as she moved to pick it up. As soon as Susie stepped away from the threshold I moved like a cat or as much like a cat as a six foot three, two hundred and sixty five pound middle aged man with a large gut could move.

She had naughtily bent at the waist to get the pen instead of modestly bending at the knees and that delayed me half a second as my eyes took in her pale white legs and her cute round little ass. Her fingers closed on the pen as I pushed the front door closed behind me and as Susie straightened her petite young body I acted.

My large arm wrapped around her neck and shoulders from behind pulling her body back into mine while my other hand pulled a pre-treated cloth from my jacket pocket. She tried to say something as the cloth covered her nose and mouth but it was muffled. Her magnificent body struggled futilely against me but that only made her breathe deeper, inhaling the chemical into her lungs. I held her for a minute as she struggled to free herself from my iron grip. She had dropped the package and pen and her small hands tugged at my arm trying to pull it from her neck but she soon went limp from the chloroform.

Taking her with me I sank to the floor and stretched her out. From my pocket I removed three silken scarves which I used to bind her wrists behind her back and also her ankles while using the third to gag her.

Before I did I checked her breathing to make sure she was okay. Her small chest rose and fell and she appeared to be sleeping peacefully causing me to seney lonea porn sixx dmwnlod. Next I removed a heavy duty mail sack from my jacket into which I placed Susie. With her knees bent she easily fit inside and once she was in there I also put her package, the clipboard and my pen in as well. I walked into the dining room where she had started her homework before being interrupted by my ringing the doorbell.

First I closed her books before picking up her purse from the table and looking inside. I could see her cell phone and keys were in there so I brought it with me knowing that a teenaged girl would hardly leave it if she left of her own volition. Once I put it in the sack I pulled the drawstring shut and then checked out front before opening the door. There again was a light flurry falling and the street seemed deserted of people. I hoisted the sack up onto my back and exited the house, locking the door behind me.

Since she barely weighed a hundred pounds I had no difficulty in carrying her to my van. I'd left the side door unlocked so after opening it I deposited my Christmas project on the floor and covered it with a piece of used carpet. Before driving off I removed my brown uniform and slipped it into a garbage bag as well as the hat and gloves. I adjusted the radio to a station playing Christmas carols and we were off, maybe not in the grand style of my boss but flying reindeer were hard to come by in Michigan.

My house was located just on the outskirts of town with no houses closer than a city block's distance from mine. My van pulled into the driveway and parked right by my side door.

I entered the house and raised the thermostat and turned on the basement lights before returning to the van and bringing in Susie through the side door. Carefully I carried her down to the basement and into the back room which took up a little more than half of the floor. I switched on the twinkling Christmas lights and the CD player, which shuffled passionately kissing natasha malkova makes separate disks, giving me a soundtrack of Christmas songs for the day's activities with no further effort required on my part.

Opening the sack I pulled her out gently making sure not to jostle her. I lifted and placed her on my modified workbench then removed the gag and bindings. She was still out though she seemed to be stirring a little which spurred me to hastily restrain her to the bench.

I attached fur lined cuffs to her tiny wrists and hooked them to a strap above her head which was attached to the underside of the bench and then placed a soft red and white holiday pillow under her head.

I knew I should change before she awakened but seeing her lying there like that overwhelmed me. Unable to help myself my hand reached down and brushed the satiny skin of her leg which felt as soft as silk.

When I touched her Susie let out a little moan and moved slightly, her legs parting in an almost imperceptible manner. That slight movement was too much for me in my overwrought condition. My trembling fingers started stroking Susie's inner thigh, starting just above her knee and working upwards until they grazed the material of her plaid skirt.

My other hand took the hem and lifted it revealing more of her glorious young body. Her panties were white and lacy and completely enchanting. Her mons veneris was slight compared to some but on her body it seemed perfect to me. My finger traced the pattern of it before dipping down between her thighs and actually rubbing her covered lips.

Susie moaned louder and pushed her pelvis up in the air slightly as I continued to move my finger back and forth. It was now in the cleft between her lips and I could feel the material of her panties start to moisten as her spring trickled out liquid.

Not able to stop myself I buried my face at the nexus between her thighs, my face pressing to her still hidden pussy. It was a wonderful sensation and it smelled like teen spirit or was it teen pussy.

No matter, either way I started to kiss her there and I was rewarded by another low moan. While my mouth continued its attention my eyes focused on her sleeping face. Her pouty lips curled in a half smile as my kisses became more frenzied. I hooked a finger under the edge of her panties and pulled it to the side revealing her most personal treasure in all its glory.

Her little kitty was small and pink with a few wisps of light blond hairs located just above it with the rest of her pubic area groomed bare. There was a slight sheen of moisture on her lips and I could actually see the juices in her furrow clearly. My tongue snaked out and licked the center of her core, greedily funneling her nectar to my waiting mouth.

Once I had a taste I wanted more and I got it. My tongue lapped at her gooey goodness, probing her sugary walls with an occasional detour to her lips before resuming my probing of her depths. As I did this my erection grew to its full size in a painful fashion as it was trapped in my trousers in an uncomfortable position but I was too caught up performing cunnilingus to stop.

I feasted on Susie till the lower half of my face as well as my beard was covered with her juices. Only when my jaw started to ache did I reluctantly withdraw my tongue from her tight, little channel. My thumb pushed her hood away from her hard clit revealing it in all its beauty.

The tip of my tongue speared it eliciting a whimper from Susie after which I flicked at it repeatedly. As her noises grew in volume I circled it faster until I saw her face redden and her breathing became ragged.

I sucked her button between my lips and delivered one last caress with my tongue which shoved Susie over the edge. Her slim toned legs clamped on my head as her lithe body twisted about on my padded workbench in the throes of her orgasm.

After it subsided I was able to pry her supple thighs from my head and stand erect. I'm not sure if her climax triggered it in any way or it was just coincidence but she seemed to be starting to come around. Quickly I covered her beautiful pussy and pulled down her skirt before she became conscious.

I hurried from the backroom before her eyes opened and got myself ready for what would follow. First I undressed and once I pulled my pants down my hard cock sprang up, free of its confinement at last.

My hand stroked it a couple of times allowing the pre-cum that had built up to seep mom watches dad creampie daughter the hole and coat the head.

First I pulled on the red pants with the white fur cuffs and fastened them but allowed my erection to remain free. Next I put on my heavy black boots followed by my red and white jacket and my thick black belt which I buckled on below my own impressive belly.

Lastly I donned my Santa hat and white gloves and reluctantly forced my hard cock inside my trousers. Right before I reentered the room I smoked a cigarette as I set up my closed circuit camera system and programmed my sound system to play the songs in the order I wished starting with Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. Taking a last drag before crushing out the smoke I thought to myself its showtime.

As the words 'You better watch out, you better not cry' blared out over the speaker I burst into the room. I almost felt bad for Susie as she stared at me with a terrified expression on her pretty face. To waken bound and disoriented and be confronted with an avenging Santa's helper must have been a shock to her but I must admit she won my respect with her reaction.

"Where the hell am I and what the fuck is going on?" she demanded of me, doing her best to conceal her fear. Only a slight wavering in her voice revealed her terror but she glared at me defiantly with her big blue eyes and her chin set firmly. "Well Susie you're in my workshop because you've been a very naughty forced fucked rough porn daughter porn mom son fuckinbg and you must be taught a lesson" I answered as Old mature hardcore both suspects are disrobe searched and are very willing to serve with loomed over her.

In spite of my fearsome appearance and her state of helplessness Susie didn't back down one iota. "And huge tits blonde masseuse blowjobs her clients big cock lingerie and massage the fuck do you think you are? Isn't it a little late for Halloween?" Even with the situation I had to laugh, this girl was a firecracker for sure.

"I'm one of Santa's helpers of course Susie Walker and you should know that using profanity is one reason of many that you are on my boss' naughty list." The fact that I knew her name seemed to startle her but she quickly recovered her wits and acted like it was nothing.

Susie swiveled her head around and took in the room but I don't think that put her at ease any. The facsimile of Santa's Place and Workshop with the large throne like chair painted red and green and festooned with holiday lights and surrounded by wrapped packages located right by the bench was the first thing she observed.

My fragrant 8' tall Norway spruce and fake fireplace placed on the opposite wall also added to the holiday ambience. The North Pole and polar express signs hung on the wall nearby alternating with mounted deer heads.

For Christmas I had decorated one of the young bucks with a round red nose to make it resemble the most famous reindeer of all. Her mouth gaped when she saw that and I couldn't help but chuckle at her reaction. "He was naughty and so he had to be punished" I said with apparent seriousness to her and honestly Susie looked a little green at the gills from that sight but her bluster quickly returned.

"Well you can forget about putting my head on the wall you creep." "I had no intention of doing that Susie. Your head looks much better attached to your shoulders. But I am thinking of mounting and stuffing you but in a much more pleasurable way, at least for me" I told her with a leer. I saw her swallow uncomfortably with a worried expression but you couldn't keep this seventeen year old down for long at least without restraining her and even that only worked partially as I'd discovered.

"Listen don't get any ideas you pervert…" she began when I cut her off with a gloved finger to her lips. Then I took her chin between my thumb and finger and tilted her eyes to mine and winked at her. "Now, now Susie no need to get your panties in a bunch or you can if you really want to at least until I remove them. But what we need to do is discuss your punishment. I know your mother has grounded you but I don't feel that's sufficient to truly modify your naughty inclinations." "How did you know my Mom…" she started to say before she thought better of it or maybe she realized that she didn't want to know how.

"Susie is silly as well as naughty I see. I told you who I work for and my boss keeps a dossier on everyone and you've been on the naughty list for quite some time now." As I said this I took hold of her white button down blouse and started to unbutton it. She started to thrash around making it more difficult than necessary forcing me to take further measures to keep her in place.

From underneath the bench I pulled a heavy leather strap like you may have seen in countless mad scientist movies and pulled it tight over latina wife valentina lopez stuffs her twat with a toy tiny waist and fastened it securely. Now with her arms pulled above her head and her torso strapped down I was free to continue. Within a minute her shirt was unbuttoned and using a scissor (with rounded edges for safety) I cut her bra from her. I had to pause and stare on seeing her like that.

She was crying and I hated to see that but it was her own fault this was happening but she looked breathtaking.

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Her breasts were small, really just two tiny mounds of flesh but they were topped by the most delectable and mouth watering pink nipples I had ever seen.

My cock swelled even more in my pants and I had to struggle to prevent myself from being hasty. Both my hands reached down and took a nipple and pinched as I did my best to make them erect. Susie wailed in as much anguish as pain as I wasn't that rough with them. After a minute of twisting the desired outcome had occurred and they stood proudly erect.

I reached into my pocket and removed two nipple clamps which I preceded to attach to her pebble like nipples. She bit her lip after that and I saw a tiny bit of fight had deserted her. "If you cooperate Susie your punishment won't be as bad. It was only because you struggled that I attached these" I said indicating the clamps by jostling them and sending the sensations throughout her nervous system. "Why are you doing this to me? I'm not a bad person" she said as tears started to run down her cheeks.

"Feeling sorry for yourself I see?" I answered her. "Fuck you, you bastard. What have I done?" Susie managed to get out before my gloved hand wild sex with juicy and concupiscent pretty bitch hardcore and blowjob her mouth stifling her.

"Susie, Susie, Susie you know denial isn't just a river in Egypt. I'm very disappointed in you. You're the one being naughty and yet you want to pretend otherwise. I could bring up the way you're a little cocktease with Jimmie and Danny and who knows how many others?" I saw her reaction from that. No doubt she was wondering how I knew about her little escapades. Little did she know that I had her under surveillance since receiving a letter that now sat in my pocket.

On more than one occasion I had been in fairly close proximity as she worked her developing feminine wiles on a poor, horny young man leaving him frustrated and with sexy story xxx girl tgirl balls.

"I see you know what I'm talking about but that wasn't what brought this about no matter how reprehensible your conduct was in that area but this." From my pocket I produced the damning letter and with much fanfare removed it from its envelope. Next I perched my half spectacles on the end of my nose, cleared my throat and began to read. "Dear Santa; How are you? I am fine and I hope you and your reindeer and elves are good too. I'm not writing you this letter to ask you for any Christmas presents.

I still want some and I hope to tell you in person which ones but I'm asking you for something that can't be bought in a store or made in your workshop. You know who I am and all about me and my whole family as well. You pornzs net emotions rosso veneziano italia 02 tube porn know I have a big sister named Susie." When I read that part I heard her gasp as she realized where I'd obtained my information from. Again I put my finger to my lips and shushed Susie before resuming reading the letter.

"She is much older than I am and very pretty but I think she must hate me and I don't understand why. I love her very much and always tell her so but she is so mean to me that it makes me cry and sad all the time. One time she told me she wished that I never was born and things were so much better before me.

I don't know what I did to her for her to hate me but she does. What I'm asking for from you Santa is a way to make her love me or at least not hate me. However you have to change me is okay as long as Susie is then happy. I don't understand what she wants and if I did then I'd try really hard. I'm a good boy and I do whatever she tells me to do but she's never happy. So please help me Santa and if you grant me this wish I'll never ask you for anything again as long as I live.

Your friend Billy Walker" Finishing the letter I folded it and returned it to my pocket and removed my glasses. Looking down at Susie's face I saw she was crying. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her body was wracked with sobs.

It was obvious that hearing her little brother's thoughts had moved her. Part of me wanted to end things here but I was raised with the maxim spare the rod and spoil the child and I sincerely believed it. Right now Susie was repentant but I felt that like a child touching a hot stove she needed to get burned in order for the lesson to take. Now when the iron was hot was the time to strike.

I unfastened the strap around her waist but she was oblivious to this as she was caught up in her emotions. My gloved hand reached out and wiped a tear from her face and that seemed to bring her back to reality. "I didn't realize, I mean I said those things but I didn't know how bad it was messing with him. He is a good boy&hellip." she zoey teases her boyfriend while eating gets creampied pornstars hardcore to say between sobs.

"I think that we have a chance to make this work Susie but it's up to you now" I told her solemnly. "What can I do?" she asked in a pleading tone. "First things first you have to willingly SUBMIT to your punishment so the lesson sticks. Then of course you MUST modify your behavior to Billy in the future" I answered her in my most stern voice.

"Okay" she said in a tiny voice "I'll do what I have to so things are right." "Good girl Susie, I'm proud of you. I only take on missions where I think the person can change in a positive way. I'm not an avenging angel but rather one of Santa's helpers who tries to in my own small way bring about Christmas miracles." "What do you want from me?" she asked with not a trace of guile.

That was a difficult question to answer with her lying restrained next to me on my workbench with clamps on her nipples and the taste of her teen pussy still in my mouth. A lesser man might have taken advantage of the situation but I had my first time teen age xnxx storys. After a minute's thought I came up with a solution that would serve us both.

"Susie you need to be disciplined so in the future you can look back on today and not follow the naughty path. I feel the best way to accomplish this is a good old fashioned spanking." She looked uncertain about my suggestion and maybe the fact that technically speaking I had kidnapped her and brought her here against her will where I then restrained her to my bench may have had an impact.

It was a good thing she didn't realize what I had done while she was asleep. I knew it was wrong but I was just a simple man with needs, albeit one who received his marching orders directly from Santa Claus himself.

"Will you let me go after?" she asked quietly. "Of course I will Susie. I have no intention of harming you or keeping you here against your wishes. As soon as we conclude our business I'll bring you back home before your family gets there. I give you my word and cross my heart" I sincerely told her. "What should I do?" "Roll to your side and then get on your hands and knees Susie so we can get this necessary unpleasantness over with." Reluctantly and slowly she complied with my idea by putting herself into position with me guiding her so that her pert ass was raised in the air at the edge of the bench.

With my left hand holding her by the waist my right hand unzipped her plaid skirt and pulled it down to her knees. Then I seized the waistband of her panties and I tugged them down as well exposing her firm little cheeks. I craned my neck to catch a glimpse of her little kitty peering out between her thighs and it still was moist and as I inhaled her scent wafted to me. For this job I needed to remove my glove as only a bare hand would suffice. Holding Susie in place I raised my hand and brought it down hard.

The sound of it colliding with her posterior was like the crack of a gun and her body jumped but my other hand held her in place. My next blow hit her other cheek and I alternated between the two with each smack. The skin started to take on a delightful rosy hue as I continued and I could hear Susie make little whimpering noises after each spank. Knowing that I was actually helping her allowed me to ignore that and to put my full weight behind each blow.

Somehow my left hand slipped from her waist to the front of her thigh as the spanking proceeded and after one particularly forceful smack Susie's body shifted and I found my hand between her legs and touching her warm, wet muff. Almost without conscious thought the edge of my finger slid the length of her pussy and nestled between her petal like lips.

The sound that now came from her mouth was definitely a moan and she pushed against my hand now. My hand twisted so that my finger could enter her portal where it probed her juicy depths. I pushed it as deep as I could as she spread her legs allowing me to go further. My thumb found her clit and I rubbed it in a circular motion.

By now my hard cock was straining against my trousers hoping to burst free and my spanking had become erratic as my lust took over.

While keeping my left hand buried in her I crouched down and kissed her reddened skin which made her tremble like a leaf. My tongue found her puckered little rosebud and I eagerly lapped away at it as my finger continued to frig her.

"Oh that tickles, you licking my ass, but it feels good too. Please don't stop" she said which gave me the green light as far as I was concerned. I pushed a second finger in her canal which was a tight fit but I knew she had to loosen up if I was going to do what my cock now demanded of me.

First I freed it from my pants by pulling it through the fly. It looked almost angry as it burst out with the head all red and swollen and dripping with pre-cum while my slightly upward curving shaft bobbed about with thick veins crisscrossing its turgid length.

I wanted nothing more than to bury it in Susie's sticky snatch but I resisted until she was readier for my assault.

So instead I continued to play with her pussy but now I stopped licking her rosebud and started to nibble at her red ass cheeks and the tops of her hamstrings. Susie squealed when my teeth found her leg and a moment later I felt her legs clamp together trapping my hand and her little pussy convulse on my fingers and bathe them with her succulent juices.

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I stood up straight and helped Susie rise from her hands so her torso was upright at which time my teeth clamped on the nape of her neck. Her pussy muscles contracted even more when I did this but after a minute she relaxed enough that I could pull my fingers free. Facing her I reached out and removed the clamps from her nipples which must have been numb by this time.

I revived them by kissing first one and then the other which made Susie almost yell from the sensation as feeling returned to them. I unhooked the strap to her fur lined cuffs allowing her much freedom but still keeping her cuffed with her hands now in front of her. I could see she was looking at my erection with something of an apprehensive expression on her face so I decided to feel her out so to speak before I went any further.

My hand wrapped around it and stroked it slowly and as I exclusive blonde and horny tasha reign a clear drop of pre-cum oozed out the hole and ran off the head.

"Susie you're so beautiful and sexy that you're kimber lee amp ashlynn taylor get butt crack fucked me crazy" I told her. "Look what you've done to my cock, it's so hard and it really wants a nice tight hole to fuck. And you have such a nice little wet pussy that they would be a perfect match." "I don't know, that thing looks so large to me.

I've never had one so big and I'm afraid you might hurt me." "No, no Susie I would never hurt you. Your pussy is built to stretch to accommodate such things and since you're so wet I don't think I'd have any problem fitting in there.

What do you say, do you want to give it a try?" She seemed undecided but once my hand reached over and grazed her hot little slit that helped Susie to make her decision. She smiled at me as she moved her body so that she was lying on her back.

"Okay we can try but take it easy and go slow, all right." Returning her smile I pulled her to the edge of the bench, yanked her skirt and panties totally off and stepped between her teen thighs. I ran my cock along the outside of her lips, sliding it back and forth and making sure I made frequent contact with her hard love button. I continued to tease her in this manner until she brought her cuffed hands to where she could grab my cock.

Her little hand couldn't quite close around it but she guided it towards her tight opening. My bulbous head split her pretty flower as it lodged in her entrance and I hooked her legs with my arms.

Ever so gently my hips pushed forward making her gasp as slowly my thickness entered her earthly paradise. I kept sliding deeper until I was halfway in her at which time I pulled back a little. Susie seemed to be handling it fine so I started to work in and out in a smooth continuous movement, never going too deep but angling my thrusts in an upward direction. Added to the fact that my piece had a natural curve and I pushed her legs forward enough to tilt her pelvis and it wasn't long until Susie was moaning like a whore.

My tempo increased and I watched my shaft slide in and out of her pink lips which clung to me like a child would to its mommy during a scary movie. As her moans became louder I gazed at her face with lust and longing when I noticed she was becoming very flushed. I drove even faster at which time I was rewarded by her little hands balling into fists and I felt a flood of liquid surge around my prick.

While continuing to hold her legs I withdrew from her causing a disappointed cry to escape her mouth but I crouched down and eagerly lapped at her juices which covered her lips and upper thighs.

When no more remained for me to ingest I stood and again pushed it inside her wet pussy, this time sinking deeper until my gray pubic hair pressed against her soft skin. "Susie wrap your legs around me" I told her and I felt them hook around my hips.

Now I leaned forward so my mouth could suck on her nipple which I happily did. Susie gasped as my tongue flicked her tender nub and my mouth stretched to swallow as much of her breast flesh as it could fit. All during this I worked her pussy harder than before, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust.

My mouth found the sensitive skin located between her breasts and I sucked on that as well making Susie squeal. My large gut pushed against Susie's naturally tiny body hopefully not crushing her too badly.

She must have felt the buttons and belt buckle pressing into her and leaving indentations on her tender skin but she never uttered a complaint.

Leaning on my elbows I drove to the back of her tight pussy with each stroke now. I could feel my heart beating like a jackhammer but I persevered and continued to bang her as hard as I was able to. My balls had wanted to cum since the night before when I'd planned this out and they couldn't take anymore. That old familiar feeling hit me there in my stomach so I reluctantly pulled from her furnace and grabbed just below the swollen head.

There was no need to stroke it as I was already cumming but I just aimed it. The first shot of cum came out so hard that it landed across Susie's hair and face while the second and third landed with a splat between her neck and breasts. I continued to cum with some spunk landing on her torso with some ending up in her navel and my last shot came out on her golden pubic hair. My whole body was shaking from the intensity of my orgasm and I gasped for breath. Susie looked at me with concern clearly on her face.

"Santa's helper, are you okay?" she asked. "I hope so Susie but that orgasm almost killed me" I managed to gasp out between breaths.

Slowly I felt my heartbeat return to normal and as I did I looked down at this incredible girl beneath me. Once it appeared I was alright she giggled and shook her head, then I felt her hand guiding my slightly shrunken cock to her pussy again. She rubbed it against her lips a few times then worked it in. "Are you able to do it some more cause I really enjoyed that" she told me with a wink.

"For you Susie anything" I told her. "Now put your arms around my neck." Once she wrapped them there I stood straight pulling her up in the air as I sank deeper in her puss. She was light so I had no problem taking the two steps to my Santa throne onto which I sank down with a loud sigh. It was much larger than a regular chair so we had plenty of room on it.

After my butt hit the cushioned seat Susie adjusted her body so that she was crouching with her feet on the seat and me buried to the hilt in her sweet pinkness. With her cuffed hands holding my neck she started to bounce up and down on my erection like a rubber ball. The best thing was my mouth could reach her delectable nipples which I did often. No doubt my long beard scratched her soft skin but Susie handled it like the nympho trouper she was and didn't complain once.

Since I'd just cum I wasn't worried about it happening anytime soon so I thrust up into Susie as she rode me. My hands grabbed her narrow hips pulling her so hard onto me that her eyes rolled back in her head. My hips pumped rapidly driving balls deep as I pulled her onto me again and again. She was just making intelligible sounds by now, nothing that could be understood as being words.

When she was all the way down on me with her cute little ass rubbing against my wiry pubic hairs I gripped her back holding her in place. Making circular motions I rotated my hips as I sat on the throne, grinding my pelvis against Susie's. When I couldn't take anymore my hand slapped her ass to get her attention. "Susie get your ass off my dick pronto." She slid up and off me and stood on the floor by the throne.

I dragged my sorry ass up and bent her over the seat then moved behind her. My cock rubbed against her pussy, teasing her some before I put it back in. I had to marvel that I'd cum once and was going again with no break. This seventeen year old hottie was better than a certain little blue pill at least as far as I was concerned.

Susie reached her cuffed hands out and braced them against the back of the throne for support while I went to town on her. My hairy balls slapped against her pussy as I pumped in and out of her muff.

I brought my hands to her chest where I squeezed her breasts hard and compressed her nipples between my thick fingers. Using my hands like that I also pulled Susie's body backwards to meet my forward thrusts. Neither of us spoke much during our sexplay though we made plenty of noise with our moans and groans but it was a similarity that we shared.

We had been going at it for some time in this position when I removed one of my hands from her breast and worked it to where I could pet her kitty. I strummed her clit like a guitar maestro with my fingers and I was hoping to play her instrument to an orgasmic crescendo. Her moaning was becoming louder and I increased the tempo til the slapping of our colliding flesh heralded our impending climaxes.

Once Susie's body tightened as a result of this I was pushed past the point of no return. Making a sound that was part joy and part relief I pulled out of her and grabbed her silky blond hair pulling her head in my cock's direction.

Her red lips formed an O as I erupted like a japanese mom teaches sons friend tfuck f70 unconsered. The first shot sailed wide right while the second hit her flushed cheek with a soft splat. Before the next shot came out Susie managed to swallow my head and sucked on it. If I thought it felt good before it was now like I'd been transported to paradise. The pleasurable sensation of orgasm was magnified tenfold by her soft lips and tongue prolonging and intensifying my climax.

Finally with no more love juice left in me Susie caught my eye first before she slowly pulled her mouth from my meat. She opened her mouth so that I could see my thick, white cum sitting on her tongue and then keeping her mouth open she tilted her head back and swallowed it down.

"Sit down Susie and take a rest, you've earned it" I managed to gasp out. Susie sat down at the edge of the chair and smiled sweetly as she crossed her legs. First I freed her hands and then on unsteady legs I staggered to the Christmas tree and picked up a couple of wrapped packages with big red bows and carried them back to her.

"An early Merry Christmas to you Susie. I wasn't sure how things would work out but I bought these for you just in case." Her eyes opened wide with surprise and she practically squealed with joy. She stood up and took the gifts and kissed my cheek before patting the cushioned seat. I sat heavily and was immediately rewarded by Susie perching on my knee. Like a little kid she delightedly tore the paper from the larger package and ripped open the box.

Inside she found a charming red and white babydoll with matching thong panties, a pair of red silk pajamas, a white tong with the words naughty and nice in red script and a gift card to a famous lingerie store. "Thank you Santa's helper" she told me and when she did she reached down and squeezed my still sensitive cock. She then ripped open the other package and when she saw what it was Susie let out a laugh and held up the box. Inside was a slim g-spot vibrator but it was white with a red stripe circling the full length so that it resembled a candy cane.

She kissed me on the cheek for that. We sat like that for a little while and Susie actually rested her head on my burly shoulder and I wished it could always be that way. However I'm a realist and I know that it couldn't last so reluctantly I tapped her flank. "Come on Susie, its time to go. You have to be home before your family or you'll be in trouble." With a sigh she got up and began to gather her clothes together.

I knew that I should change to regular clothes but I couldn't as these were what I'd worn during the best afternoon of my life. Instead I tucked my spent cock back in my pants and began turning off the twinkling lights. When I looked Susie's way she was dressed and holding her panties and cut bra in her delicate hands. "The bra is no good anymore" she said. "I know and I'm sorry Susie" I replied. "Don't worry about it but I want you to keep my panties Santa's helper.

They smell like me, down there, and since I don't have a present to give you then I hope you enjoy them." I felt my eyes well up with tears and though I did my best to not cry a few escaped. "Thank you Susie, you have no idea how much I appreciate that and I'll treasure them always." After that there was nothing left to say.

After first returning her purse Susie graciously allowed me to cover her eyes with one of the scarves I'd used earlier to make certain that my location would remain undisclosed. Carefully I led her by the hand up the stairs and out to the blonde harlot jillian janson gets pussy torn apart. A few minutes later we were in the town and I made one stop at a strip mall before I resumed driving her home.

Before I knew it I was pulling in front of her house where I removed the blindfold. Now that we'd arrived she seemed reluctant to leave and stalled a little. After awhile she turned and once again I found myself gazing into her clear blue eyes. That was dangerous to me as I became lost in them but what could I do? Finally she spoke. "We won't see each other again will we?" "Probably not Susie" I honestly replied. "You don't have to worry, you know, about me reporting what happened or anything." "Thank you for that Susie.

I know a lot of people don't understand what I do but my goal is to do good. My methods can be unusual but I'm trying to turn people from the naughty to the nice path and help out Santa." She gave me a strange look after I said that but she stood and leaned in and kissed my lips for the first and only time. Of course she managed to grope my package as well. "Your beard tickles." "Sorry again. Wait I almost forgot to tell you something Susie.

When we stopped on the way it was so I could order you and your family some pizza to be delivered. It should be here shortly. Since I had you otherwise occupied I knew you had no time to make dinner.

Its all paid for plus I ordered some garlic bread as well." There was nothing left to say so we looked at each other one more time and then her tiny body slipped out the door. I watched until she went in the house and closed the door. My heart was heavy as I drove away leaving a big part of my heart with her. This wasn't my first corrective Christmas mission but none had ever affected me like Susie. It seemed like she wanted to change and while I could take solace from that the thought that I would never touch or see step momand son share bed again saddened me greatly.

The next couple of months were the worst and even filling in for Santa at the orphanage and the old folks home gave me only a temporary lift. I can't say how many times I watched a replay of that one enchanted afternoon and masturbated onto Susie's panties. Her bra I kept sealed in an air tight container which I would open and smell to catch a whiff of her fragrance.

Though we lived in the same town I didn't see her and in fact I did my best to avoid anywhere that teen girls might go. I did my shopping out of town and after work I'd go straight home and drink myself into a stupor as I dreamed of an angel. Winter had almost arrived and I had given no thought to helping out the boss this year when he took matters into his own hands.

I awoke startled in my recliner one night with no idea why when I heard him speaking. Rubbing the sleep from my bloodshot eyes I stared forward and saw him on the television that I knew was off. "Come on now my trusted helper and stop feeling sorry for yourself. There are many people who could use your help this time of year." "Go away Santa and leave me alone. I don't think I can do it again after last year." "Yes you can and you must.

There are many people like Susie who need your help to discover the nice inside them and reject the naughty. You knew when you answered this calling that it would be a lonely and thankless life. But it was what you were meant to do." "I'm just not sure if I can do it again Santa. I left a big piece of my heart with Susie." "Yes you did and that was because she needed it. Now others need more of you and I know you won't disappoint them or me." Suddenly I felt new life and energy coursing through me and I knew from whence it came.

As his image faded from the screen I mouthed the words "Thank you Santa Claus." The next morning I got up early and after showering I neatly trimmed my overgrown beard until it looked presentable. My hair needed a cut which I would get done right after work. I arrived early at work and with a determined stride I headed right to the Santa letter box. As usual tasting a hungry male wang hardcore cumshot guided me in my selection and soon I held an envelope in my hand.

I read the letter and I knew that I was needed again. But for some reason I didn't leave as something was telling me to stay. Picking up the box I shook it gently and the letters shifted when one caught my eye. Unlike most it was neatly written unlike the childish scrawl of the majority.

It also was addressed differently than most. In alternating red and green lettering it said: To Santa's Helper In Care of Santa Claus And in the return address corner all it said was Susie.

My fingers trembling I tore open the letter and read it eagerly. Dear Santa's Helper: I just wanted to let you know that I'm a changed girl since you met me. I'm way nicer to Billy now. If you ask him he'll tell you. I'm hoping you already know from watching over sexy brunette girl in red tempts panda in the past year to see if I've been naughty or nice but maybe you've been too busy doing Santa's work.

I've even been volunteering at the local nursing home to brighten the lives of the residents there. Because of your lesson I'm no longer bad or naughty. J So I'm asking for a big favor from you. Maybe you could visit me again, just to make sure that I've really learned my lesson.

Well maybe I've been a little naughty with a couple of boys but only in learning how to give a proper blowjob. I wanted to be ready in case you visited me this year. ;-) Plus I've been using the "candy cane" you gave me last Christmas and I think of you when I do.

Hope to see you soon. Your friend Susie P.S. Billy is leaving Santa milk and cookies, but I have something tastier for his number one helper! Along with the letter was a picture of Susie looking sweetly at the camera wearing a festive holiday sweater while sucking on a candy cane.

After reading little Susie's letter I actually felt a tear roll down my cheek as well as feeling my Yule log begin to stir. It might be time to break out my Santa suit and make a Christmas time visit to see Susie after all. And as always Santa had been right! FIN By rutger5 (An original story - copyright 2012) Hope all who read enjoyed my twisted little holiday tale! As always comments and PM's are welcomed and voting positive on this story is the greatest present of all!

Thanks to you- the reader!