Alaina dawson got brutal face fuck by step dad

Alaina dawson got brutal face fuck by step dad
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He was a bit of a loner. Had some friends but no romantic involvements. He found women complex and didn't understand them though he thought the pussy part was marvelous, with nice tits a close second. And like a lot of guys, he liked cocks in porn, if for no other reason than it reminded him of how his organ made him feel so good.

But after his fifty six years on earth, he was getting tired of whacking off. The stimu-tool wasn't much better, it did the work while he paged through the porn or fingered his ass. Sex toys were nice for a change, but even they got old. He'd once had a hookup with a guy, a fag who wanted to suck his cock, so he let it happen. The guy gave the best blowjob he'd ever had, but he really didn't have any more attraction to guys.

He had been thinking about this a while, and decided to look into cock enhancement so he could at least have a human mouth give him a treat: his own. Another 15cm on his 17, and a little stretching therapy, should do the trick.

The available legal options were kind of pricey, and they only took galactic credits, but he had a good job and a bit of a nest egg, so he made the appointment at the Pleasure Center. They did all kinds of medical procedures, from vascectomies to plastic enhancements to gender modifications.

They were legit and advertised penis enhancement. It would cost more than an "unadvertised" doctor, but were safer too. Harl Emmands was his name. He was a tradesman who lived in a blue collar sector.

Neighbors were pretty good, but he basically kept to himself. They called his name and showed him in.

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"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Emmands. I'm your med advisor, and I can explain the options." He started off with the basics, which Harl had already investigated. They worked surgically, with genetic modification or a combination of both. Harl had also heard there were some surgical options that could be added to the deal, but didn't know what they were. The advisor said, "The surgical option is the fastest and lowest cost, but you always have the chance of complications from the surgery.

A lot of that has to do with the stasis induction that we use for anesthesia. Still safer than the drugs we used fifty years ago, but not without risk. Genetic modification takes longer, the usual growth period is around six months. Brunette whore chasity mae on her knees gagging on dink on how much length or girth you want to add.

Here are the estimated costs" and he gave Harl a price schedule. "If you're interested in the surgical approach, we have to take genetic samples and do a test grow, to make sure your genome is amenable. About five percent of men aren't; the growth is too slow or won't stop." "How does the combined process work?" "We might do an initial surgery to install changes to your vascular structure.

This is usually only recommended to older men who are diabetic or have circulatory shortfalls. I wouldn't recommend it to a healty man who's only in his fifties. What kind of change are you looking for?" "I want to keep the same girth and about double its length. For autofellatio." "I see," said the advisor.

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"How big are you now?" Harl said, "About 17 erect, normal girth." "That sounds feasible. The doc will examine you to make sure. The team has a slot reserved for you in fifteen minutes." At the exam, he was shown into a room with a recliner next to an exam table.

He helped himself to that while he waited for the doc. Soon, the doctor came in with a middle-aged nurse, who happened to have a very shapely body.

The doctor explained that they needed four samples: one skin shaving, a needle biopsy from his penis, a sperm sample for testosterone and to check general health, and routine bloodwork. The doctor examined him then discussed Harl's penile structure with the nurse. They discussed back and forth, and both pulled, bent, stretched and otherwise handled his dick.

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The doctor sat to write out his notes, then the nurse asked if he'd like her to help with the semen sample. "Huh? Don't you just give me a vial and a dirty vidmag…?" She smiled, muscular dutch hooker cumsprayed by tourist pussylicking and prostitute said, "There's more than one reason we call this the Pleasure Center.

Better customer service." She began to stroke Harl's cock. Then she pulled her shirt open to give him a view of her cleavage. He started to react. She added, "Go ahead and feel me. I like to have my tits touched." Harl smiled and reached for her rack. Nice, very nice, full and firm. He complimented her and she smiled. Now she was stroking more, and with one hand opened the specimen cup. It didn't take too long before he was humping upward; she stated to play with his balls and he groaned, "Uh, now…" She put the cup at the head of his cock and he grunted and shot his load into it.

The nurse gave him a stroke to get the rest of his semen out, then capped it. "Nice work, thanks," he said. She smiled and said, "One of the fun parts of my job." The doc finished his paperwork, gave Harl some references. They took the regular bloodwork samples and a DNA tab, and he left. So Harl left and thought it over. On they way home in his ground car, he read some of the reading that the doctor had given him.

Before the day was over, he'd decided to do the genetic approach. It was a stretch but he could afford it, and it might be fun to watch his cock get bigger for six months.