Babe lovely face covered with hot goo after intimate sex

Babe lovely face covered with hot goo after intimate sex
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This is a fantasy I share with my wife told from my point of view You and I are out dancing at a local nightclub. You have on a very short, clinging black dress. You never wear a bra with it. Your breasts swing seductively. When we were dancing to a slow romantic song you press your self to me. I feel a tap on my shoulder from a guy who wants to break in. You look at me and I smile. You put your arms around his neck and mold your body to him.

He puts his hands around your waist. You press your breasts into his chest. I watch you and feel myself getting excited. After that dance you come back to me.

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I can see your erect nipples and your face is flush. I ask if you enjoyed your dance and flirting. Instead of answering you wrap yourself around me. I can feel your excitement. A few songs later another slow song comes on. I ask you to take off your underwear.

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You come back to me and hand me your damp panties. You love dancing without underwear. Soon we're dancing and you rubbing your nakedness against my leg. Another tap on my shoulder. The same guy wants to cut in. Again I smile at you.

This time your arms are around his waist and his arms are around your neck. His hands are all over you. You hook your leg behind his and rub against his leg. When you come back to me I discretely touch you and you are soaking wet. I ask would you like to fuck him. Again you don't answer me but wrap your body around mine and petite tight pussy babe bangs big cock me a passionate kiss.

While we're standing at the bar the same guy comes over and starts chatting. There is a lot of sexual tension in the air. He and I have you between us.

You lean into him and press your breasts on his arm and chest. I stand behind you and discretely caress your back and ass. I whisper in your ear again, would you like to fuck him.

You moan softly. I invite him back to our place for a nightcap. He follows us back and while I'm driving you start groping my prick. When we get there I leave the room to make drinks and roll a joint. When I come back in the room you are sitting together on the couch.

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He has him arm on the back of the couch and is caressing your shoulder. You're sitting with your legs tucked under you and showing a lot of skin. We smoke some pot which always makes us horny. I hand out the drinks and say to cheers to all.

You ask me to put some music on. I put on a soft slow romantic song and hold out my hand to you. You put your arms around my neck and mold your hot body to mine. The guy, who we have learned is named Peter, sits drinking and watching.

When the song ends you give me a passionate tongue kiss. He puts out his hand to you for the next song. You both cling to each other and you rub your cunt onto his leg. Then you kiss him deeply and he runs his hands all over you.

When the kiss breaks you come to me and again kiss me passionately. Then, like in the old movies, you say you're going to get into something more comfortable.

You come out of the bedroom and say you couldn't find anything and so you had on one of my T shirts. It is so short we can see your nakedness. You sit on the couch and shirt rides up some more. Then you said lets do some more dancing. You dance a slow sensuous dance with him. He puts his hands under the T shirt and caresses your back and ass. Then he puts his hands on your breasts.

I pull you down to the couch and kiss you. Then I pull your T shirt off over your head. You pull at our clothes and soon we're all naked. We both have very hard erections.

I take you in my arms and kiss and caress you. Peter runs his hands up and down your back. You sit up and straddle me. You take my prick in your hand and rub over your very wet cunt. You lower yourself so that I'm all the way in xxxsanilan hot janamar chota isha ho. Then you look lustfully back at Peter. He starts rubbing you and fingering your ass.

You start making sex sounds Ohh, Ahh, yes yes, Behind you Peter takes his hard cock and gently puts into your cunt right next to my cock. I can feel your cunt hugging both our pricks and our pricks rubbing each other. I moan Oh Oh Carol and Peter starts moaning in time with his plunges into you. We're all in a sexual frenzy. He and I are pushing into to you in a lustfull frenzy. You are moaning and babbling sex sounds. You keep saying don't stop, don't stop. Peter moans again Ahh, Ahh, in time with his plunges.

We're all lost in sexual ecstasy. Peter freezes for a second then pushes in further and says he's coming. I screwing a hot girl in a public pool scene feel his prick throbbing. I moan and start to come. Your wetness is pushing you over the edge and you scream I can't stop, I can't stop and you come.

I can feel his come on my prick and your wetness is dripping on all three of us. Slowly we disengage. The three of us hugging and smiling. We are sated and remain naked. Peter caresses you and puts his finger in you to feel your wetness. I caress and suck on your breasts.

Soon we're hard again. I get your vibrator and you start coming again. Peter and I are standing over you pulling our pricks. Then we both come on you and each other. As we all calm down there is a look of total satisfaction on our faces. I ask Peter if he'd like to spend the night. We go into the bedroom and lay down with you between us. Again as if we were out of our regular worlds, we all start fondling each other. I reach over and wrap my hands around his prick and he hugs me and for the first time I'm prick to prick with another man.

He then starts fingering and caressing you and telling you make him more horny and satisfied than ever. You turn to him, rub your body all over his then start kissing his body going down to his prick.

Extreme teen pussy fisting by an old pervert stretching and insertion lick it up and down and then take it slowly into your mouth making moaning sounds. Then you turn around and move your cunt to his face while still sucking him. He licks you from your cunt to your ass and makes slurping sounds. I get on my knees behind you and put my prick into your cunt while he still licks you. I can feel his tongue on my prick and balls and you are frantically sucking him.

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We all came quickly overwhelmed by all the sensations. You slept between us and we snuggled up to you. I woke up to the bed rocking and you making moaning sounds. Peter was fucking you and you had your legs over his shoulders, your toes curling and your tits and body flushed with desire. I could see his prick glistening with your wetness. You saw that I was awake and you gestured to me. I came over and sucked your tits, then kissed my way down your body to where you were joined.

I licked your cunt and his prick. Again we were all frantic with lust. He came in you. You put me on my back and put your cunt on my face. I could taste both of you.

I licked your cunt and ass while you ground yourself back and forth. You looked beautiful and wanton, your nipples hard and your body flush with desire. I felt surrounded by wetness. Peter not wanting college girls in dorm party be left out moved to our side and began sucking my prick.

I had never had my prick sucked by a man before and it felt great.

I came in his mouth and you came on my face. We finally slept. In the morning Peter got up to get dressed and leave. You knelt in front of him and fondled his prick until he was hard. Then you licked up and down finally taking him in your mouth. He came in your mouth and it was foaming around your lips. When he left I held you to me and told you how much I loved your dancing and leaning into them and flirting. How much I loved you flaunting your body and especially how much I loved to watch you have sex.

You are my dirty girl.