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Black guy nd girls ki xxx storys
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Getting handed a name and a picture is one thing; finding out everything I can on someone is a job for a team. Thank god that I have people to help with this nonsense.

I left Escalante at the diner after our meal and went home with some serious speed. I'm in the door not two seconds and Natsuko sees me moving with a purpose and has me dude found this girl katka on the train on the brakes. "Boss you got that look again," She says as I start to cross the foyer to the stairs. "I got a job," I tell her striding with purpose till she grabs me by the arm stopping me. "We have a job, WE not you.

Now go wait in the dining room and I'll rally the sleeping mom and fuc son Natty tells me before bounding up the stairs. I get to the dining room door and hear Natsuko screeching from upstairs something to the effect of 'All hands on deck' and 'report to the dining room'. I don't know who all is home but my girls are the first ones in and followed by Jun, Devin and Masha.

Lilly is at Mr. Delauter's work being a good little bee. And he turned the card back on which is good because I'm going to need some bank roll for this little adventure. Mark and Vicki show up from out back and in walks Jackie who gets a big hug from me as I break leadership mentality. I kiss all my girls too while I'm at it and resume my spot standing at the head of everyone.

No Ben, I really need him here to step up and be a part but with no Bethany here I'm guessing that he's out having fun. All eyes are on me and I'm feeling like my old self more than I'd like to admit right now, it shows in the smile on my face.

"I'm glad my people are here for this. Mark, Vicki, and Jackie as much as I'd like to bring you guys in I can't," I say getting a put off look from all three," I know you're good people to have but this is going to be a bit more than I'm used to and I don't want anyone involved that doesn't need to be." "And fuck you Guy.

We're helping with whatever it is," Vicki says trying to shut me down. "Guy who are we helping," Jackie asks bringing the tone down to a civil one.

"The same person who gave me a lead on you," I tell Jackie getting surprised look," And if you want in you do what I say." "Yeah newbies, this is the Guy show and when he puts shit down you do it," Natsuko says shadowing me. "This isn't a joke, this is his world now and either get with it or walk away because you don't do what he says when he says it and you are part of the problem," Jun adds pulling out his laptop," by the way Guy thank your step dad for the excellent wifi in here." "To the topic, Carlton Mallard," I say holding up the one picture with a look of his face and bio on the back," Male, Caucasian, age 36, height is 5'9" weighs in at a whopping 135 pounds soaking wet and carrying a cinderblock.

This guy is a speed freak and not in the way that my lovely Latina is." I hand the picture to Jun who starts his magic, I watch him read the back of the picture for a second and he pauses before giving me a sideways glance. "This is from a police file," Jun says getting everyone to look at me funny. "Yes it is, Detective Escalante helped me find Jackie and now she wants him scared.

And I mean so fucking scared that he will beg her to bury him in a hole where nobody can find him. I have an idea but I need a lot of information and that means we bring out the big guns, Imelda I need Carlos and Hector.

The two of them and their boys can find him faster than anyone I know," I tell her as she pulls out her phone and makes the call. "Okay so they find him, what about the rest of us," Kori says expectantly. "Once they find him they're going to stay back and get us some timetables and names.

I want his dealers, junkie buddies, working women who will actually fuck him, I'm talking I want his life in front of me so that when we come calling he will think God himself has come down on him," I say with a level of finality. "Okay but if Imelda's family is finding him what are the rest of us doing," Kori asks again smirking," And it's really hot when you get like this." "My girls are on eyes, ears and logistics with Jun.

You will find me his weak spots and patterns," I tell them getting a nod," I know it's not very glamorous but I want hitters in the room with me when this goes down, speed freak means unpredictable and I'm not putting anyone in the line of fire that can't shatter a bone if needs be." "So who is going to be in the room with you when you pull this off," Katy asks with a tone telling me she doesn't like being out of the action.

"Devin and Masha," I say getting a wide eyed look from both of them. "What? Why us," Masha asks confused. "Because there are things that we can do that are more frightening than anyone gives us credit for," I tell her in angry sounding Russian. "How is speaking Russian frightening? My home language is a pleasant language that causes people to have respect and awe," Masha says back in heated Russian.

I snicker and point out the faces in the room, everyone is looking between us like we're about to have a fight save for Devin who is barely keeping up with our conversation. She looks around and sees it too and starts chuckling. "Let me help my boyfriend with his language while you get more of this leg work done," Masha says bringing our conversation back to English. "Fair enough but I think I land and chut ki ladai my point on why I want Masha and Devin in the room.

That doesn't mean we won't have back up, plan B is much simpler," I say getting an interested look from everyone.

"And what is plan B," Rachael asks concerned. "My girls dress like hookers and beat him within an inch of his life so that the hospital will turn him over to the police," I say getting a big grin from my girls, even Rachael.

We continue some of the basic logistics and I decide that since it's late afternoon I'm going to relax with my girls who are all for me being right where they can get to me. I'm laying in our room for a bit when I hear Ben's voice down the hall followed by Bethany's.

Sounds like a small argument but I need to talk to him anyway as I head out into the hallway. "I'm not in the mood okay," Bethany says annoyed at Ben. "Why what happened to 'anytime you want big boy'," Ben asks upset.

"I have had a lot of playtime and now I need a break and so do you," Bethany says before seeing me come up to them. My presence has the effect that I never thought it could, Ben sees me, and Bethany sees me.

Ben looks between Bethany and I and it's like a lightning bolt hits Ben. His face goes from annoyed to pissed off in about seven seconds. "You fucked her," Ben growls at me like I did something wrong. "Excuse me but that should matter why," I say giving him back his level of contempt. "Because I was sleeping with her," Ben says turning towards me.

"Ben maybe you need to stand down right now," I warn him as people are starting to come out of their rooms. "Or what? I'm tired of playing second lead or whatever I'd be to you.

Every time I get something you just sexxxx sexy story for big bobs and moti girls to come in and get the last word in," Ben spits in a low tone. "Maybe if you treated the women you're with like a woman and not like a fuck toy she'd be more compliant to help you," I tell him keeping my calm," And did you ever think she might actually be tired of sex for a bit?

I mean my girls and I did kinda break her." Ben is ready to swing and I'm ready to apologize to Liz for beating him like a fucking drum as he's fuming. It's Kori who decides to put us in our neutral corners and Bethany tries to talk to Ben about what happened with her and me a few days earlier. "Guy you were going to hurt him," Katy says walking me away.

"If he swung it'd be very interesting," I tell her as we get back into our bedroom. I sit down on the couch and get a Rachael shaped ball of cuddle attacking me and resting her head in my lap. I wait a few minutes and figure out that this isn't solving anything and head back out to the hallway as Bethany leaves to head to her room.

Ben is alone in the hall and I shoo my girls away so we can have guy talk. "Sorry man, you make it a difficult act to follow," Ben says quietly. "Not used to male jealously that doesn't end with death," I reply getting a head nod.

"I was with Kori, now you are. I was having fun with Bethany down here and she still comes by and has sex with you and your girls. How is anyone supposed to measure up to that," Ben asks sounding depressed. "Maybe you weren't supposed to compete with me over who could do who better because I don't play games like that.

I'm still waiting for you to do the right thing, we've been here over a month and I know you've called Elizabeth and talked with her but then you turn around and sleep with another girl.

How am I supposed to take you as a serious member of this crew when you are alienating everyone here by your actions," I tell him calming my tone to a sincere one," Tell Liz, stop cheating on her and beg for forgiveness." Ben thinks on my words for a second and nods in agreement. I'd like to think I was getting through to him but until he's confessing to Liz I'm not sold on it. "You're right man, I was having fun then I got jealous and stupid," Ben says pretty kitten stretches spread cunt and loses virginity changing the subject," What is the big plan going on?" "Returning a favor for the help I got finding my friend Jackie," I tell him folding my arms and leaning against the rail.

"Anything you need me for," Ben asks like he's trying to get in my good graces. "Not unless you are ready to get some work done with the rest of the team," I tell him trying to bring him around. "Work actually sounds good, need me doing my eyes and ears bit," Ben asks trying to get down his job detail. "We will once I have some hard intelligence as for people to watch and where to watch them," I tell him getting another nod. After my talk with Ben it's another couple of days puts us at Sunday and everyone in the house is relaxing and playing around when I get a call on my phone from a number I don't recognize.

It has me wondering as I answer it. "You've called me now identify yourself," I say sounding official into the phone. "Ummm Hi, this is Amanda. I got this number a few weeks ago at a park bathroom," I hear the female voice on the other end say clarifying. "I don't know any Amanda and my number isn't on a park bathroom wall," I tell her remembering who she is and smiling.

"What, but I got this number from you&hellip. Savannah, I'm Savannah," I hear her blurt out over the phone. "Savannah, good to pale babe jennifer jacob fucks her handsome chef from you again, how's the dating site boyfriend," I ask changing from authoritative to friendly. "It's going okay, I'm doing what you recommended and calling you now, we're going out on the big date tonight and I'm fairly certain that I'm going to need you afterwards, can you come by my place around old video of a fat woman fucking in her village adr or so," Amanda/Savannah asks with a little nervousness in her voice.

"I'll free myself up so I can be there if you need me," I tell her smirking. "Okay just don't get there too early. See you tonight," She says hanging up the phone. I end the call and think about tonight, I have a grown woman chasing me for some real sex. Kind of makes me worry about the poor guy she's been dating on that site.

I met her almost a month or so ago and now she's letting him get to her 'cash and prizes'. I get her address in a text message and my thoughts are happy ones until I replay my conversation with Savannah/Amanda in my head. She was very specific about me not getting there too early but why. This starts to bother me but I keep it in my head as I explain to my girls that I'll be out carolyn monroe porn les menteuses a while.

I make the decision to leave and show up at her place early to get a lay of the land. I arrive at Savannah's place on Black Sunshine at about quarter to eight and park a bit away from her house.

She lives in a pretty nice neighborhood, lots of houses and I can see people starting to wind down their summer day and some turn it into a summer night with the family as I walk down with my hood up, I don't really go anywhere anymore without my jacket. Even in the heat it's my best armor for just about anything I've had to deal with and with my patches I get left alone quite a bit by some of the 'less law abiding' citizens.

I'm chilling out in an alleyway right across from her house and see nobody is home. It's decent but she needs someone to come do her yard up properly, I hide Black Sunshine in the alley and keep a watch on the front.

I'm waiting for maybe twenty minutes when a car pulls up and I see Savannah get out with her date. He's about 5'7", a bit heavy set and sedentary by the look of his gut bulge in the halfway decent suit he's wearing. Male pattern baldness and his glasses make me feel kind of bad for the guy as they head inside her place. I thought I told her to take him back to his place but it's no matter as I continue to wait out the evening's festivities.

Boredom ensues and I decide to get a closer look and listen as I move across the street and sneak around the house. I can hear them through what I believe is their bedroom window.

Not a lot of talking or sounds save for what sounds like him breathing heavy and a bed squeaking. I don't dare peek in a window, staying hidden is my biggest priority as I listen in. "Honey I'm gonna cum, are you there yet," I hear the guy say to Amanda, she's Amanda for him.

"I'm there Brian, go ahead," I hear Amanda reply with what sounds like a familiar disappointment in her voice. More frenzied grunting from 'Brian' and a loud groan end the fun and festivities for the couple. I hold my position as the conversation picks up.

"So no kids tonight," I hear Brian ask hopefully," Or are they coming back later?" "Brian I just wanted to see if there was still a spark for us and there is but I'm not sure I'm ready to have you move back in," I hear Amanda say trying to sound sad I think.

"But things have been going so well, I mean we're working out together, we're dating and I didn't even pressure you for tonight which was amazing. I was just hoping to move back in so we could get our family back to being a family again," I hear Brian say with a sad and hopeful tone.

"Brian it was nice but I need time to get back into feeling like a wife again," Amanda says almost consoling him as my rage kicks in," Besides we're doing so much better now and I think we're looking at a good solid change for the better soon." I can tell he's feeling beaten down by the whole situation and honestly I'm more offended by the situation than he is.

Fucking cunt lies to me about her relationship and she has kids, now she's fucking her husband in their bed and sending him to some apartment away from his kids. I march with no subtlety to the front door and just wait with my hood up and a menacing look on my face.

It doesn't take long but as soon as the door opens I am face to face with Brian who goes from a little depressed to confused and afraid. "Brian you are going to invite me inside your home," I tell him from the depth of my hood. "Ummm who are you," Brian stammers afraid. "What did I tell you Brian," I ask him with menace in my voice. "Ummm come in sir," Brian tells me backing away slowly. I get inside and look around as Brian slowly finds the couch with his hand and holds it like I'm going to drag him out by his clothes.

I can hear the sounds of Amanda in the back of the house and slowly take a look around. Pictures of family line a few walls, decent furnishings in the living room. I point for Brian to sit as I hear a shower kick on in the back. "Brian you don't know me but I feel sorry for you," I tell him keeping my face in my hood," She took your balls and she kicked you out of your own home because you were never told how to deal with a woman who is manipulating you." "She's not manipulating me.

She said she felt the spark go out of our marriage and that the kids were suffering for it. She had me move out and we've been working at getting back together like we were when we were first dating. It's been six months now and she says we're making good progress," Brian tells me with a naïve hope. "Okay but what do you think," I ask quietly," All you're glamour babe in a bra sexy panties and stockings me is what she says, what do esposa infiel en el motel a escondidas para que me la coja say?" "Who are you and why are you at my house," Brian asks confused.

"I'm the guy who your wife called to come over and fuck her after she got done with you," I say with a cold firmness. "She called you here&hellip. for sex&hellip.," I can tell Brian's brain and heart is breaking at the thought. I grab Brian by the collar and stand him up forcefully, he's scared and confused. I shake him to get his blood pumping and he starts to push me off of him. "Good, now look at me," I growl," Are you going to let this bitch fuck around on you?

In your home? In your bed?" "No, I'm gonna kill her," Brian says and starts to head to the bathroom as I grab him and pull him back to me. "No you are not, you love her. I know you do now you let her know that you are still a man and you will take back what is yours," I tell him fishing around in my pockets for a bit and pull out the blue pills in my coat. "I don't do drugs," Brian says a little confused but more focused.

"And if these were something other than Viagra I wouldn't have it but in your case you need one," I say handing him a couple," Take one and listen to my instructions very carefully." I go down a list of things to do and Brian is confused but I keep his adrenaline up with a pep talk about reclaiming his 'castle' and reminding his 'queen' that the 'king' rules the land.

He's psyched up and I turn him loose as I hear him go down the hall to the bathroom and enter. "Brian is that you," I hear Amanda ask confused. I don't hear a reply as I lurk outside the door. I hear what sounds like a weird struggle and then the moaning starts. Mostly Amanda's as I figure he's following my instructions about being aggressive with her.

The shower stops and I hide again as I see sexy fake agent is all about hot fuck naked form quickly move down the hall and a wider one go after it.

"Brian what has gotten into you," I hear Amanda say listen in from the living room. "Amanda get on the bed I'm going to fuck you till you can't walk straight. Then you can explain to the kids that I'm moving back in and if I ever even think you're going to cheat on me I'll just fuck you silly," Brian says with a new authority.

I can hear him start going at her again and this time she's a bit more vocal, especially when I figure he put it up her ass and she started screaming. I take my cue and exit the house locking the door behind me and walk across the street to my bike. I hope Brian sticks with it because Amanda was ready to cheat on his ass with me and keep me in the dark about ruining his marriage.

Yeah I could have fucked her and maybe enjoyed it but then I'd be ruining a family or at least a man's life and he doesn't deserve that. I hop back on Black Sunshine and head towards home feeling raven haired slut has her orgasmic muff rammed about myself as a whole. I get in half past nine and it's a quiet house as I walk in and see Natsuko sitting alone in the TV room relaxing. I head in and close the door after me before sitting on the couch with her; she gives me a quick smile and resumes watching her show.

"Back early, she must have been easy to please," She says chuckling. "She was married. She was having me fuck her after she fucked her husband to fulfill some dream of being a cheating wife jade jantzen in sis does magic trick with her ass something.

Now she's getting it from him while he's got Viagra running through his system," I explain as my sidekick gives me a 'what the fuck' look. "She's a bitch, and you set him mobilekatrina kaif xxx storys custody xvxv xxx though so you're still a better guy than most," She tells me as we turn our attention to the show.

I'm not one for foreign TV but watching guys get hit in the nuts on a game show is hilarious. We're relaxing for a couple hours and it's really late when I'm not watching the show as much and watching Natsuko a lot.

She's got her hair down around her ears and not quite punked out but the black tank top and with no bra and cut off sweat pants that are a bit too big for her little frame. I pull my coat off and set it on the chair next to me as she continues to watch her show. I am being quiet as I kick my boots off but I'm still staring at Natsuko as she yawns like she's tired, that yawn gives me an idea. I get up from couch and grab a blanket before coming back and pulling it over my body.

It takes a moment but I watch as Natsuko absently grabs the opposite end of the blanket and tries to pull it over herself only to find there isn't enough. "Can I have some blanket," She asks with a little pouting. "I'm over here and you're all the way over there," I point out 'focusing' on the show. It takes Natsuko a second to crawl up and instead of coming over to me she pulls me lightly to her side of the couch and leans against the side pulling blanket over the both of us as we sit next hip to hip.

We're both looking at the TV but I'm still very aware of Natsuko and as she shifts her weight I put my arm around her shoulders and let her cuddle in close to me. It's not long before I'm rubbing her back slowly and she is cuddling against me when she pulls up the remote and shuts the TV off. "You're distracting me from the shows," Natty tells me quietly. "Sorry let me help for a second," I tell her getting up. I can tell she's confused but it took me a while to learn all the tricks in the house.

Like when you can cut the lights in this first cock sucking scene youll be watchi the same switch set as the decorative fireplace can turn on from. I turn back to her and for once Natsuko is a little nervous as I pull off my t shirt followed by my jeans. I move back to the couch and she moves to put her feet on the couch giving me access to pull her shorts off her little hips.

Natty pulls her tank top off and we throw them to the floor as I pull my boxer briefs off and Natsuko starts to try to give me a blowjob but I stop her with a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You don't want me to," She asks quietly confused. "I don't need it actually, and it's kinda off the mood for what I'm looking to do today," I tell her laying her back. I get the blanket pulled up over my back and lay down over Natsuko who looks ready but confused as I prop my body over her own by my elbows.

I'm not at her entrance but it wouldn't take much to get there if I needed to and but this is about something else for me. Natsuko starts trailing her hands up my sides and back gently going over my muscles as I relax and lower myself gently leaning my head down to kiss her.

Natsuko and I've kissed before but I'm making this different, I'm not playful or super rough and shoving my tongue in her mouth. This is soft open mouthed and slow. I take my time and at first she's confused and only slowly she starts to kiss me back in the same way.

We're taking each other in and I feel her legs separate wider around me to encompass my hips and while I'm still not rushing I'm being guided to a specific point. I'm at the entrance and while the kiss continues to heat up my hips shake a little from hanging back and letting us enjoy ourselves. A little shifting from both of us to get more comfortable and I feel Natsuko's tongue playfully tease my mouth and search for my own. I press my advantage and deepen the kiss as my head pushes inside her tight warm folds.

I moan into her mouth at the tightness she grips me with as she replies in kind with a moan of her own as I press deeper. I get myself buried but instead of back up I grind our hips together. Natsuko's teeth bite into my lip lightly but I keep moving myself around inside her without thrusting back and forth which just fuels her maddening kiss. "Guy please can we go harder or something," Natty asks in between kisses.

"I'm done hurting you," I say with a softness that causes her to pause. I feel Natsuko's hips shift to take more of me in and we keep pressing against each other in a grinding pace that as me feeling as the walls inside her shift around me.

It feels like she's trying to milk me and I have to keep my head lowered to keep kissing her. Her legs go around mine and her arms wrap around my back as her little fingers grip me to make sure I don't run away. We're not frenzied but Natsuko is getting more intense and she's barely keeping out soft grinding from becoming a hard fuck fest and my own hips are betraying me as I'm trying to keep from doing the same on my end.

I feel my Asian sidekick clamp down and she is the one to break our kiss as I hear her start to squeak lightly as she locks her whole body down keeping me from moving.

"Oh shit," is the last words I can say as I feel my own orgasm come out of nowhere on me. My orgasm hits with the force that makes me nearly shove Natsuko's hips through the couch cushion as I fill her full of my seed. I'm shaking a little during my orgasm and Natsuko calms me by pulling my face to hers and kissing me softly again.

It's a lot less bold than before but still sweet and tender. I'm spent but still inside her and he body is relaxed save for her warm folds which don't seem to want me to leave. I quietly remove myself from her and exit the room after pulling on my pants to get a cloth from the bathroom and come back. I let her clean up a bit and we dress before we head upstairs to the bedroom.

I let her take two steps before picking her up and carry her the rest of the way. We deposit our excess clothes at the end of the bed and crawl into the girl pile to cuddle and sleep in an embrace we've never bothered to have before. "Why do all that," Natsuko asks quietly in the dark. "I'm sorry, I never said sexy mature mom shows teen a thing or two but I am. You have never let me down and I never gave you the chance," I tell her kissing her cheek," You will never be left alone like that again, you're my best friend and I care about you." "I care about you too," Natsuko says kissing me again before letting me spoon behind her and wrap her up in my arms.

Sunday comes and goes leading us through Monday and Tuesday without event till I get a call on Wednesday morning from the Old Man. Apparently Vicki and her are ivana gita natural wonders of the world 5 moved into a new apartment and she wants me to come by to help them move. My girls are out with Loretta and most of my crew is either having fun or on the job to return the favor to Detective Escalante which allows me the time to go help a friend out.

I get there on my new bike, Imelda spent some time with the girls detailing it for me and giving it a new paint job and I can honestly say it's very much me, the whole thing is off white save for the white with black outlined horse head on the front wheel guard and the words 'Pale Horse' the sides of the cover for the gas tank.

Need to remind myself to love up on her hard or something nice soon. I get pulled into the old spot and see everyone has been done and gone and head over to the address for the new spot which is closer to the tattoo shop to find a small army of bikers unloading a truck full of goods. I see the Old Man directing traffic and park my bike before greeting him. "Good to see you kid, like what you did with the bike," He says pointing out my bike. "Thanks but it's my girl's idea, where do you need me," I ask turning my attention to the move.

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"Actually we don't need you to move anything we need you to get Jackie out of here for a while. We're moving in some surprise new stuff and I need her gone so we can set it up," He tells me keeping things quiet.

I nod in agreement and head up to the third floor apartment the girls are moving into, I'm trying to get past boxes and bikers in equal measure. I get into the kitchen and both Vicki and Jackie see me and I get a hug from both but Jackie's lingers a bit longer.

"Guy what are you doing here," Jackie asks happily confused at my presence. "You are coming with me and we are going out for a while," I tell her getting a grumpy look. "I can't we're moving in and I'm helping unpack," Jackie tells me defiantly. "No you're pregnant with my godchild and I will carry you out of here kicking and screaming if I force me," I tell her with a smile on my face.

"Go sis, I'll get the basics done and when you get back we can get your room settled," Vicki says as we guide her out. I get Jackie on my new bike and she wraps her arms around me, it's unnecessary but I don't care much, as we head away from the new apartment.

We ride around for a bit when I pull into the mall parking lot and we head inside. I don't know if Steven is working but Jackie doesn't look like she cares in the slightest and if she doesn't then I don't either. When I stop into a jewelry store Jackie does a little bit of window shopping as I start to talk to one of the attendants about a particular piece that I'm eyeing.

I go over the specifications for it and get a decent quote but when I say I need it times five I get a wide eyed response followed by a skeptical look. I've been planning this for a while and Loretta helped me with the basic information I needed and even ran it past Mr.

Delauter who not only gave his approval but wanted to be home for the event before allocating more funds to me. I am fairly certain we've been doing some damage to his budget true amateur lesbians full story he hasn't even bothered to pull me back into his job site for more work.

I get my order placed and pay outright which after the card is run and approved has the worker looking like she's going to be living off commission for a month, okay it's not that expensive but it's still pretty good price. I take Jackie around a bit and we look at clothing for her in the maternity sections of a few stores and while she gets a few odd looks my protective nature has people politely keeping their shit to themselves.

We've been out for about an hour and I know I need to keep her busy longer so we swing by the food court and after getting me some teriyaki and a sandwich that looks like something Devin would make for himself for Jackie and we sit.

Apparently the Old Man is getting her into some college equivalency courses at the community college and with Vicki and Smitty playing new family with Jackie is beaming with life that I've never seen in her before. Our happy moment is brought down by a shadow that I thought would have just walked away but it snatches Jackie by the arm, literally, and stands her up in from the chair walking her away. "We need to talk Jackie," Steven says quietly walking her away. "Let go of me," Jackie says in a stern tone dislodging his hand from her arm.

I am on my feet and the only thing keeping Steven's head on his shoulders is a glance from Jackie but I'm still within a couple feet of her as Steven sees me pause.

Smug bastard thinks that I'm backing down. "See dipshit, even she says to back off now come on Jackie we're going to a clinic now and getting you set up for an abortion," Steven says trying to take her by the arm again.

"Don't touch me. I'm not going anywhere with you and my child is mine. Now leave me and my friend alone you sick bastard," Jackie says starting to come back to me and the table. "Yeah after he left you crying last year who was there to make it all better?

ME! When you were embarrassed about your body who was there to make you feel like a woman? ME! Now get your ass over here and we're going to a clinic right now," Steven barks at her like he's in charge. "I don't know who you think you are but honestly I wish I would have seen this side of you a year ago so I could have moved away to visit my friend sooner and take back all the hurt I gave him.

I don't know who you think you are but you're not the man I thought I loved, you just look like him," Jackie says turning away with pity in her voice. There is a mild group of onlookers to observe the drama unfold in front of them and as I start to take Jackie back to her seat Steven makes a big mistake. I turn my head for a second and I'm lying on my side with Jackie on top of me. I'm enraged and planning on killing him when I hear it, sobbing.

Jackie is sobbing in my arms and I start to comfort her when everyone hears her declaration of intent. "You tried to kill my baby! I'm pregnant and you know that you sick bastard," Jackie exclaims as the onlookers stare in horror. And what little victory Steven thought he had is now gone in a sea of angry men and mother's.

Mall security is there in a matter of moments and I help Jackie to her seat as they detain Steven and start questioning people in the area. The real police show up shortly thereafter and ask Jackie if she wants to press charges for assault but she declines, not my idea honestly, and asks to have him taken away so that she can recover from her attack.

I watch them cuff Steven and escort him away from the area and I figure we're done here as I take her to Pale Horse and we get out of the area. When I pull up to a doctor's office Jackie taps me and lower the throttle to hear her.

"Why are we here," She asks confused. "You were worried about the baby. We need a doctor and this one is the closest I could find," I tell her amateur some seriously hot sex brunette couple I start to get off my bike.

"Guy stop and listen to me, I am fine. I'm first trimester and I'm not feeling anything wrong with my baby or in my body because I landed on you, probably the safest place I can find too," Jackie says smiling happily. "Then why the crying and screaming at the mall," I ask thoroughly confused. "Because he was being an asshole and after shoving me I couldn't think of anything else to do or say and it just flowed out of me," Jackie says plainly but with a bit of a devilish grin," it's not easy summoning up all those tears on such a short notice, good thing I'm a sunny leone longest with lexi stonme just stare at the sky, I have five women running around me and I still get duped hard when the waterworks come out.

It's like blackmail that never fails. Jackie pulls me out of my feeling like a monumental assclown with a hug. "I know you could have killed him but that's a problem, my baby needs an uncle to make sure things will be okay and that's you. I don't have delusions of you being the father ever and honestly I don't want that from you.

You are the best friend I've ever had and I really want you to be the godfather," Jackie says helping calm me down. I hug her back and we hop on my bike before heading out again. I'm driving around when I see something I didn't think existed anymore. I've heard about them but I've never actually seen one, it's like Sasquatch or Loch Ness monster or even honest politicians. I park Pale Horse and as we get off Jackie is looking at me confused.

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"What are we doing here," she asks following me to the gate to pay. "I've never seen one of these before and I wanna play," I tell her paying milf ala teases in pantyhose heels my card and stepping inside. "Its miniature golf," Jackie says exceptionally confused. "I never got to do things like mini golf, go karts, arcades and carnivals when I was a kid because there just wasn't time or money. I get older and find out there are not places like them anymore.

Now here I find a miniature golf course and we're going to play," I tell her grabbing my putter and a ball. Now I'd like to বাংলার শের হট ন দেখল মিছ হব bangla new hd hot 2016 tube porn I have some ability at sports but apparently that's been drilled out of me learning how to fight. At one point I was trying to get the ball over a rise and it ended up in the street. After playing all forty holes of miniature golf twice and spending a few hours having a laugh and getting my ass beat like a drum at it by Jackie I check and see my phone has a message on it from Vicki telling me that I need to bring Jackie back.

We exit the grounds and get back on my bike before taking her back to Vicki and her new apartment. Most of the bikers have left and we get up to the third floor to find Smitty, Vicki and the Old Man have pretty much finished the set up.

"I said I'd help out with the set up, I'm pregnant not crippled," Jackie says a little upset. "Well we had to get you away from home so we could finish," Vicki replies putting her arm around Jackie. I watch as she walks Jackie to one of the back bedrooms following her closely. Vicki turns on the light and I can hear Jackie gasp as she looks around her room. I get inside and see a full queen sized bed, dresser baby changing station, wall mounted TV and baby crib all set up.

It's perfect till Jackie drops to her knees. I'm on Jackie in a heartbeat and I can see she's in tears, immediately Vicki is wondering what's wrong with me. "We ran into Steven today and he shoved Jackie down, I tried to take her to the doctor but she brushed it off. Call 9-1-1," I tell her just before getting barraged with slaps to the arms from Jackie.

"I'm crying and excited because I'm happy you idiot," Jackie tells me getting a hold of herself. "Well then stop being such a great actress," I tell her getting a grumpy look from her. The commotion eliza ibarra big cock and slim oiled teen the Old Man to call us out to the living room so that he can find out what happened today.

Jackie tells him about Steven and his outburst, her words, and I can see he's weighing things as she pushes past it and focuses on the fun time and how she kicked my ass at miniature golf. The girls relax for a bit as Smitty keeps them occupied while the Old Man takes the time to walk me to my bike, it's down three flights of stairs and with his limp I can tell this is important. "I thought you two told me that her ex wasn't someone we'd need to worry about," He tells me as we get to the bottom of the stairs.

"He was in the right place at the wrong time. Only reason he's not in the hospital is because she had me back off," I assure him as I get to my bike. "I'm going to do some checking on this asshole but don't think we're done with this little fucker. People don't fuck with my family and sometimes I need to remind the world of that," Old Man tells me sternly," And since you are front row on this when I call you need to be ready because either he backs off or we will handle him." The look on the Old Man's face tells me exactly what he means and while I'm not opposed to the idea of Steven taking the type of trip you never come back from I'm remembering Jackie begging me not to hurt him.

I start my bike and get a pat on the back before heading towards home. Thursday morning and while we have more intel trickling in about my soon to be new best friend I'm nowhere near taking any sort of real action.

Mr. Delauter double checks my purchase from yesterday while I was out with Jackie before heading out to work. "So I am looking at what you bought yesterday and I have to ask did you spend enough," I hear him say putting me on the defensive. "I'm sorry if I went overboard with it," I say apologizing. "Okay don't do that, the whole buyer's remorse thing isn't you.

And if I wasn't alright with it I wouldn't have agreed to it. I hold by my demand that I will be there to witness it," Mr. Delauter says with a smile. As soon he gets done speaking Matty comes in looking for me, apparently we're on a Gym day and Mark is trying to get out the door quickly.

I grab Kori and get her on Pale Horse, I need to get more familiar with riding the heavier bike, and we head out with the rest of the family to the Gym.

We get there and I see that we even got Abigail and Bethany to head out with us. In total it's my step siblings, Vicki, my girls and Pervert son fucks his mom black guygy style. Everyone breaks up into their groups and I end up getting followed by Ben off to the contact room.

"Gonna hit the heavy bag or something," I ask to Ben as he's trailing behind me. "I need to get into fighting shape and that means following you around and getting better," Ben tells me taping up his hands.

I move to the mats and wait to see if he's game enough to meet me out there which he does, and I'm seeing him square up hot sex games for a tight pussy me and it's really been a while since we mixed it up.

We spar and while he's great at evasion his blocks suck and he strikes like he is trying to end a fight in a single hit, not to mention that his take downs are shitty as all fuck. We literally spend an hour on his ground game alone before I give him a break. "I thought I knew fighting but if this is what your dad teaches he should open a school," Ben says drinking some water.

"Not who he is, he teaches me and my girls because the dedication he demands isn't something you pay for. Personally you're good at getting out of dodge but you need more speed," I tell him moving to the speed bag. I'm only there for a few more minutes when Rachael and Kori come in and are eyeing me up as Ben and I keep working.

I know they're there but I'm not moving till asked and it's only when Kori comes up to me with a big grin do I realize that I might regret saying yes. "We need a volunteer," Kori says and I can see she's been sweating a little. "Nope, not volunteering for anything without knowing what it is first," I reply keeping my pace on the speed bag. "It's standard man policy to not agree without full knowledge of the job," Ben says looking at Kori and losing his rhythm for a second.

"Guy please, the class needs a male volunteer and there are five girls who really want to show you off," Kori says trying to pull me away from the bag. "What class Kori," I ask not moving or breaking my stride. "A yoga class," She purrs rubbing her hands on my chest. "You mean the one with Deepa," Ben says stopping his workout all together," Guy go for that." "No thanks," I reply keeping my hitting stride.

Kori is grumpy and it shows all over her face, I can see it out of the corner of my eye. She moves under my arms and slowly moves up into my face causing me to stop my rhythm with the speed bag. I can tell she's grumpy and no isn't an answer she wants to hear today.

"Guy please, we really want you to come and do this. The girls are all waiting and it took us too long to get Deepa to agree," Kori says wrapping her arms around my waist.

sunny leone first blood sex pussy are you making me regret saying yes even before I say it," I tell her resting my arms on her shoulders. She smiles and walks me out of the contact room and we follow Rachael to a changing closet where they hand me a top and some shorts that immediately make me start to leave but Rachael blocks my path and I get changed.

I'm immediately aware of why I hate tight hugging clothing and as soon as I'm out both Kori and Rachael's eyes get as big as saucers. "He looks really… good," Rachael says stammering. A bright yellow pair of spandex leggings with a tight bright blue spandex sleeveless t shirt, yep I'm going to kill someone for this. I get lead to a Deepa's classroom and there are at least thirty women here not counting my girls and every one of them see me enter and their eyes get wide and I hear giggling.

"Ladies I've had requests for a male partner to demonstrate some of the harder to hold positions and thankfully a few students found me a volunteer," Deepa says not breaking her stride as she instructs," Now please Guy come over here and we'll see if you are limber enough." The stretching that Deepa puts me through along with the rest of the class is simple but unfamiliar for a pair of blondes love savage fucking and I can feel a few muscles I don't use in areas that you shouldn't be using.

Basic stretching completes and I can see while everyone is listening to Deepa they're all looking at me. I can tell how tight this clothing is as most are trying to see the outline of my package. "Okay first position Guy I need you to sit with your legs separated as far apart as you can while planking your body up off the mat. Use only your hands and feet to support you," Deepa instructs. I get into the position and once in Deepa gets into a reverse cowgirl with her legs spread wide and leaning her weight onto her hands.

Her crotch is right against mine but she doesn't flinch as she continues. "Sex can burn the same amount of calories that the average jog can, with a capable partner you can burn enough to calories to work off the fast food you and your partner had during lunch," Deepa explains keeping herself steady," This position should be held for no less than five minutes while doing repetitions." We continue to demonstrate positions and after my leg nearly cramps from some weird crab doggy style position she breaks the girls up into teams and starts to one on one instruct.

I get motioned to follow her around and pay attention. It's all very clinical and good but I feel no emotion when she has me demonstrate positions with her. Add that to the fact that the whole time I have a very good idea that everywoman in the room is staring at my crotch or giggling absently at my body in brightly colored spandex.

We spend an hour and a half repeating the positions and demonstrations when Deepa finally decides to break the class and after they all file out save for my girls and Deepa. "Thank you for volunteering to assist my class Mr. Donnelly," Deepa says but I just grunt and start to leave. "Guy are you okay," Kori asks a little concerned. "You had your laugh, you got me to not only do a class that is honestly the worst thing for physical fitness or love making that I have ever seen but you made sure that there would be witnesses to me clad in this," I growl gesturing to the spandex," I'll be sleeping alone for the next week at least." "My class, Mr.

Donnelly, is one of the few that actually helps women with not only their own physical needs but their wants as a woman," Deepa says trying to explain herself. "It's a great fad but honestly it was a waste of my time and now I'm behind on a real workout," I tell them leaving the room.

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It takes me almost ten minutes to figure out that my workout clothes are with the girls and that means either going back to the classroom. I shrug and figure to just let the humiliation run its course and head back to the contact room where my bag is, I get my tape on and get on the heavy bag. I'm imagining bones breaking, organs bursting, and just general misery for the imaginary foe.

I know I'm being looked at funny and it's only when the heavy bag stops moving as much do I stop and see Katy holding it. "Walk away Katy," I tell her resuming my beating of the bag. "The clothes weren't our idea. Deepa said that you needed to dress for the class and she picked them out," Katy tells me trying to explain.

"And I said walk away. I'm not going to listen or have anything explained to me that doesn't end in an argument. I have never made it a point to embarrass you girls like this," I tell her with a cold tone. "Guy we're sorry," Rachael tells me placing her hand on my back. "Sorry would have been what you said to her when you saw the clothing. Instead you all thought it would be a funny idea to have me displayed like a piece of meat for a bunch of desperate housewives and single moms," I say turning to see all my girls are a bit down cast at my anger.

"We did think it'd be cute but we didn't think you'd get mad," Kori says sadly. "I said no, you asked again and I said no. Then you stop me from my workout because all of you wanted to see something new," I tell them starting in but Imelda cuts me off. "Guy we're sorry, we embarrassed you and we're sorry.

We'll leave you alone so you can cool off," Imelda says walking the girls out of the contact room. I love them but right now I'm not happy with them, this must be one of those conflicting emotional moments that people have. I discover that I don't like them very the grooms man banged three pussies alternately before the wedding and resume beating the hell into the heavy bag.

My workout only lasts for another hour and when I get the tape off I can see my clothes are in my bag along with my phone which is lit up with a message. Apparently the rest of the crew has left and they are hoping to see me back at home when I've calmed down.

I shake it off and after a little more water decide to hit the steam room. I change into a towel in the locker room and take the private room in the back and try to relax. It's barely big enough for four people and I'm all alone in the dim light as I try to cool off and calm down. The door opens as I have my eyes closed and I hear someone shuffling about but I couldn't care less who is there. It takes me a moment to figure out the door hasn't closed and I open my eyes to see Deepa standing in her yoga attire with her brown/black hair pulled back into a bun as opposed to the ponytail she had earlier.

"I have never used a male partner for demonstrations, you were a good partner for the positions and you're very fit but you don't have the mindset that one needs for Yoga," Deepa says in a firm tone.

"No I don't have the mindset for the inane planking that you try to put into something that you're supposed to feel," I tell her closing my eyes again. "Could we not talk while you are so hostile," she asks trying to calm the mood. "I was standing in clothing way too tight for my liking doing some of the most ridiculous poses known to man with a woman who couldn't have been less interested in a cactus than me while on display for the humor and amusement of almost thirty women I didn't know," I say standing up and addressing her," You wanted to humiliate me, fine.

You didn't want me in your class, fine. Don't stand there and tell me not to be hostile when you did everything in your power to make sure it happened." I watch her face change from a passive calm to a level of flushed embarrassment. Very calmly she backs away from me and closes the door. I'm so incensed right now that relaxing or fighting isn't going to help at all. I wait a few moments and head back to the locker room to change into my own clothes and grabbing my bag start to head out of the Gym.

I'm covered in three types of sweat and wearing a leather jacket and hood in the early afternoon is going to make it four when I hear someone running to catch up to me. I turn and see Deepa in a change of clothes, its simple jeans and a light athletic jacket but for all I care it could be a burlap sack.

"Guy are you going home," she asks concerned. "Probably," I tell her keeping my answers simple. "Don't punish your girls for what happened in my class. I know big tits milf in hogtie hard paddled are angry but they love you and taking it out on them would not be right," Deepa says with softness that I've not yet seen.

"Someone who makes a mockery of love making and sex shouldn't tell me what to do or not to do in my relationship," I tell her hopping on Pale Horse. "You are angry yes but if you are going to take it out on someone I will gladly let you verbally abuse me as you see fit," she says moving in front of my bike," and I do not make a mockery of sex or love making.

I am showing people how to do it better than they were, if your girls were having problems then my class would be needed for them." "Whatever makes you feel better, now move out of my way," I tell her not remotely amused by more bullshit. "Come to my home, my husband is away with my son. We can talk and you can shower there, I would like to speak with you in a more relaxed setting so that we can understand each other's point of view," Deepa asks not moving from her spot.

"So you want me to come over to your house to what, see some pictures or something," I reply with an annoyed tone. "Please, I will let you bring your bike and I simply ask that you follow me there so we can talk and you can calm down before you take out your aggression on your girls," Deepa asks again with clarification.

This is me being a dumbass version 2.0 as I nod in agreement to her request. It seems like the fastest way to get her to leave me the fuck alone. She heads over to her car, a silver four door sedan and I follow her out of the parking lot. We are on the road for maybe fifteen minutes and in a neighborhood about as well off as I live in back home when we pull into her driveway. There is another car there and my skepticism is running high as I cut the engine and hop off my bike.

I follow Deepa up to her front door and calmly follow her inside when she stops me at the front entrance to take our shoes off. I get my boots off and take a look around her house. It's mostly white, the couch is white vinyl, the carpet is white, until I get to book cases and pictures it's a mostly whit living room.

I get directed to the couch and sit down, not feeling any better about being here and Cockhungry milf feasts on a massive cock hardcore and blowjob starting to think taking off my shoes was more to keep me from leaving immediately as opposed to preserving the carpet. "Do you like tea or coffee," Deepa asks playing good host.

"I don't drink either," I say getting a puzzled look. "I don't have soda or other commercialized beverages, I have soy milk and water," She says trying to placate me. I go for the water which really puts her in an interesting spot, she can't make me anything and now I'm in her world and I obviously don't want to be here. She comes back with a glass for me and some tea for herself after a few minutes and sits down on another part of the L shaped couch.

"First off thank you for coming over," Deepa says before I cut her off. "Yeah listen you wouldn't get the fuck out of my way when I was trying to leave, you wanted to throw yourself in front of my rage so that my girls don't get the brunt of it fine but let's drop the bullshit," I tell her setting the glass down without drinking any.

"Very well, I'm one of seven children, number five if you are interested. My father was a simple man who taught math to children and my mother was a practitioner of the Kama Sutra," Deepa starts in explaining," My parents were very much in love but if it wasn't for my father's willing nature when it came to my mother there would not have been more than one of us. She was 'difficult' to please when it came to love. She made sure that her daughters knew what to do to help their husbands and lovers be better.

I teach women at the gym many things but my hope is they can find a level of fulfillment with any man." "Great, still doesn't tell me why the fuck I had to come here other than to not have me big cock drill goldies shaved pussy upside down smalltits and hardcore a scene in public," I tell her coldly. "Right, I just want you to understand that I don't look at what I'm teaching as some passionless act," Deepa says but my scoffing at her puts her on the defensive," I am trying to help you and I come to an understanding as to what happened today.

I was wrong to treat you in the way I did, I was being territorial and it was not kind." "Yay you can realize that you treated me like shit and you can feel bad about it. I circumvent the whole apology thing by doing one of two things, either I go after people who are pieces of shit or I think about my actions as much as possible before I act on them," I tell her again taking a stand.

"Would a shower help you calm down," she asks trying to change the subject slightly. "I can go home and shower," I say standing up. "Please, you are not making this easy and I'm trying to be better towards you than I was earlier today.

Come use my shower and try to relax," Deepa says offering to guide me to the bathroom. "Okay this leading me to different places shit stops now, hot gorgeous chick makes deep throat orall service stimulation didn't like me before and I'm pretty sure you don't like me now so just tell me why are you working so hard to make things better," I ask frustrated.

"Because your girlfriends came to me worried, they are scared that they did irreparable damage with you today and they admitted to making a mistake like this recently where it was all of them and you were on the outside of a decision. They are hoping we can talk and I can help you get past your rage at them. I'm not saying don't be hurt but I put the small spandex in their hands and told them that was what you had to wear and it was my largest class that I put you in front of, it's my fault not theirs," Deepa says standing up to me but not aggressively.

"What happens between my girls and I is not your business," I tell her with a level of finality that makes her step back from me. "Do you believe in forgiveness," She asks quietly. "I have, sometimes it works and sometimes it leaves you open to get hurt again," I tell her honestly. "Then please use my shower, clean up and I will wash your clothes before you return home.

Maybe we can talk afterwards," She says quietly walking me to her shower. I get in the bathroom and change out of my clothes quietly leaving them by the door and take charge of the shower, it's a closet shower and I assume her son uses it more than she tall blonde sucking off the fake producer by the bare minimum of supplies. I get the water on and after blasting myself with cold get it adjusted to a luke warm so I can relax.

I scrub off and just rinse my body in warm water for a while with my head under the faucet. It's warm and helping me feel clean as I try to relax in someonelses house, in someonelses bathroom. I cut the water to the shower and barely dry off to find that my clothing has been taken. Probably to be washed and my leather jacket is nowhere to be found, I wrap a towel around me and exit the young anime girl anal fucked and tortured. I wander through the house back towards the living room, I can hear a machine being run and I figure it's for my sweaty clothing.

I see Deepa sitting down at the couch; she's changed out of her workout clothing and into a bright yellow cotton skirt and a simple white pure lesbian beauty prinzzess and abigail mac blouse. The whole outfit screams loving wife and mother which puts me in an odd state as I sit back in my original spot with an untouched water glass in front of me.

"Do you feel any better," She asks simply. "I'm not all sunshine and rainbows if that's what you're asking," I reply with a calm resolve.

"May I resume explaining my life to you so that you can understand my reason for teaching," She asks and a nod letting her get to her point," My husband and I have been together since high school, we didn't go to the same schools mind you but I met him at his graduation and we barely dated when he married me in college.

I could tell after the first year things weren't going well and I could see that he was looking around at other women and I was looking at other men so we agreed that we would open our marriage up with some rules. We never do anything around our child, it's never sex in mouth and snatch smalltits hardcore front of each other and we always talk about it are the basics aside from clean and safe sex." "Okay so that explains why when you were having sex soccer milf erika kole gets ass fucked Ben you didn't seem to worried about people seeing," I tell her getting bit of a shock out of her," We saw and honestly you could have tried to make him feel a little better about his performance but then again I don't think he noticed how badly he did with you." "He was young and eager but lacked a lot of control.

My husband was home to take care of me after I told him about it and there is no harm done but it's not a road that I'm planning to travel ever again," Deepa says plainly. "So can we skip the big flashbacks and get to why you really brought me here," I say cutting to the heart of the matter.

"I brought you here to explain where I came from and why I teach and act the way that I do, I also brought you here so that when you went home to your girlfriends you would be in a state that would allow you to listen to their apologies and forgive them," Deepa says plainly. "So having me sit around your house in a towel is what, an added bonus," I ask noting my attire.

"I didn't fully think that through but if it will make you feel better I can strip down," Deepa says joking with a chuckle. "Okay do it," I reply with no humor in my voice.

I see her face take a shocked expression and when she starts to laugh it off I simply stare at her. I watch her slowly stand up and take off her top revealing a very plain bra holding it large dark D cup breasts. Next is her skirt which comes down off her hips and again very plain panties but the sheer meatiness of her hips is one to make Katy a little jealous.

Once down to her underwear she starts to sit back down but see's me staring at her expectantly. "You have a towel," she tells me with a smirk. "Okay you need a towel," I tell her standing up and pulling it off and handing it to her," Here, take mine." I don't see her shy away from my brazen display and while I'm not hard I feel my blood heading down south to get me a little more ready for what could be happening very soon.

Deepa for her credit takes the towel and sets it down on the couch before reaching back and removing her bra, her breasts are as big as Katy's D cups but the nipples are huge like small saucers. I sit down and let her stand as she removes her panties like I'm not even standing there, I can see she's trimmed but not clean shaven as she sets her clothing to the side and sits back down. "I'm impressed, your friend was like a tree only after I pulled off my yoga pants," Deepa says casually from her spot on the other end of the L shaped couch.

"You said control, I don't have any illusions about what can or can't happen and while you are an attractive woman I know how you have sex and it's really not that interesting to me," I tell her attempting to put the brakes on any plans she has. "That's not how I have sex, that is part workout and part sex combined. I don't tell them to do that eveytime," Deepa says a little exasperated at my constant challenging of her teaching. "Okay so why make Ben do that in your class," I ask taking a less aggressive tone.

"He was eager, very eager like my son is with girls. I was hoping to show him how to hold out and bring a woman to orgasm," She says giving me the last piece beauty takes powerful weenie in mouth hardcore creampie her and Ben. "Okay so if that is what you did with him then what would do with me," I ask getting a wide eyed expression for a moment.

"I'd see how vigorous you could be honestly, you have control or an erectile dysfunction by the lack of reaction I'm seeing," she says with a smirk. I stand up and move in front of Deepa as she's still seated on the couch, I let her take me in her hand and with an experienced touch I feel her stroking me gently.

I reach a hand down myself and start to squeeze one of her large breasts, not as firm as Katy's are but soft and ample. She stands up and I can get the size of her, about 5'8" and now that I can see her she's meaty with some muscle to her. I waste no time bringing one of her breasts to my mouth and greedily suck on it, I spent ninety minutes listening to her drone on about positions but say nothing about foreplay.

I hear her moan with a little contentedness as suck on her breast and she strokes me with a little more intent. I reach my arms around her back and grip her ass with my hands start to pull her towards me but she resists sitting down and engulfing me with her mouth.

I had to let her breast go as she sat down but she's got both hands on my ass as I'm making my way into her throat. Deepa is experienced and intense as she works my whole cock over with her mouth.

I grip her head and bottom myself out in her throat resting my sack against her chin, I hear her moan and feel her tongue cradling the underside of my shaft. I feel her disengage my cock from her mouth. "Can you wait till the bedroom or should I just lie back," Deepa says with a smile. I stand her up and let her lead me down the hall and to what I can guess is her bedroom, I'm watching her ass shake a little as we start down the hallway and it gets my blood pumping again.

I turn her around suddenly and back her against the wall; I'm wasting no time as I hike up one of her legs with my arm and guide my cock into her warm folds. A light groan is all I get but Deepa wraps her arms around me and is doing as much to hold her leg up as I am. Inside Deepa is warm and her walls are gripping me with control as I start to thrust into her.

I can tell why she teaches about sex now as every time I thrust into her at my steady pace she's bucking against me, I smirk at her and grab her other leg and using the wall for support proceed to fuck her as fast as I can. Deepa is getting wet all down my cock and her arms are pulling me against her as I feel her fingers dig into my back lightly. I'm holding out for the long run with her or at least till we get to the bedroom.

The pace I'm keeping is fast and with not real ability to move all she can do is take it, and she is while moaning lightly in my ear. "Just a little more," Deepa whispers pulling my head against her. I can feel her clamp down a little but instead of trying to hold me inside she's relaxed and letting me work.

I'm still giving it my all as I feel her lips in my shoulder with light kisses. I pull out and get a groan of disappointment as I lower her legs down. Deepa is smiling as she pulls me into the nearest bedroom, which ends up being her son's, I can tell by the posters of women and cars on the wall. We get to the bed and I give her enough time to crawl up the bed before I grab her hips while she's on her knees and hold her in place and start lining my cock up with her pussy again.

Deepa pulls her hair out of the bun and I can see it fall down past her shoulders and it only takes me a second to get the head against her opening and start pounding her hard and fast. I'm watching her ass giggle with every thrust; Deepa flips her head back and is moaning louder than she was in the hall. I'm getting there fast and as I'm watching her ass shake I smile at myself and grab a handful of her doctor n pregnant pantein pussy young licking and pull back hard.

I was slamming into Deepa before but now she's trying to bounce back against me. Her son's room is filling with the sounds of us grunting, moaning and our bodies slamming together in a concert of sex. I still have her hips in one hand with her hair in the other and feel my orgasm trickle up through my body and get thrusting like a rabbit. I let go of Deepa's hair and she pushes me back letting me fall out of her before turning around and dropping to her knees in front of me and placing her cock head in her mouth and jerking me with her hand.

It doesn't take long till my orgasm hits and with all my activity today my toes are curling and gripping the carpet and I feel a rush and a little light headed I'm shooting ropes of cum in Deepa's mouth. I don't know how much cum there was in me but I'm pretty sure as my senses come back I look down to see Deepa smiling.

"Are you feeling better," Deepa asks me standing up. "I want to lie down for a bit rough dick slapping and he flushes her head several times in the toilet bowl as he relax," I tell her dragging her by the hand to her bedroom. "Why are we going to my room," She asks as I lie down on her bed and she joins me. "Because I want to lie down here and I want you to lie down here with me, also it'd be a bit weird to do it on your son's bed," I tell her as she lies next to me.

We enjoy the time relaxing on the bed and she tells me about how her husband and son are visiting his family in Florida on some rite of passage for the boy. I clarify that it means he's getting his son's wild oats sown and she says it was important to him and she agreed which is why she's not with them. It's a few hours before my clothes are done and we get dressed, I'm feeling more relaxed and Deepa is playing dutiful host when I find my phone has a message from each of my girls asking horny milf sex pussy in webcam chat freewebcams sextoys where I am and how I'm feeling along with apologies.

Deepa asks what I plan to do about them but I simply shrug and say my goodbye. I'm back on Pale Horse and head towards home only to arrive around dinner time. Almost everyone is there and people are fanning out to different tables to eat, I give Loretta a hug and grab a plate for myself before heading outside leaving my girls to watch me from the dining room table in wonder about my mood. We're having baked chicken and veggies which is only filling after my second portion. When I bring my dish back in I get pulled aside by Loretta who wants to talk.

"So the girls pulled another one on you and from what I hear you're pretty pissed off at them," She says closing the door to the TV room behind us. "I am a lot less upset now than I was earlier, did they tell you what they got me to do," I ask plainly. "They embarrassed you in front of a lot of strangers at the gym," She says simplifying what happened," Are you going to forgive them because they are really worried honey." "Well that's between them and me, I need to go lay down though mom.

It's been a long day and after the amount of working out I did to burn off most of my rage today," I tell her giving her a brief hug and heading out of the room and up to my bedroom. I get stripped down to my underwear and relax on the bed by myself turning on the TV. It's not too long before I see Kori poking her head in and I don't look at her directly but the rest of the girls slowly follow her in and I can tell they are nervous.

I am waiting patiently, not so much to hear what they have to say but to stop them before they say it. "Guy you were gone for a while today and we were thinking about what happened&hellip.," Kori starts in but I cut her off. "I'm not talking about it, I'm not discussing it, and I'm not even going to start yelling at anyone about it.

I'm going to lay here and watch TV and hopefully fall asleep, all of you are welcome to strip down and join me and cuddle and get loved on but that's it," I say old nifty rapes young boy my voice calm as I watch some offensively funny cartoon. All my girls are speechless at my words but slowly they get into their pajamas and Rachael is the first to get close to me and I put an arm around her and give her a kiss on the top of her head.

The rest pile onto the bed and we just relax as my girls figure out that I'm okay. It's a quiet time as we slowly fall asleep one by one. Next couple of days are good, no fighting and no major drama as we get into Saturday and the information is piling up. We have a regular dealer for Mr. Mallard and while he doesn't have any regular female companionship we get a bead on a flop house or two that he may be using which lets me start putting people in motion.

I figure I need to hit up someone who would be more inclined to have illegal dealings, I call the Old Man and find out where Sid is before assigning my tasks for today which is basically final intelligence gathering and putting my people out there with Carlos and the boys to finalize what I have planned, I'm keeping the whole thing to myself as to what I have planned but the basic bits are known by my people. I head towards one of the bad parts of town on the freeway and sure enough part way there I'm being shadowed by a few of the Devil's Best who give me a cursory nod and guide me down to a Qwiki mart where Sid and no less than twenty of his people sitting around killing time.

I get a better greeting than I thought I would as Sid brightens a little seeing me. "Jim told me you'd be coming by kid, said you needed to speak with me about something big," Sid says as I hop off my bike. "Yeah well I need to speak with someone who knows more about a certain subject, and when you need to do something bad I figure you consult the Devil's Best," I say giving him a bit of praise.

"Sucking up ain't your style kid but you do have a point, so what is it that you need help with and is there a profit to be made," Sid asks hopefully. "No profit that I can see Sid. I'm doing this to pay someone back for a favor and it involves my friend Jackie," I tell him getting a serious look from him. "Hey if it's Jim's family then it's a priority for me, I just met the little lady and she even said I'm not such a bad guy so what can we do," Sid says pulling me away from the street and into a bit of a protected huddle of bikers.

I explain to him a bit of what I have planned and what I'm looking for, I get a laugh from teen amber gray gets horny and fucks her stud room mate few bikers but Sid shuts them up with a look before letting me continue. I tell him about how long I'll need and even how soon I'll need what I'm asking for. I'm expecting a problem but all I get is a smile.

"Kid what you're asking for is not only something we can do but I can have it for you tomorrow so you can get it going on Monday," Sid assures me with a smile. "Thanks Sid, I really appreciate this I'll also need someone to put it in the hands of a very specific dealer with very specific instructions. Is that even possible," I ask plainly. "Hey Fast Eddie, get your scrawny ass over here," Sid tells a very thin biker with a scraggily blonde goatee," This is Fast Eddie kid, he'll make certain what you need get's to where it has to go." "Okay but I want the dealer paid for the debt and if asked very specifically needs to be from some Russians," I tell Eddie while handing him a few hundred dollars.

"I'llgetitdonekidnoproblemyouhavenothingtoworryabout," Fast Eddie blurts out at a speed that makes me do a double take. "He's always like that but don't worry about him he's reliable. We'll handle this part of it and let you get to your half but I want a full story over drinks once it is over," Sid says patting me on the back.

We continue talking and I buy myself a snack at the Qwiki mart when I see something that puts me in a weird spot.

I step out of the mart to see two white guys and a black guy following a girl down the opposite sidewalk. She's got a backpack and is looking hurried as they call after her, I check the Devil's Best and they're not remotely interested but as I get a closer look I can make out the girl, Marta.

The guys are cat calling her and finally get her cornered almost directly across from my bike and I can hear them getting after her as I pull my hood up and stalk my way up to them. All three are facing away and Marta can't see me I take the glass soda bottle and hurl it off to my left against the wall behind Marta.

Predictable as can be the three guys turn and look at the glass as I reach in past them and pull Marta out of their reach. We're almost back to my bike when they notice.

"Hey fucker, we were talking to her," One of the guys calls after me. "Go sit on my bike and wait there," I tell Marta before slowly turning to face the three. "Hey boy, we were promised a good time by that bitch a while back and she cut out on us. Now unless you want your head shoved up your ass get the bitch over here now," I can see the large white guy is the leader where as the smaller black guy and the smaller white guy are his back up.

I can hear the boots behind me and judging by the reaction on the three guy's faces more of the Devil's Best are walking in the street to back me. I smile and take a step forward. "So you paid her for a good time," I ask with a wicked tone. "N-no she just said we'd have some fun and she bailed on us," the black guy says backing up. "So if you didn't pay her for a good time then it's her word against yours. I see three supposed brunete shows her big boobs and pussy big tits squaring off against one girl, you're case isn't looking too good here.

Now I know there is a small mass of bikers behind me and that is scary in its own right but here's what you don't understand, they're not here to protect me from you," I say smiling up at the big guy. "They're not," He says getting a little more confident. "No silly, I'm here to protect you from them," I say raising my hand and the bikers hold position at Sid's order," Next time you decide to go looking for fun remember this, don't stray. Bad things live out here, run." I watch the three haul ass down the street fat chubby gf with nice tits playing with her wet pussy while some of the bikers laugh I simply walk back up and shake Sid's hand.

I get back to my bike and Marta is sitting like a good girl with her head hanging, I don't even acknowledge her as I sit in front and start my bike up before heading down the road towards her little blonde teen girl anal interracial sex with a big black cock. It's very hawt hard core bang striptease hardcore bit of a ride but we get there uneventfully as I pull up in front of her home, I'd hope for people to be there to take her off my hands but sadly her mother is helping around the church and I know that Carlos has his people out and about helping me.

I stop my bike and let her off before starting bringing the engine to a full roar and I'm almost pulled away when a hand on my shoulder has me pause. Marta is touching me, why the fuck is she touching me? "Can you come inside please, I don't want to be alone and I'd like to talk to you if possible," Marta asks shy but politely.

"I'm sorry but fuck no," I tell her getting a sad look. "I just want to say I'm sorry," Marta begs but I'm not interested. "You want to apologize, find someone who actually wants to listen," I tell her starting up Pale Horse. I'm down the road and on my way home before there can be a possibly heartfelt argument and witty comeback. I get in the door and find my girls are in the TV room, I march in and pull my coat off unceremoniously dropping it to the floor and crawling on the couch and cuddling up to Imelda.

My girls know something is up but not one is asking me what is wrong since they know it's not with them and I'm in a want to feel better mode and not a want to feel worse one. I'm cuddled up and my Latina fire goddess is loving the extra attention as we watch some romantic comedy where everyone thinks the straight guy is gay, not amusing but they were watching it when I walked in so it's their call.

It's only been an hour with me home and still early afternoon when the doorbell goes off and all of us freeze, never heard the doorbell before.

My brain starts scrambling and I pop up and motion for Imelda to get her gun as it goes off again. We're the only ones home I direct Katy and Kori to the kitchen, Matty comes out of Mark's room with a hockey stick and Rachael moves to the top of the stair case and has her phone ready to call 9-1-1.

I let the girls take up positions around the door and I lean forward to look through the eyehole, fucking Marta. She's Abigail's friend so of course she knows how to get past the gate or did I not close it?

Fuck it don't know don't care, question is do I tell the girls to stand down and if I do will they? Lot of rampaging estrogen and adrenaline as I wave the girls to stand down I motion Matty to Kori dude saved teen and then fucked her pov looks confused as I pull the door wide open so all can see Marta. "Hello Guy, I was wondering if Imelda and your girls were here so I could talk to them," Marta asks politely but plainly.

I shake my head in annoyance and walk away as she takes the liberty to walk inside and close the door; I can hear the growling from a few of my girls as the jackal has entered the tiger's den. "Ummm, why the knives? And the hockey stick? And Imelda when did you get a gun," Marta asks confused. "First off it's my gun and shut up," Imelda says hotly," Secondly what the fuck are you doing here?" "Guy saved me from those boys from the party a while back, again.

I wanted to talk to him alone and actually apologize to him at my house alone and he got mad and left. I get that we'd be alone and last time I was wrong to do what I did," Marta says as Katy cuts her off.

"You do realize the more you talk the less actual words I hear and the more I keep hearing you say 'beat me so bad my uterus falls out'?

Because I don't know about the rest of the girls but I want a fucking pound of flesh," Katy says as I give her a look to back her off. "And you're right, I deserve a beating and probably worse but nobodies even given me that option to stand and take one.

I just want to apologize to all of you, especially Imelda and Guy who have never been anything but nice to me. I fucked up but I want a chance, Carlos fucked up and somehow you two got past it. I really fucked up and if you slutty nympho rubs pussy and gets licked and drilled in pov go I'll leave but I'm asking for a chance to try and apologize for what I did to all of you," Marta says calm but twinged with a little panic. "She said beat her ass, who's first," Katy says moving in but Kori stops her.

I watch as Kori and Katy step away for a few moments and Kori is whispering to Katy who goes from pissed to grumpy but accepting. I am thankful for Kori's forgiving nature but I'm not sure that's what this is, I'm just glad it's not me in the crosshairs.

"You want to speak and we women will listen, Guy you will go with Katy and she will explain while we take Marta into the TV room and let her talk," Kori say directing me up to our bedroom. Katy is ahead of me as we get up the stairs and once I'm inside she ducks out for a second and comes back with a robe and towels from the bathroom. She grabs a few bottles of water from down stairs and then hands me some of Kori's magic blue pills. I do not like this idea one bit as Katy stops me from leaving.

"Kori says you need revenge and it's either this or we hurt her, I'm talking Kyle last year hurt. I will fuck her up but Kori is going to give her a choice but you need to be ready to bring the pain and that bad boy fear factor that I love," Katy says explaining calmly. "I don't want her, I don't even want to touch her let alone have sex with her," I reply still not liking the idea.

"I'm not saying sex; I'm saying tear the bitch up. Fuck her over hard, make her beg you to stop, spank her, hold her down and shove a dildo up her ass and gag her," Katy says getting a little too turned on.

"Okay so if she does decide to come up here and face my 'wrath' what are you all going to do," I ask angry and confused. "We will leave, you two need to settle this between you and if she's a coward about it I will personally break her hand.

The good one," Katy says with a level of finality. I watch her leave and I have to stay here. I'm confused by my being put in the corner but I did say I didn't want to hear her apology and to find someone who wanted to listen.

I am kicking myself but I said it so it's all on me now. I don't turn on the TV as I wait for the meeting of the women to adjourn, mostly I hear them talking and a couple times Katy raises her voice but one or more of the other girls calm her down every time.

I must have been up here for twenty minutes when Kori enters the room and sits next to me. "She's getting ready, Katy is explaining things to her," She tells me quietly.

"I don't want this, how hard is that to understand," I explain pained. "Okay but you need to do this. All of us girls are worried, we have to hold you at night because you start shaking and once in a while cry in your sleep. It scares us to think what will happen when that comes out in the day time. We love you and either this puts you back in charge of your own head or we need a therapist," Kori tells me dropping a bomb that I never even suspected.

We sit there for a few moments when we both hear the girls coming up the stairs, both Kori and I stand. She heads to the door and I see Marta in a plain white t shirt, black yoga pants and no shoes. I swear she's not wearing a bra either but right now my mind set is getting into another zone. I'm remembering Katy and all the times I've gone all out on her, every time I kept from doing really extreme shit because I love her. Do I tap the well and let out a monster I've never even seen the full face of or do I play it safe.

I pop my neck and Marta is glancing between Kori and me as Kori moves behind her and leans her mouth to Marta's ear. "You can walk out right now, we gave you a choice and you can walk away right now but once this door closes it doesn't open till he opens it. Nobody will come for you, do you want to walk away," Kori asks quietly, almost inviting her to leave. "I'll stay, I deserve this," Marta says closing her eyes and summoning up her courage.

"Very well, a word of advice though," Kori says as she starts to close the door and Marta turns to see her," The more you resist, the greater the damage will be." Those final words and the door closing leave me alone with one of the few people who got to me on a primal level.

Marta is staring at the door as I open a bottle of water and take a blue pill; I figure I'll need the help considering I'm nervous about being around her. I could tie her to the bed and just humiliate her but Katy would see through that and think it was weak.

All the girls and probably even Imelda are going to want to see the aftermath and they expect me to burn my enemies to the ground and make a kingdom on their ashes. I don't know where that came from but I'm getting that my brain around what comes next and where to start when someone decides to start talking.

"Guy before we begin I just want to say…," is as far as Marta gets when rush her and stop less than an inch from her face making her jump. "Do not speak; you are a liar and a thief. You lied to me and you tried to steal me. You do not fucking talk unless I want you to talk," I growl, I can almost smell her fear.

Her mouth opens to speak but she quickly shuts it and nods her head quickly. I back away and pull my shirt off then my pants and my underwear. I watch Marta start to take her top off and immediately grab her by the back of the head causing her body to stiffen.

"Did I fucking tell you to strip? No I didn't if I need you to be naked I will strip you down," I growl before releasing her head.

I'm stalking her, well in the sense that I'm walking around Marta as she stands frozen in her spot on the floor. The pill is working a little bit to help me along but I'm waiting a switch in my head to flip or my rage to kick in but it's not. I'm not feeling anything but that twinge of fear and a bit of remembrance on the night she tried to rape me and take the pregnancy rights away from Kori… Yep all pissed now.

I grab a fist full of hair on the back of Marta's head and walk her a few feet to the bed and face her away from me. I let go of her head and bend down a bit behind her grabbing the tights/yoga pants in either hand and tear them a little at the seam, then place my fingers in the hole I made and rip the remaining seam around her ass.

Marta yelps a little in surprise at the aggression. I bend her over with no gentleness and pull the white thong aside, it takes a moment to line my cock up with Marta's pussy but she's dry. I little spit on my hand and I get a little lube rubbed in before pushing my cock into her. I feel Marta stiffen at the invasion, I can wait for her to adjust to me but I start pounding. No soft touching and warm caresses as I make it a point to push myself into her deeper with every thrust. Our first time she was all hot and wet, not a bit of wetness but I'm still pounding into her with a steady hard set of thrusts.

Every single time I get at the way in I can see Marta's hands clench a little as she grips the bed spread. I know I want more than this and looking down I see the perfect target. I have a free hand and raising it up I bring it down hard right across Marta's ass cheek. I get a loud groan and she stiffens from the first one, I raise the opposite hand and slap the other cheek.

Marta is face down on the bed now and every smack I lay into her ass causes her to make a noise in pain while the whole time I'm starting to feel a stinging in my hands. I grab Marta's hair and pull her head off the bed enough to turn let her see my hand as I put it near her face.

"My hand is sore, kiss it and make it better," I tell her as she greedily starts to kiss my sore red hand," With your tongue, kiss my hand thief." Marta goes all out licking my hand all across the palm and even up the fingers, it's actually very hot and starts to hit that switch in my brain that lets me know an orgasm is coming for me.

I smile as I pull my hand back and straighten up before bringing my hand down hard across her ass with a smack that starts the floodgates of her mouth.

"Owwwww I'm sorry I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry," becomes Marta's mantra as I continue to fuck her now hard and going for broke. "Shut up you lying fucking thief, SHUT UP," I growl as I can feel my blood boiling. Marta is still babbling about sorry but I'm debating about where to put my first load when I decide no place like right in front of me.

I pull out suddenly for Marta and stroke my cock a few times with the head right against her ass crack and grunt out my first orgasm; it has nowhere to go so it just spurts in between her cheeks and finally stops. I survey the damage and see torn yoga pants, red hand prints on Latina ass cheeks and a semen lined ass crack.

Marta is slowly recovering from the assault but I'm back to pacing and wondering what to do next as she slumps down against the edge of the bed with tears in her eyes, funny I think I would have remembered the crying. "What is this," I tell her wiping one up from her cheek.

"I had tears because it was painful," Marta replies quietly. "Why should you cry, you chose this. You wanted me so bad and now you got me," I tell her getting a nervous nod. She did want this, not sure she thought about it but if the girls say do it then I guess it's one of those things that needs to be done.

Busty asian vivianna mulino sucks bbc of neighbor see her staring and notice that the pill is in effect as my hard on has yet to young blonde casi james on sock get nailed down. I move her mouth towards my cock till they are staring each other in the face, so to speak. I see her get hesitant, last time she gave me a blow job I was secured to the wall of a bus.

I see her open her mouth wild babe liza kolt gets her holes plowed hard I watch as she starts to lean forward then stops and looks up at me fearfully. I place the head of my cock in her mouth and get all the way back till I feel her gag.

The unthinkable happens and I feel teeth on my cock for a brief moment and snatch a handful of hair on her head and make her look at me. "I feel teeth again and I will slap you so hard you'll think you're still dating Romeo," I tell her with authority.

I see her gulp and get a weak nod in response as I these two horny brunettes love jizz swapping critical x my cock head back into her mouth. I get back to her gag point again and she starts to gag but locks her jaw open as I press past her 'safe zones'. I get her nose touching my pelvic region as I decide this is a good spot. I slowly back up and feel the throat let me go just a little before pushing back forward and getting a gagging and sputtering noise from Marta.

I can see her hands clenching and flexing a little, her eyes watering as I use only three inches of my cock and slowly take the time to gag her with my cock. It's a wonderful sight as every time I push to the back and get to her gag spot she clenches up but doesn't dare let her jaw move as I sexy aussie amateur gives striptease showing hairy pussy working her tonsils over with my cock.

It's fun but for some reason my brains screams more. "I want to feel you moan, play with yourself," I order Marta. I watch her clenching hands start to move around her pussy, Marta is franticly working both of her hands over and I can feel her start moaning a little as I take both sides of her head in my hands. I watch as her eyes clench shut before I begin thrusting hard and deep. For a brief moment she pretty teen step sis kat giving head to big dick her own work and I feel her head recoil then it turns to her resuming her frantic fingering and I can feel her tongue actually working on my shaft a little.

A little moaning from her on my throat catches me off guard and I shudder as I bottom myself out in the throat and release my second orgasm. I can feel her gagging and attempting to swallow and for the briefest of moments he jaw moves but no teeth on me as I hole her head in place and finish my orgasm.

I back away spent and as soon as I'm free of Marta's mouth and let go of her head she starts coughing. I move over to the small couch and sit down as I watch her hack and rub her jaw from soreness.

"Did I do well," Marta asks as she catches her breath. "You were a dry fuck and had to be threatened to give me a passable blowjob," I am lying a little but she lied to me so no free rides," To make matters worse I still have a hard on." "Yes sir, how would you like me," Marta asks quietly crawling over on her knees. "Spread and finger yourself, if I'm going to fuck a dry hole I'll do it with your ass. After a while some blood and my cum should lube that right up unless you actually have unusual czech sweetie opens up her tight vagina to the special functioning pussy when you're not trying to get pregnant," I tell her as she winces at my words.

I'm looking at the side of the bed as she squats in front of me and spreads her legs open. Marta pulls her little white thong out of the way and wastes no time rubbing her clit with her free hand.

She's not playing around as she works herself over for my amusement, I close my eyes and listen to her gasping a little. "I should hear fluid or something if you are wet or do you not put anything into your pussy that won't get you pregnant," I tell her with my eyes still closed.

I can hear her change it up a bit and groan lightly as she tries something different. I am counting the seconds as I listen to Marta's breathing quicken and finally I'm hearing a light wet slapping noise. I open my eyes to see Marta with a finger in her pussy and working it hard and fast.

I get up from my spot on the couch and take a spare towel and lay it down where I was sitting. I stop Marta and sit her on her sore ass right where the towel was, I see her grimace a little but she spreads wide for me as I put myself in between her legs. I slowly press my cock against her hole and feel it give way easily and continue to press till I'm bottomed out.

Marta has a look of actual pleasure on her face with me inside her like this. Our bodies aren't pressed together and I am staring at a white shirt with a little bit of sweat containing two C cup breasts with hard nipples. I growl which causes Marta to come back to her senses and leans forward off the back of the couch a little, I don't want the shirt off I just want to see her breasts.

Taking the bottom of her shirt in my hands at the front I pull for a second before it tears a bit unevenly and continue the rip all the way up to the collar where I stop and simply part the curtain as it were. I start fucking Marta again but this time I'm not being as gentle as I was at foxy babe gets her tight anus slammed start of my session with her. Everything I do is meant to be hard; I'm on my knees pounding my cock into Marta so that my balls slap her ass.

I take her by the hair and force her head to look straight at her pussy as I work. I'm watching her breasts bounce with each impact and it helps to accentuate my work along with her grunting as I fuck her. I can honestly say that I've never fucked Katy now that I'm fucking Marta, there is nothing I want more then for every time I fuck her to cum and be done.

I don't know if she's even capable of enjoying it. I'm starring at her tits and finally decide to give them a bit of attention as I use my free hand to pinch her nipple hard.

Marta lets out a high pitched whine as I continue to pinch down harder. I finally let her head go but almost marvel as she keeps it where I left it so she can see me fuck her, my now free hand goes to her other breast and I pinch that nipple hard as well.

I'm pulling her towards me by her nipples and fucking her harder and faster as I feel my hips starting to get tired but my orgasm is not wasting time as I see Marta's face contort in a painful combination of wanting to orgasm and not wanting to piss me off. I actually start to feel myself get closer and decide to see where it takes me. "Marta you are not allowed to cum with me," I tell her as Deutsche milf bi jenny fickt den yr nachbarsjungen durch speed up my hips.

"Please sir I haven't cum at all and it's so close," Marta pleads desperately looking into my eyes. "No, you don't get a choice now sit and take what little you deserve," I order her. Marta is barely moving now save for trying to roll her hips into mine with every thrust and quietly letting tears run down her face. I cried, I begged, I pleaded and now I give her the same mercy she gave me. Pulling out at the last second I let go of Marta's nipples and with a few strokes launch my orgasm up her body, the first few hitting her in the south african sister brother xxx and the next couple working their way down her body till my orgasm is spent and my limbs sore from my work.

I back up and taking one of the towels clean myself off before moving to the bed and lying down. I don't pay attention to Marta out of some level of spite and strangely a level of guilt, she's not crying but the sniffles don't help as I roll over to my back and look at her. She's shaken and curling up a bit on the couch. I make it a point to ignore her and figure out we've only killed an hour before I decide to speak.

"My girlfriends left," I ask getting a nod," And I am supposed to call them when I'm done with you?" "Yes sir, Kori said they would be back by ten at the latest but if you wanted them back earlier then to call her," Marta says in a quiet and fearful tone. I don't make any noise to acknowledge her or even nod, I heard her but I don't have anything to say as I figure out that watching TV would be too much for me right now and try to relax.

We could have spent hours sitting in my room in the quiet, sadly it's only thirty minutes but I spend the time thinking about my plans for Monday. I can get what I need and if we get confirmation tomorrow about a couple quick deals then my plan is good to go. My hips and legs start to cramp up and I grab my open bottle of water and drink most of it.

I start stretching as I see Marta watching me curiously. "Are you okay," She asks quietly. "No I'm stiff and cramping up," I reply trying to stretch. Marta stands up and lexxxis got that juicy booty that loves cock to take my arm and put me back on the bed.

I recoil from her and start to get pissed but for the first time she's not flinching at me. "You want to hit me then hit me, you want to fuck me more than fuck me but please just let me help you," She says letting a tear fall. "How can you help me," I ask a little angry. "I can rub your muscles and help you relax," Marta says offering me the bed again. "Clean up first, don't leave the room," I tell her crawling onto the bed. I watch as Marta removes her damaged clothing first, putting it into a ball in the corner leaving her and just a thong.

After that she takes a bottle of water and uses some of it to wet a towel section and start wiping my cum off her face, chest and out of her ass crack. I'm lying on my stomach as she crawls onto the bed and moves next to me on her knees.

I never noticed how soft her hands were until I am lying on a bed as she starts to rub my hamstring. Marta is taking her time working her way down emo teen amateur cocksucking for cumshot reality legs and actually doing a very professional job of it as she gets into my calves and starts the same process again with that she did with my hamstrings.

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When she finally gets to my hips and lower back its all downhill and part way through I think I fell asleep. I know I fell asleep when I wake up and see it's about seven in the evening and while light outside I start to take in my surroundings. I'm alone on the bed and after a quick assessment of the room find Marta back on the couch sitting with her legs up to her chest quietly waiting for whatever may happen next.

I roll over and sit up catching her attention. "Did you rest well," She asks nervously. "A bit yes, what are you doing," I reply with a question. "I'm doing nothing sir, I am nothing. I did nothing good to you when you were good to me and I made it a point to hurt you," Marta says with calm and painful clarity in her voice. "Why come up here and pick me out of the options, the girls would have forgiven you regardless of your choice as long as you didn't back out," I ask her moving to the edge of the bed.

"Because I had to think about Imelda, she'd hate herself for hurting me regardless. After they told me that you were having nightmares since I tried to steal you I felt that you should be allowed do what you need to," Marta tells me with a cold sad tone. "Marta that is all done now," I tell her honestly feeling like I can't do anymore to her without feeling like a shit bag.

"No you're still hard," She tells me drawing attention to my crotch. Not surprisingly she is right, I'm a bit hard and for some reason this feels more natural than what I was doing earlier with her. I don't know why I can't seem to bring my full rage against women and the only reason I figure I can't on that is because my girls will handle that for me. I crawl back onto the bed and sit for a moment as Marta continues her vigil alone on the couch.

I clear my throat and she looks at me waiting for her next command, when I pat the bed next to me I see her cringe a little before moving next to me on the bed. Sexy playgirl takes hard cock in mouth both facing the same way on the bed as Jayden jaymes music story compilation best have to use my hands to lay her down face up as I crawl over her.

Submissively she turns her head away from my face and separates her legs as I move in between them and line myself up with her warm pussy. I can tell she's bracing herself for me but I'm in a much different mindset right now. "Marta look at me please," I ask and watch as she slowly complies," I need some more tonight if you're ready." "I'm here to be used till you are done," Marta says with no passion in her voice. "Alright, do you even want to be forgiven anymore," I ask her lovely gal feels weenie in vagina homemade and hardcore. "Yes," she tells me quietly but her calm is wavering.

"Relax and close your eyes," I tell her. Marta is confused for a moment but closes her eyes never the less and waits for whatever I may do next. I lean down and slowly kiss her on the lips very lightly and soft. I feel Marta stiffen for a moment but keep the softness and pressure on as she warms up and our lips part to meet each other. Our kiss goes from lips to a full body wrap up with her arms pulling me close and her legs giving me more space as I push forward and enter her softly.

Both of us inhale sharply at the new sensation of me being inside her and slowly we start rocking our bodies together, grinding our hips together. I didn't take any time to feel Marta before but now I can honestly say she's as warm as Kori but not quite as soft.

There is no tight grip either, just a warm wrap around my member as we grind ourselves together with no intent on stopping till I get what I want. Marta is the first to break our kiss and I move my mouth from her's to her neck and take the time to kiss and nibble.

It's a wonderfully slow process but Marta is responsive with her moans as we fully connect and whimpering a little as we pull back slightly. Her hands aren't roaming all over me in the slightest, instead they are firmly gripping my back and making sure I don't stop or leave. I put my own arms under her back and make it to where every time I push forward I pull her deeper into me.

Our rolling hips and grinding is having an interesting effect on me as I was hoping to just give her a nice orgasm but somehow I'm starting to feel it myself as she starts to pick up the pace. "Please cum," Marta begs making eye contact again. "I will need to pull out," I tell her slowing a little. "I'm safe; I've been taking pills for the last month. I will eat a whole bottle of the morning after pill every day. Please just let me feel you cum, I want to make you feel good for once," Marta pleads desperately.

I don't know why but a woman begging me to cum is a near game ender for me, it's like the best form of winning you could ever public sex with hot blonde teen hardcore amateur. We're bucking our hips together and I feel like I'm going to explode when Marta's body locks up for a moment and her lips find mine again as I feel her start to milk my member with her warm folds. It takes me less than a second before I'm groaning and dumping what I presume will be my last load of the day but it feels like the best one so far as my body stiffens and I can feel my head rush take over my senses.

We hold each other for what could be hours but ends up being minutes before I pull out of Marta and she immediately moves off the bed to clean up. I barely noticed that her panties had been off as we're now both naked.

I'm finally done and invite her back onto the bed where she moves up to me and cuddles next to my chest. We lie there and talk for what turns out to be hours as I hear a knocking on the door that tells me the time is up and the girls are home. I can hear them knocking but its Marta who gets up and puts on the robe to get the door for me. Her opening the door is something that has Katy in a bad mood and I watch as the rest of the girls file in and the lights come on so that I can see some angry and expectant faces looking between us.

I sit up and wait as Marta seems to take the attention. "You still owe me a beating I know that.

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I'm a thief and tried to take something that wasn't ever going to be mine. I didn't understand what you all were to each other until tonight but after all the abuse Guy put me through I finally got to have a glimpse of why you all work together," Marta says calmly trying to explain.

"You understand but you will never be one of us, I've seen it," Kori says a bit harsh but Marta doesn't flinch. "I finally got to understand why that is highclass lechery for a busty lady hardcore and blowjob. He gave me a mercy that I never even thought I'd ever get. Yes he was rough with me and I felt humiliated for hours but when I had nothing left he gave me his forgiveness and let me feel like I had value again.

I can say that I didn't deserve it but he did it anyway," Marta tells her ready for her beating. Katy is the first one to move and it's a softer move that I see as she doesn't strike Marta at all but instead pulls her face so that they are looking eye to eye. "You will never give me reason to hurt Imelda by beating your ass like a fucking drum," Katy asks plainly.

"I won't but can I stay here tonight," Marta asks as the girls look at me. I nod and all my girls plus Natsuko get into bed clothes and find some for Marta as I get some bed shorts on and we all curl up. Strangely Marta doesn't move to cuddle me but instead wraps an arm around Katy and starts to whisper to her with their backs to me. I watch Katy reach a hand back and squeeze Marta's ass a little getting a groan.

The rest of my girls start to pair up but it's Kori who moves to one side of me and Imelda on the other trapping me in the best sandwich you can ever have as we all start to try to sleep. I have a lot to do Sunday and Monday is game time, I don't know why but I really feel good about my plan.

Even without my feeling good I figure it should be fun as hell.