Curves guarantee sex for a adorable babe

Curves guarantee sex for a adorable babe
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Hi I am Jayaleksmi a 25 year old Indian housewife. This is an event that occurred recently which I could not forget ever.

It was a very hot day. I was sweating when i came out from the supermarket. It was then the unfortunate incident happened. One of the heavy shopping bags i was carrying broke down and things were scattered all over. It was really embarrassed as i sat down to collect things. I was wearing low-neck blouse and was sure people standing around could see my cleavage clearly.

Then an elderly man showed up. He went inside the shop to bring back a new shopper and sat down with for collecting things. Finally when it was over I thanked him. He offered to drop me back home. It was an offer not to resist as it was a hot day and just the thought of taking an auto/bus to ride back home was horrid. On the way home i came to know more about him.

He was a 62 yr alexa grace enjoys getting her pussy licked by her lover widower named Tulasidaran pillai.His kids were settled abroad and he now run his family business.

It was just for the sake of killing time after retirement. He was surely a rich man from his costly attire and that grey beard and hair had presented him with some kind of charm. He was about to leave after dropping me home I offered him tea as was the Indian custom. He welcomed that and came in. As I came back with tea the second unfortunate (or fortunate) thing of the day happened. The tea cup dropped from my hand and got spilled all over his clothes. I was guilty for ruining his clothes and offered to wash them.

He said it was all right. On my persuasion he finally agreed. But kay parker tabomadre e hijo was reluctant to remove his clothes.

Then I said" uncle, its only you and me here.Please don't be shy. It won't take me much time to wash them". He agreed and removed his shirt and pants leaving only his white underwear behind.

His hairs were all white and I thought that white underwear along with it had some charm. I wondered why I was thinking like that as i left for my bathroom. After minutes of hard work I removed all the stain. Now I decided to strip down and have a nice shower .As I was under the shower i thought of the old man only wearing his underwear. Suddenly I felt a sensation between my legs.

I was wet! As I thought more and more of him I became more and more horny.Finally I was finished and wrapped a rose bath towel around me and came out. To my surprise, the old man was waiting outside the door. I was sure the bastard must have seen everything inside as there was a crack in the door through everything inside could be seen.

The big bulge beneath the underwear was the proof of that. Wicked lesbians fill up their massive bums with cream and squirt it out he saw me coming out i noticed nervousness in his in his face."I came to ask for something to wear" he explained.

I knew he was lying but decided to play around with him." I am really sorry to forget u uncle.But everything is inside the CUPBOARD. Its keys are on the top." I knew the cupboard was too tall and i needed his help. It was my plan for seducing him. I saw from the corner of eyes the old man licking his lips seeing me in bathtowel.I deliberately wore nothing inside and decided to tease him by wearing it low.

Half of my BOOBS were out and as i tied it tight they were bulging out. As the bath towel was short even parts of my thighs were visible. I knew the old man was up for feast for his eyes and he was enjoying it. After all it was two pieces of cloth between me and him. My tease continued to take its effect on him as i walked to the CUPBOARD.I knew he was eyeing my round and bubbly ass which i purposed swayed sexily as i walked. The top of the cupboard was too tall for me to reach.

So i rose on my toes and searched for the keys. Though i failed to reach the top, I was successful in showing most of my ass to him as the bath towel rose up. I knew how hot the old man was feeling. But i decided to act naive and turned around and told him" Uncle i am sorry.

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My servant placed it in a place where i can reach. Can you.".As I said i noticed that his hands were on his underwear as if trying to relieve some of the tension that build up or in a vain effort to hide his bulge.

I could feel he was on full heat and slightly shivering as he reached near me. It was as if seeing a woman for the first time. He tried to reach for the keys but the Cupboard was too tall for him too. He searched for any furniture to assist him but i knew nothing of that sort was there.

I knew my plan was working perfectly well and decided to take it to the next level." Uncle may be if you can lift me up I can try to reach the keys". His expression suggested either shock or excitement, but before nika noir tit suck story could think further he held me by thighs and lifted me up.

He was a strong man indeed and lifted me without much effort. As i was 'searching' for the keys by legs were feeling his crotch. He had a massive erection and it was as if it would break the boxers and come out anytime. My toe fingers measured up his member. His shock made him drop me a bit but he still held me tight.

I knew posture was comfortable for both of us. With one hand he held me by the thighs and the other hand rested on my ass. His face was right against my boobs.

As i tried to regain balance i purposefully pressed him against my boobs.Wow! it was nice to feel his face hair brush against my mammary and i was sure he was enjoying it the most. His hand started feeling my ass and i was dripping wetness. His caressing turned to kneading at the rear and on the top he was letting his tongue join the fun.He was tonguing my cleavage and his hand was now slowly making his way to the pussy.

I wanted to be fingered by him but now i decided to play more with him." you bastard.leave me." I yelled. He left me as i continued to yell" you fucking idiot. You are old enough to be my grandfather. Is this how you treat a woman?" The poor soul started to apologise"sorry.It is almost 20 years since my wife died.

I have never felt a woman from then." "So, this is the way you behave?" "Sorry i will leave if u gives me your dress back." he said. "no you are not leaving without a punishment". Saying this i walked towards my bed. I called him up and he was obeying like a little boy." I will now teach you how to behave to a woman." saying this i dropped my towel revealing myself fully to the old man.

He watched in awe as I lay down on the bed with legs spread wide." Now lick me bastard.lick my cunt".He sat down and brought his face near my pussy and started licking it up. His hair tickled my shaven heaven as he continued to feed on me. This old man was so good at it and I held him close with my hand.

He was now tongue-fucking me and I was moaning."Aaaaaaahhhh. come on uncle. Use your fingers if you want to, but remember only yours fingers". Each of these words was uttered with gaps in between as pleasure was nearing his peak.

Given the license he started exploring the insides of my cunt with his midfinger.Slowly he felt the insides and then went deeper down. He now started finger fucking me. The feeling inside me was building up as he alternately used his finger and tounge.And he knew how to use them to good effect too." come on uncle&hellip.harder &hellip.Harder&hellip."yelled me as I was being driven wild by this old man.

Hearing this he increased his momentum and drove me wilder and wilder."Aaaaaaahhhhhhh……you bastard& that&…like.That&hellip.aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh".i yelled out as my vagina exploded to a climax. My juices were flowing out which was licked up by the old man. He used his tongue effectively to extract more and more and finally I was all done when he finished. It was the heaviest orgasm I have ever experienced so I was drained of all energy when it was done.

So for some time I forgot that poor old soul. He was resting near my legs like a faithful dog. I called him near and asked to sit down. He obeyed like a slave. I noticed he had still sported the big bulge. I placed my hands over his underwear and started feeling it. It was really hard and felt very large. I knew how hot he might have felt. He started to wriggle himself as I started to feel him over his brief. To my surprise it started growing and it looked as though it may break his brief and come out.

The tension he was feeling was building and I asked to remove his brief. Wow.!I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The thing between his legs was huge.Mamoth.It was at least double the size of my hubby and rock hard.

I never thought a man of his age could sport an erection as hard as those. It made me lick my lips. I ran my hand over it, feeling it as he sat down beside me. Before I knew I was stroking it. I could feel it growing further in my hands which excited me to increase the rhythm. I hoped to that a man of his age would release quickly and thus I could pay him back without him having to penetrate me. But with him release was a distant thought and he seemed to enjoy my soft hands around his cock.

Now I was furious and wanted to finish what I started off .I took his hands and placed it on my breasts. The old man enjoyed the feeling of soft flesh and started to move his hands over them.

He felt them, caressed them and started mauling them. Now I was getting horny again and started to moan as he was juicing my tits.I too was craving to give the whole thing back to the old bastard. I was desperate to make him cum and now brought my mouth over his organ. My tongue rolled over and felt his cock-head .He loved my warm damp mouth and tried to push me down on his cock. Even though I liked that, I wanted to him to feel that I was the mistress there and everything was under my control." So you old bastard, you want to mouth fuck me ha…You pervert, you are doing that to women of grand daughter's age.

You didn't learn your lesson don't you? Time for another punishment." Saying this I withdrew form him and lay on my back. "Come on you old man… come lick me" I ordered him. "First my legs. Start big butt blondie milf melanie monroe gets fucked hard underside" .He obeyed me with no objection and it was ticklish when he started licking all over my foot.

I simply loved how it felt when his tongue caressed through my legs making its may to the thighs. Like a hungry dog he licked all over my thighs and when he started to reach for my cunt, I stopped him curvy teen chanel collins gets slammed pornstars and hardcore turned around. He seemed to absolutely love my bubbly ass (any man in the world would) and sniffed like a dog on my ass.

He kissed, licked and at times cupped my ass using his mouth and I was it. Now after loving my ass for a long time he moved further up to my back. His tongue cruised all the way up to neck; making my queerest of all fantasies a truth.

Now I could feel his hot, long member brushing against my thighs but wanted the play to continue some more time. Now I turned around and saw him really close to my face. I ordered him to take his tongue to my belly. For him it didn't a hole hole gets rammed by cock to make much of a difference and absolutely went crazy over my navel. I didn't understand how my husband ignored my navel while making love and the way this old man was feasting on it, it seemed like the best part of my body.

His tongue explored my navel thoroughly and I was feeling the wetness returning between my legs. Now I asked him to move to my armpits. He seemed surprised but obeyed. My armpits were sweating and he sniffed it and seemed to enjoy my aroma. I had kept them waxed and his tongue worked all over them giving me ticklish feeling. While he was enjoying my armpits, I noticed his hairy chest was brushing against my boobs.

I was enjoying it and I don't know how blonde chick and cum on her mouth felt for him as my nipples were really hard by then. He brushed his chest against them many times while relishing on my armpits.

After getting him to do that long enough, I took his face in my hands and planted a kiss on his lips. He was shocked at first, but was quick to respond.

He enjoyed my sweet, moist lips and I too loved to suck on his lips. Soon our tongues were out and was relishing on each other's. His member was rubbing hard against my thighs and his chest was literally squeezing my boobs.

I don't know how long we kissed straighty led to fuck ass tube porn surely enjoyed it. His hands now started to move under me and cupped my ass.

When he started kneading it, I relieved myself from the kiss and ordered "who told you to do that, bastard? Now suck my boobs for the punishment".

He licked his lips at the thought of his 'yummy' punishment. He felt my boobs with his hands first, and cupped them as though trying to measure its size. After having a feel of them for sometime, he brought his mouth close and started to lick my nipples.

After licking over them one by one for sometime, he took one them to mouth and started sucking hard. He relished on it for some time and moved to the next.woww!i was excited like never before, my wetness was flowing and I held him closer with one hand.

He was absolutely juicing them with his mouth and used his hand to milk the other free nipple. Now he grew more excited and started bite them without hurting them. I enjoyed that but not before he lost control and bit my nipple really hard. Even though I enjoyed that too, the mistress in me was back."Ouuchh, you dirty old bastard?

You never learn your lesson. Now lay on your back. I will teach you one". Saying this I made him lay down and started licking his hairy chest. He enjoyed my soft tongue on his flesh as I moved further down to his navel. He was wriggling as my tongue explored his navel. My boobs were touching his erect member as I played with his navel.

The old bastard was lesbian fun from attractive teenies masturbation smalltits enjoying the soft caress his member was getting. After playing there for a while I slowly moved down, this time turning my full attention to his member.

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There it wasfull, hard and solid like I never imagined. I took his cock in hands.

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It was double the size of my husband's and much thicker too. It must have been 9" in length and about 3" in width. I licked my lips on seeing such a hard cock. I badly wanted it in my pussy and started licking it. As my tongue touched its headit started pulsing as more and more blood flew into it. I licked all over his pink cock head and storys xxx katrana kaf tilak taking it to my mouth.

But it was big and I couldn't take it in fully. Still I took whatever I could in and felt it touching my throat. Then slowly I moved up smearing my saliva over it and licked his cock head again. I continued to pulse up and down on his shaft. He was grunting and making noises. Before I knew he was holding my head and mouth fucking me. I tried to run my tongue down his shaft but he was too quick in pumping my mouth. He was pumping harder and harder and I was enjoying it.

It went on for a while and he started making grunting noises. I feared that he was going to cum. I wanted him inside me, so I stopped.

He gave me a questioning look when pleasure suddenly stopped. I lay on my back and asked him to come over. He obeyed like a child. My legs spread out wide were an open invitation for him and he welcomed it with immediate effect. He positioned his big organ over my love hole and started rubbing the opening with its head. I allowed him to take his time feeling me, after all he haven't felt a women over 2 decades. He gradually pushed his cock-head into my love hole.

the massive organ caused a lot of pain. I wanted him to push it fully in, but he was in no hurry. He was enjoying the tightness of my cunt; it was as though being a virgin again. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh… "I had to scream out loved as he tried to push him fully in. The massive organ's made its way deeper into me helped by my wetness.

He ignored my cries and continued pushing in, till he was fully inside. It was paining, but sooner the pain got replaced. My cunt had never felt so full before and his cock had almost reached my uterus. Soon he receded and the fullness gave way to vacuum. He stopped when only his cock-head was inside me and again pushed in."Aahhhhhhh." cried out me again but this time it was that of pleasure.

He continued gently pumping in and out of me enjoying the feel of me. Our bodies were entangled, my boobs brushing his hairy chest and I slowly brought him closer and planted a kiss on his lips. He responded back slurping my soft lips between his rough ones.

His tongue joined in and soon it was entangled with mine. never in my life I have imagined such a scene but it was so hot and happening right now." uncle …harder…" I pleaded as soon as his mouth was freed from mine.

he responded with quick thrusts and the pleasure was increasing. "come on… uncle. I…want …more" .saying this legs entangled his hips holding him closer to me. The old man pumped me like a mare and I never imagined it was possible at his age. He was pumping me harder and faster and the pleasure was reaching its peak." harder …… uncle &hellip.harder……aaaaahhhhh ……i& &hellip.Coming…aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh" cried out me as I reached my climax.

The old man ceased for a while but he was still hard inside me. He licked the sweat from foxy redhead mira has her pussy drilled neck and shoulders and I slowly guided him to my boobs.he sucked on my fruits hungrily and mauled the other with his hand.

His tongue circled around my nipples which were getting harder again. What his tongue and hands were doing turned me on again and ordered him to start again. The old man started off slow again, this time taking lesser time to accelerate and before I know he was at his peak speed again.

The difference was this time he fed on my my new crazy step mom full story instead of lips. He was pounding me harder as my hands ran over his back.i was moaning out as each time he pumped me. I don't know how long our mating session continued but soon I felt another orgasm building up.

This was impossible! My husband never took me near an orgasm and here was a man old enough to be my granddad doing it twice. He was a stud with capital s. he too was seeming to near an orgasm as I could hear him grunting and making noises.

He increased his force and speed. Visit sister swap part one kayla kayden now felt like a mad rush to the finish.

I was surely over the top and it seemed like a question of whom first. Soon I got my answer."Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh&… are…a…real…m…a…n… " exploded my cunt walls releasing a whole lot of wetness. My love juices flowed out of me as though they never wanted to end.

I haven't came so much before that I was fully sapped up of any energy and lay still. Uncle didn't stop this time and continued to pump harder and harder. He was grunting and groaning as he was nearing his climax.

"Aaaaaaahhhh… I …am…coming…ho…n…e…y…" said him as he shot a whole lot of his load into me. This guy hasn't had a release for a long time and he had released wads and wads of his sperm into me. He was flooding me with his seed and I couldn't help it as I was too tired.

After all I too never experienced such fullness as my husband did come only a little. His old monster on the other hand released whatever it had stored for over two decades. I felt his monster shrink after releasing itself but didn't leave my insides. He was too tired to move away from me and so was i. "So this is what you wanted, ha?

To fuck a young sexy women, to knead her plump ass, to play with her navel, to eat her young pussy, to maul her juicy boobs and finally seed her. You got it all today, right?".

He didn't answer but was panting." So are u ready for another session you old bastard, or is that all your old balls could fire? Do you have the power to make me pregnant, you old grandpa". He responded with a kiss on my lips and one his hands were already on my boobs. I knew things weren't going to be over too soon and never wanted it to be.