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Sex sanny leon xxx story
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It takes a while to get to the sex in this chapter due to a lot of story that comes out. Please remember that i put this in the Fiction category for Genre, enjoy. It's a different experience being manhandled by the police when they want to question you. The processing was kind of like I've seen on TV; they cleaned the blood off my hands and ran my ID's in their system with me keeping silent the whole time.

I get through basic processing and the handcuffs get taked off before they sit me in a room to wait for 'questioning'. It's pretty much like every room you see in the shows, one metal table, three chairs and a one way window that everyone knows people are behind it.

The officer sits me in a chair facing the door and leaves me alone in the room. I sit quietly and think about what Hector said, Carlos… trusted him.

I play the words over and over again. Carlos lied; he wanted a fight and stabbed Hector. Why? It doesn't make sense to me but as far as I know Hector is dead and I figure that I should just keep my mouth shut and tell nobody what Hector said before I got taken away. I'm sitting alone for what feels like an hour when a Latino woman in a pant suit enters the room with a file folder. I watch as she methodically sets the file down and takes a seat before opening the file and reading the contents.

I know I should ask for a lawyer but I have no clue what's going on in the first place. I figure keep my mouth shut until someone I know shows up to get me out. "My name is Detective Escalante. You are Guy Donnelly, age 17, address on your ID says Washington but your driver's license says Texas," the woman starts in," We're currently going through your cell phone and we have CSU combing the site looking for the weapon so let's just keep this simple.

You tell me what happened and I'll tell the DA that you are still a minor and you can be tried as one." I sit in my seat, every cop show I've seen says she's fishing for me to say something and slip up or tell her too much. I fold my hands on the table in front of me and stare at her like I don't understand English. "Mr. Donnelly you do understand that you are currently looking at charges for attempted murder," the Detective Escalante says as I remain silent.

I cock my head to the side and continue my 'I'm very sorry I don't understand English' look. It dawns on me the sheer humor in the role reversal of the Latino woman talking to a white male who doesn't understand English. "Mr. Donnelly I don't think you realize how serious this situation is," the Detective Escalante says starting to get angry," You need to tell me what happened behind the bowling alley or you're looking at serious charges for obstruction of justice." Oh god she's really desperate, first I'm the suspect and now she needs me to tell her what happened.

I look the female detective in the face; she's definitely not amused by my silent treatment. I should say something, but what do I tell her without letting her know that I have something that will get in the way of me taking Carlos out.

It hits me like a light bulb in the attic. I get a shocked look on my face and remembering high school foreign language class and the audio books I start talking to her, in somewhat fluent Russian. "(I honestly don't have anything to tell you Ma'am. Really I'm more interested in seeing if they'll stop me if I try to masturbate here at the table)," I say getting a confused look from the detective.

"Mr. Donnelly this is not some game where you think that being clever will get you out of trouble," the detective says getting angrier. "(I'm not being clever, I'm just educated differently. Honestly I'd love to see you in your underwear but that's just not very professional)," I tell her again drawing angry confusion," (While I don't know how bad you may need this case personally I'm pretty sure they don't promote you for accusing someone who didn't do the crime.)" I can see this she is getting pissed and watch as she slams her hand on the table and curses.

Detective Escalante looks at the mirror and I decide to go full on goofy with the situation and quickly get up from the chair and start talking in happy Russian to the people on the other side of the glass. "(I would like to place my order now please; I'd like a bacon burger with onion rings and not fries. For a drink I'd like a chocolate milkshake along with a soda, which needs to be a Dr.

Pepper)," I say to the people on the other side of the glass while smiling widely,"(Do I pay the woman here in the room or will you run an explosive weenie sucking session hardcore and blowjob card since you took my wallet)." "Mr. Donnelly sit down and stop these antics right now," Detective Escalante says losing what little cool she has left.

"(Oh, first date. I'm sorry my lovely, my date would like the chicken pita with hot sauce and fries, for a drink she'd like a Sprite)," I tell the window people before getting quiet," (She's really sensitive about her weight but that's between us)." It's when I get grabbed by the detective and slammed against the glass with my arm pulled behind my back that I start laughing for real.

I'm going to get my ass beat by a female cop and I've got an audience. Sadly it doesn't pan out that way for me and I get shoved into my chair before I watch Detective Escalante grab the file folder and leave the room completely pissed off. As soon as she's out of the room I completely stop laughing and return my hands to my lap and stare at the door. If I could I'd get a video tape of this just to post in on Facebook.

Again I'm left alone and continue to ponder what I'm going to do next, find Carlos and beat a confession out of him seems simplest.

Maybe lure him somewhere and after I get a confession kick his head off his shoulders. I don't know how long I'm in the room this time but when I see the door open I'm greeted by the sight of Loretta and Mr. Delauter, both of them are dressed and Mr. Delauter has a suit on and a briefcase with hot college chick bathroom deep throat and fuck from behind. For the first time I'm actually happy to see the both of them and I let my face show it by starting to look like I'm going to cry.

Loretta is all over me with questions and hugging me. Mr. Delauter on the other hand is pissed off but not at me, which draws some serious tones from the people he's talking to outside the room. "Guy, we can leave now, the officers were wrong to ask you any questions without an adult present," Mr.

Delauter says to me before turning his attention to the officers in the hall," I'll be filing a formal paperwork with the District Attorney in six hours. By this time tomorrow you'll either be suspended or I'll have a formal apology from this department for gross negligence of his rights as a minor." I can hear them arguing outside of the room about how I am the prime suspect and that I'm withholding information. I get my possessions from the guy behind a desk with a cage, I know it's all been gone through but if I'm gonna get interrogated I'm going to let Loretta do it at home.

Once we're outside and in the car I ask Mr. Delauter to drive me back to the bowling alley and sure enough my bike is gone, they towed my bike to the station. I find out it'll be a few days before I can have it back and now I'm actually pissed off. We get home about four thirty in the morning and pervcity chastity lynn teen anal beauty butt fucking and deepthroat even Rosa is here when I walk in from the garage and head straight into the office taking my usual seat for when Mr.

Delauter wants to talk. He and Loretta both sit down with me before he begins. "First off we need to understand each other, I'm your guardian and so is Loretta while you are down here. However as of right now I am your lawyer, now as your lawyer I need to know everything you know about what happened. If you don't tell me everything then I can't defend you, are you fully understanding me," Mr. Delauter says keeping a professional tone. "I understand, I'll start from the beginning…," I say beginning my story from where I got the text from 'Hector'.

I lead the both of them through the details but leave out what Hector said about Carlos. It bugs me to keep that out of it with them for some reason but they'll just get in the way when I get my chance to get some truth. I can see Mr. Delauter weighing the information but Loretta is all sympathy as she holds my hand and seems proud that I tried to save Hector.

Mr. Delauter asks me a good grouping of questions ranging from 'did I have a knife' or 'did I have problems with Hector', 'to who do I think sent the text message'.

It finally dawns on Loretta that I've been up since eleven the night before and she cuts everything short before walking me up to my bedroom and lays me down on the couch in my clothes before I pass out. I get woken up by Kori nudging me trying to figure out why I'm sleeping on the couch, I mumble that I love her and go right back to sleep. I have sunlight in my face blinding me and it's enough to get me in a bad mood as I move out of the light and see Kori staring at me pissed off.

"Are we awake now," Kori asks starting in on me," Cause I wake up and have your mother telling me that you were in police custody because you were caught next to someone who was stabbed. Why am I only finding out about this now?" I sit up and try to shake the sleep off before standing up and facing her.

I take her hands in mine and pull them to my face so she can hold my head and look into my eyes. It takes her a second to figure out what I'm doing but as soon as she starts looking into me with her pretty grey eyes I can see her mood change from angry to upset.

"Baby you need to wake me up when things are that bad," Kori says moving me over to the bed and laying me down. I quietly tell Kori the full story leaving nothing out, she chuckles at my theatrics with the detective but generally is upset with the situation. At some point in being held I doze off but get woken up by a soft warm feeling of Kori's mouth gently nursing my cock till it's fully hard. I try to pull Kori up to me but she grabs my hand and pins it down while continuing to work my cock over in her mouth.

It's a much better way to wake up than blinding sun.

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I don't have to wonder about Kori's intentions as she starts bobbing her head hard and deep on my cock with more energy than she's known for showing. I start to get a tingle in the base of my cock and shoot my load into Kori's willing mouth. I'm wide awake and definitely ready for anything but Kori isn't stopping as she keeps pumping my cock till nothing is coming out.

Finally she lets me fall out of her mouth and gets up from the bed going through my clothes. "Strip down we're getting you ready for the day, get out of those nice clothes and get into these," Kori says laying down my camo pants and a black metal shirt. I get changed while I watch her get on the phone and start making a call. I pick up on that it's Imelda on the other end of the phone.

Kori tells her to drop what she's doing unless it's work and get her ass over here immediately before hanging up and taking my hand leads me down the stairs.

"Loretta, is there any food left? He needs to eat before he heads out," Kori says sitting me down in a stool before going through the refrigerator. "Why is Guy leaving," Loretta asks coming in from the dining room. I watch the women get me a plate of leftovers and start eating while Kori explains things to Loretta. "You don't know him and both of you know that. I know him and when things get bad you can do one of two thing, get behind him and wait for him to ask you for help or get out of his way," Kori tells Loretta plainly," Now if you ever want to know who your son really is either help him or just wait for us to leave and you'll never see him again." "What is he going to do," Loretta asks quietly.

"Someone is setting him up, that means they know him and he knows them," Kori tells her," now we stand back and wait to see the whole picture that he's gonna paint for us." I can see Loretta getting confused but Kori continues to explain what I do, I can tell she wants to talk about Huge vacuum pumped cock cumming in sex fairy tales9 but instead focuses on Kamran and what happened in the building with him and Lajita.

I smile as she recounts a PG rated version. Loretta nods looks to me smiling lightly. "The detective from the police station wants to talk to you about what happened in the alley, they also say you'll be able to pick up your bike this afternoon," Loretta says taking my plate and putting a second in front of me.

I find out that Mr. Delauter has left and gone to the office to handle my case with others leaving the rest of the family in the house. I let Loretta call the Detective and watch as Kori heads up to Abigail's room. I finish my second plate by the time Kori gets back and she smiles before I see Abigail come rushing down behind her. "Carlos is at the hospital, nobody knows that you were there with him," Abigail says as we mix of pervy deviant fun public dirty outside.

"I'm gonna need to get a hold of Carlos," I tell Abigail who gets grim at my words. "I can't do that, we're really going well and I don't want to mess that up," Abby says nervously. "If he set me up then it's just a matter of time before he hurts you, I'm not going to hurt him," I say half lying to her," if he's innocent I'll know by the shock." "Who are you going to shock," I hear Bethany ask as she joins us.

I let Kori and Abigail brings her up to speed about everything before I tell her what she'll have to do. "Beth you need to get me Blaze's address from Tyrell," I tell her plainly. "But they're not close and that's going to start a fight," Bethany replies anxiously.

"Yes it probably will but you need to do it anyway," I tell her giving no other option. I don't tell the girls everything I'm planning but I didn't tell Kori everything last time so it'll be alright once it all works out in the end. We're talking for a few hours when I hear boots stomping their way through the house in my direction, Imelda's here. I get up from my seat and step away from the table as Imelda get's out the back door and rushes me mad and upset. "Why the fuck didn't you fucking call me and let me know you were in shit," Imelda starts in shoving me," Why do I have to hear shit from everyone else that you got stopped by the police?

What the fuck happened?" "The police think I stabbed Hector," I tell her plainly. "Wait, why would they think you stabbed Hector," Imelda says getting confused. I watch her look at the other girls who are staring at her with a serious expression, when she looks back to me I can see something I never expected from her, doubt.

I let Imelda take me by the hand and watch as she waves Kori to follow us. We march into my bedroom and I get sat down on the bed before Imelda shuts the door after Kori.

"How do you do it," Imelda asks Kori," How do you do the whole stare at him and know thing?" "it's his eyes, he won't hurt us so I just look and see where his pain or anger is, took me a while to learn him but I'm the only one who does it," Kori explains to her.

I never understood why or how Kori can do it but she's been accurate a lot and I never questioned it with her. Now Imelda is having doubts and she thinks she can find the truth.

I watch Imelda get on her knees in front of me and take my head while desperately looking into my eyes. I don't know what she's expecting to find but after a minute she looks at Kori and Bree in a good book masturbation fantasy can see she's either going to cry or run. "Ask him and look at him, either you'll see it or not," Kori tells her as she kneels down next to Imelda. "Did you stab Hector," Imelda asks tearing up.

I don't know if I'm supposed to do something but after few seconds I see Imelda start crying place her head on my lap. Kori starts rubbing her back and after a few seconds Imelda regains her composure. "Okay, I'm alright. So what do we do now," Imelda asks looking between us. "I find out why the last name Hector told me before he passed out was Carlos," I tell her causing Imelda to go from sad to upset.

"Wait you think Carlos had something to do with it," Imelda asks not happy with my new information. I explain that I'm going to get my information out of Carlos whether Imelda is going to help or not. I can see she's not happy with the idea of me kicking the crap out of her cousin but Imelda says she wants to be the one to confront him with me and either I let her or she'll tell him herself about everything.

I don't like being put in a corner on this but Imelda says there is no other option for me. "Fine but if he even gives me a hint that he did it I'm going to tear beautiful babe with a perfect ass is fucked on the kitchen counter ass apart," I tell her leaving no doubt as to my intentions.

The three of us try to calm down with Kori almost putting Imelda and myself in neutral corners. It's about three in the afternoon when I get called from down stairs by Loretta, apparently I have a visitor.

I motion for the girls to stay in the room and head down stairs to see Detective Escalante standing in the main entrance with Loretta. I hurry down the stairs and Loretta leads us into Mr. Delauter's office.

Once inside we all take a seat before I watch Loretta take out a recorder and place it on the desk. "Mrs. Delauter what are you doing," the detective asks puzzled. "Oh my husband said that any and all questions are allowed to be recorded by the accused as well as the police. If you want to wait till he's home so you can do this with him here I can fix you a plate of food," Loretta says being almost sickeningly sweet. I can see Detective Escalante is not happy with the theatrics but she takes out a recorder of her own and lists day and time along with my name as first witness to the incident.

We got through all the basic holivr jav vr my gf public invasion pornography interracial of what happened from when I got the text message to when the police slammed me to the ground. I repeat my answers the same way as she reaffirms the questions two more times. "So how do you know Hector," the Detective asks plainly. "He's a friend," I reply with a look of concern on my face.

"So you had no problems with Hector at all and when you got the anonymous text message you decided to trust the situation blindly," the detective asks continuing the questions. "It made sense when I asked who it was and how he got my number," I explain letting her know the basic information.

"Well I don't have any more questions," Detective Escalante says starting to get up. "But I have some and considering you literally went from accusing me of stabbing one of my few friends down here I'd like some answers," I state to her visibly upset," Like why when I try to do the right thing and call 911 and attempt to stop the bleeding your officers tackle me to the ground with no provocation at all?

Or even better, instead of trying to even talk to me in the interrogation room you come at me like I should be guilty just because it'll make life easier for you? Do you know how racist that makes you just because I'm white and he's Latino that you assume I wanted him dead?" I can see the barrage of questions doesn't faze her until I call her racist, that's when I see the shock of it all hit her. There's my first shot scoring a direct hit and I decide to turn up the heat.

"Here, let me just help you so before you decide to get a warrant so you can poke your nose through my possessions," I say leaving the room quickly and grabbing my bag with all my clothes and dump them out in front of her," Here, now you can go through my possessions since their right in front of you like a good Fedérale." "Mr.

Donnelly I have never approached this with any sort of racial bias and Step sister sleeping and brother come room find the accusation insulting," Detective Escalante says standing up to me. She's about five foot nine and is probably in her mid thirties, she has a different pant suit on but I notice instead of ample curves she has a slightly more athletic build but still has hips and tits.

I refocus on her quickly to keep my ground.

"Well you could have fooled my Step Father and Mother with the way you completely decided to disregard my rights," I tell her showing a lot more anger than I actually have," Or was that your way of just getting back and all the times a white person decided to look down on you cause of your skin color?" Before the detective can retort Loretta takes control of the situation and tells me to calm down then turns her attention to the Detective Escalante.

"I'm sorry Detective but my son has a point, and unless there is something you can tell us about this that will make the situation understandable to me I will advise my husband that he should file harassment charges for the racial profiling that has been done to my son," Loretta says keeping perfectly calm.

"I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the case at considering your son is involved," the detective says trying to regain her professionalism. "Wow, I have to figure out how to say 'racist cop' in Spanish," I say loud enough for her to hear. "So you both can understand me I'm not permitted by my job to tell you anything about this case, I don't need to justify myself to either of you concerning what you perceive as racial profiling," the detective says with wavering conviction.

"Well than can you explain why you slammed him face first into a mirror and threw him into a chair, because that was assault in a pretty clear sense," Loretta says getting my attention quickly. "I understand that you're upset because of that and it was uncalled for given the situation," Detective Escalante says getting more behind the eight ball with us," We're more open to other suspects at this time considering the lack of evidence and the testimony from Hector." Holy shit Hector is alive, but what did he tell them?

He couldn't have outed Carlos to them or they wouldn't be talking to me. But Hector and I aren't so close that he'd just out Carlos to me and then not tell anyone else. I'm confused and decide to switch gears with the detective. "Okay, so it's not okay to racially profile me and then knock me around in room so do you think I stabbed Hector," I ask her plainly.

"I can't answer that Mr. Donnelly," Detective Escalante says stopping her recorder," I need to get back to the station but your vehicle has been cleared by CSU." I watch Loretta walk Detective Escalante out before returning to me and shutting off the recorder. I smile wide and watch her get confused for a moment then smile. "Did you just call her a racist to see how she'd react," Loretta asks chuckling.

I nod and we both start laughing, I'm pretty sure she's not racist but it's funny to call someone racist when your white. I call the girls down and tell Imelda the good news about Hector which comes as no surprise to her but she's still concerned about what I plan to do to Carlos. "Kori I'm going to head out with Imelda to get my bike then I need to see Carlos and the boys, if someone is screwing with me then I need him to help me out who did it," I tell Kori while the rest listen.

"Well you said you left at eleven last night right," Abigail says confirming my earlier story," He couldn't have been there when you left because he was with me." The whole room except for me freezes at the comment, Loretta is first to jump on the safe sex bandwagon and I watch the rest of the girls get very supportive of Abigail taking 'matters' into her own hands.

"Wow, so you brought him back here and snuck him into your room," asks Bethany smirking. "No, we were in his car," Abigail says red faced. Loretta stops any further questions into the event and Imelda seems relieved that Carlos has an alibi but I need to get in his shit to find out if he's clean or not.

I grab my coat solo brunette fucks her self with a dildo have to use Imelda's spare helmet as we leave home for the police station. Once we get to the station it's just minor paperwork that I have to sign so I can get my bike back but it's the stares I'm getting from a few suits that draws my attention. I can see Detective Escalante staring at me from her desk when an older white man with his badge on his jacket come out of his office and head straight towards me.

"Mr. Donnelly, I'm Captain Miller," the man says extending his hand," I'd like to speak with you privately if that's alright." "I'd love to but I need an attorney around for questioning," I tell him shaking his hand.

"Only if it pertains to your involvement in the case," He says trying to lead me to his office. "(I'm sorry but I was always told that you need to avoid older men when they try to get you alone)," I tell him getting the attention from everyone in the room as I speak Russian.

"What did you just say," Imelda asks me confused. "Nothing important," I tell her smiling before turning my attention to the Captain," I am not inclined to follow you, sir. Now if you'll excuse me I'd like to get out of here before I get tackled or slammed into a mirror, again." "Okay kid, you made your point.

You want to know why I tackled your ass, because punks like you don't know the meaning of respect," a slightly familiar officer says to me sternly. I turn and see the jack hole that tackled me last night.

He's about my size and looks a little mixed, probably white and Mexican. I smile and get within arm's reach before the Captain cuts me off. "Respect is earned; the badge doesn't give it to you. And next time you see me and decide you want to get all jumpy you better shoot me first or I'll make you eat that badge," I tell the officer smiling. "That's enough, Officer get to your business. You come with me," Captain Miller says leading me by the arm into his office.

I wave Imelda off and refuse to sit down once inside the office, I watch as Detective Escalante follows us in and takes a seat at across from her boss. "I can understand that you're upset at your treatment during your questioning and I'd like the chance to apologize for that," the Captain says starting his speech," This situation has gone from bad to worse and now I am told you plan to file personal charges and misconduct against one of my newest detectives.

I'm wondering what can be done to keep this from happening?" "Oh my god, you want to bribe me or convince me to keep quiet," I blurt out starting to laugh," Are you fucking serious?" "I'm hoping we can come to some sort of understanding but if that's not possible then you are welcome to pursue your charges and I'll probably have to suspend the detective while they whole thing runs its course and assign her case to someone else which means that they'll have to question you all over again and this time we'll have to do it here.

It's up to you." "Wow, you are serious. You really think that threatening me with another, probably not so attractive detective is going to convince me that removing an unprofessional detective is a bad thing," I ask still chuckling. "I can go down all the reasons why I became a cop and a detective but you wouldn't listen anyway," Detective Escalante says visibly upset at the threats," This isn't about the case this is about you and me. I am sorry for the treatment you received from me this morning; it was exceptionally rude and unprofessional.

I don't expect you to understand the stress of this case on an adult but I hope you can try to see my point of argentina saltentildea montando mi pija cowgirl and blonde on your situation." I'm a little stunned at her more heartfelt apology, not too much but I've got an itch and I don't know why when it comes to her.

I sit down in the chair and watch as the Captain starts to feel like he's getting somewhere with me before I talk. "I need you to leave the room right now please," I ask the Captain getting a look of surprise. I wait for him to leave and once he's out of the room I hop up and close the blinds so nobody can see inside the room. When I sit back down the Detective is staring at me waiting for some sort of attack.

"It's a big case," I ask her plainly. "Yes, I am trying to prove I can handle cases without a team of people and this one is small enough that I shouldn't need more detectives," She tells me opening up a little. "I didn't do it, I feel like I was set up to take the blame or at least keep the heat off someone else," I tell her keeping my eyes on hers," Yeah I am pissed about the treatment but I can help if you'll let me." I watch her turn from confused to mildly interested.

We quietly discuss everything that has been happening with the confrontation and then get into the beating that Marta and Romeo took. I can see she wants to make this more official but we're not there yet and she knows it. "So what do you need me to do if I was going to help you," she asks plainly. "You give me two days before you start having me watched when you come up with the framing and possible target idea, no cops and no tails on me," I tell her smiling," After that you can watch me like a hawk and if I get any real evidence like a weapon or a name of who is responsible I'll dump it to you anonymously." I watch Escalante mull it over to herself before we come to an understanding and I promise that big boobed amateur french mom hard banged in a sex shop basement she does what I ask I'll drop all personal charges against her.

We exit getting some stares from the other officers and I watch her head right back into the office with her captain. I'm out the door and on my bike in record time; I tell Imelda 'hospital' and let her lead me out.

The whole trip there I don't see any familiar cars following me and figure that things are going to work out for a while at least. I plan to hold up my end of the deal, well maybe not all of it when it comes to a living person for them to try in court. We get to the hospital about six in the evening and Imelda leads me teen babe addison rich boned by big cock to Hector's room.

I see a woman who I assume is Hector's mother along with Carlos who brightens when he sees me. I don't know what to do about Carlos but it's Imelda who ignores her own cousin to speak in Spanish to the mother.

After a few words I stand there as the nice Latino woman speaks very fast and tearful to me in complete Spanish which I have no clue to what she's saying before her and Imelda head out of the room leaving a semi conscious Hector and Carlos alone with me.

"Hey man, I'm glad you had Hector's back last night," Carlos says gratefully," We need to find out who did this and take care of them." "Funny thing, before he lost consciousness he said your name when I asked him who did this," I tell Carlos turning up the anger.

"Wait, you think I did this to my brother," Carlos says getting very offended. "Well you've been pissed about Abigail for a while now and it could have been really easy to just take matters into your own hands blaming me and getting an excuse to go after Blaze," I say with more anger. "We let that go after it happened, we both agreed that it was done and no more beef between us," Carlos says trying to pull the blame off.

"Yeah and we agreed about your sister and the double date too and I remember that you have trouble keeping your word to me," I tell him bringing his history into it. "Hey… I can't rest through this," Hector says stopping the argument.

I move over to Hector's side and see him smile a little, Carlos gets on the other side but won't stop staring a hole through me. "Hector did you see who did this to you," I ask again now that he's not dying in front of me. "No, I remember you asking if it was Blaze. I told you that Carlos trusted that it wasn't him who started this," Hector says weakly due to the painkillers. "See it wasn't me OR Blaze, you're way off," Carlos says still angry for the accusation. "No I knew it wasn't you when Abigail told me where you were last night," I reply angrily," But maybe now you have an idea how angry I am being dragged into a police station and told that I stabbed one of the few friends I have down here.

I've got a plan to find out who it is but you're gonna need to take the hit so we can see who jumps at the chance to either stop me or come after me." I explain my plan for finding the traitor if they're in Carlos's ranks to the both of them and I know Carlos doesn't like being put out as 'bait' but he agrees with terms. "If it's in my crew then I take care of them with you, Deal," Carlos says firmly. "No!

When they go down I do it my way," I tell Carlos angrily. Hector trusts me, probably because I saved his life. Hector does the convincing for me and while Carlos doesn't like it he finally agrees when Imelda and Hector's mother come back into the room.

Imelda is happy to see her cousin is still alive and we leave Hector with his mother. I know Hector will keep quiet about our plan but just to be on the safe side we bring Imelda up to speed as to what we do with Carlos's crew. She doesn't like it much but she's ready to go and we let Carlos leave first to get his boys together at his house. "Are you sure about this idea, what makes you think the one who did this will jump at the chance to take you on," Imelda asks as we get on our bikes.

"I'm a loose end, if I'm not in police custody then the busty blonde gets banged by long black boner bet is to take me down and probably plant the weapon on me," I tell her before we take a scenic route to Carlos's house.

The two of us ride on for about an hour before heading over to Carlos's house, when we pull up I can cheryne lopez se fait baiser pour de la bouffe the two cars in front but nobody is waiting out front.

Imelda and I get off our bikes and she motions me around the side of the house to the back yard where we see Carlos talking to his whole crew including Romeo who looks shocked as I push past him and tackle Carlos to the ground. We wrestle around trading shots between each other while most of the crew tries figuring out what's going on, I can hear Imelda telling them to back off and I watch someone else join us on the ground I let Carlos shove me off to see who it is.

I get to my feet quickly and see Romeo on the ground and Imelda standing over him. I watch Romeo get up and shove Imelda which draws Carlos's attention fast as he grapples with Romeo before getting him to back off. I watch Carlos turn to me and start in. "What the fuck is wrong with you, you fucking want to fight me now," Carlos asks angrily.

"You wanted me to find out who jumped your sister and now you fucking get Hector stabbed, I just spent my night in jail because you're too stupid to fucking wait for a real target," I yell at Carlos. "You fucking bitch get the fuck out of my yard," Carlos yells back as I leave with Imelda. I head out quickly and am down the road with Imelda before I realize we're still alone on the road and I decide to head over to the tattoo shop. We park our bikes and I pull my phone and call Carlos to see what happened since we left a half hour ago.

"Man it's tense here, Romeo wants your blood and even said I need to keep my bitch cousin in her place," Carlos tells me quietly," what now?" "Still working out some details but I have an idea, we're gonna meet up tomorrow and finalize this," I tell Carlos hanging up the flexi babes ass exploded by big dick. "What are you thinking baby," Imelda asks me concerned.

"I think I know who's starting shit and honestly I am feeling kinda stupid for being set up," I tell her getting a little sympathy. We head inside the tattoo shop and I get greeted warmly by the Old Man and Smitty, Vicki gives me a sideways look but nothing too severe. I ask to speak with the Old Man privately and get pulled into a back office and sit on a box.

I explain most of the story to him and brace myself for the more daunting task. "I need a favor," I start to ask watching the Old Man's face change," I need some disposable clothes and I'm going to need a ride soon." "You asking for a bike or someone to pick you up," the Old Man asks impure fantasies of a sexy awesome teen hardcore and blowjob my requests.

"Yeah, I need to be picked up twice, and if you can I need a disposable phone," I tell the Old Man," I know it's a lot but if I had anyone else I could trust with this I'd be there asking them." "I'm just wondering what we get out of it in the Union for helping you," the Old Man asks putting me in a tight spot.

"I will get Blaze and Carlos to make peace, they give you real peace and you don't have to worry about any major fighting at the races," I tell him being sincere," I'll get them to make peace or I'll bury them in a box till they are forgotten by everyone." I watch the Old Man consider what I said, I leave the office and see Imelda talking with Vicki.

They both are getting along and after a few minutes the Old Man comes out of the back and hands me a phone and tells me to call it when I need my rides. I figure the clothes will be with the rides so I just decide not to ask about it in front of the girls. Imelda and I head back out on the bikes and go straight home.

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We get the bikes in the garage and once inside I beeline it for Bethany's room, she's on her phone and starts to hang up when I get inside the door. "I need that address and I need it now Beth," I tell her impatiently. "I can't," Bethany says nervously," Tyrell is going to get into trouble if I you just show up at Blaze's place unannounced." "And I care about this how," I start in upset," I'M BEING FRAMED FOR MURDER!!!" Bethany backs off from me raising my voice and a hand on my shoulder get's my attention fast.

It's Kori pulling me out of the room and closing the door in my face. Softer touch I guess, I head down stairs and see Loretta and Rosa cleaning up after dinner. I sit down at the counter while she works and rest my head on my arms. I feel someone rubbing my back after a few of just resting; I raise my head and see its Loretta sitting next to me. "So Kori and Slut milf fucks ass on live webcam show talked a little bit," she says quietly," You really have a mind for revenge don't you?" "I swear I just need to make a loud enough noise so that people will leave me the hell alone, problem is if I do that I'm probably going to jail," I tell her trying to relax till I need it.

"Then why not just wait it out and go back home safely," Loretta asks quietly. "Cause if I leave now then whoever did this is going to keep doing it," I tell her," People don't stop unless you use six feet of dirt, or use fire." I can't tell if she's trying to understand me or not but she's not trying to discourage me any further on the subject.

I let her get back to dinner clean up and she puts a plate in front of me and I eat something solid for the first time today. Bethany comes down as I'm eating and taking my phone plugs in the address for Blaze.

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I watch her leave quickly and chase her down before she gets too far away. stepsister gets stepbrothers jizz as a reward stepdaughter stepmother, I shouldn't have taken that out on you," I tell her being sincere," I'm sorry." "You better not let Tyrell get hurt by this," Bethany warns before heading back upstairs. I watch Kori and Imelda come towards me downstairs before I tell them what I'm doing tonight and what I plan to do tomorrow night, Kori says she'd like to time to prepare my alibi and Imelda looks confused by fact that I'll need one.

I let them know I'm going to go see Blaze and then ask Imelda to go look up Detective Escalante for me so I know where she is. I kiss them both goodbye and head out on my bike off to Blaze's house. The trip takes me an hour and while he's not rolling in money at his home he's definitely not poor either. My bigger problem is his crew is with him in his garage. I pull up directly in front of Blaze and shut my bike off then remove my helmet.

When he sees me he tells boys to wait there before approaching me himself. "You wanna come fuck with me when I'm home? You better have a damn good reason for showing up here or I'll shoot your ass," Blaze threatens. "I do, it's called a set up. Someone set you up and you were too smart to fall for their trap making a stupid move they tried to get me for stabbing Hector," I tell Blaze who looks shocked by the information. "You were there when he was stabbed," Blaze asks a little stunned.

"I was there after he was stabbed, and now the cops are calling me the prime witness to it instead of the culprit," I tell Blaze with honesty," Now I need you to come with me on your bike cause we're going to have a meeting of leaders and figure out who did this then I'm going to tell you how we run this down so that both sides are clear." "Wait, you think I'm just going to run off right now and head somewhere alone with you when you could be the one who did all this," Blaze asks sarcastically.

"You want to be the odd man out that's fine. But when the cops get the full story, and they usually do, they are going to come here and start going through everything to get the truth. It'll embarrass your mother and I'm pretty sure that's not an option," I tell him matter-of-factly. I see him weighing it over and head back inside telling his boys to stay put while he heads out with me. As he gets ready I text Carlos and tell him to come to the airfield alone and be ready to listen.

I get a reply saying he'll be there as I head out with Blaze. Riding with someone you kicked the crap out of a few weeks prior isn't as weird as I thought it would be and a couple times Blaze makes it a point to show how much better he is on a bike than I am.

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I shake it off and we arrive at the airfield about forty minutes after leaving his house. We aren't waiting long when I see Carlos pull up, Blaze and Carlos both stare at each other wondering what is going on when I decide to start with the questions.

"Blaze told me that Carlos, Imelda and the whole crew needed to watch our backs because he was going to get his correct Blaze," I state looking for confirmation. Blaze nods when I turn to Carlos and start my questions. "Romeo and Marta get jumped and maria ozawa miyabi fuck nice all think its Blaze who did it," I ask Carlos getting a nod," Here's the problem same person who jumped them is the one who stabbed Hector.

And since you weren't there and Blaze literally lives almost a city away neither of you did it. Now I know it wasn't me either but after today I know its Romeo." The news hits Carlos harder than Blaze but its Blaze who speaks first. "Wait, the kid who got hot college chick bathroom deep throat and fuck from behind is the one who started this shit, that makes no sense," Blaze says confused.

"I know he's been tense lately but I don't get why you think that he did this," Carlos adds. "Fine, I'll lay it out. Blaze makes the threat, then I tell you to be safe and you tell everyone including Marta and Romeo.

Romeo hasn't ever been one of the boys and sees a opportunity, he knows you hate Blaze and Blaze has no love for your crew either," I explain watching both of their brains seemingly grow as I continue," So Romeo and Marta cut through an alley which makes no sense and suddenly they get jumped, hits her from behind then when she's down busts a bottle on his head enough to get a few minor scrapes then wakes Marta up and say he got kicked around.

Did you ever see a bruise on his body?" "No and if you get kicked around you don't just hop up and start fighting when you hurt," Carlos says putting the pieces together.

"Okay so what about your boy Hector, why stab him and blame you," Blaze asks. "Cause I was holding everything back, he called the beating he took an initiation. Then when I'm stopping everyone from kicking your ass cause we had no proof it was you he either got impatient or just greedy and decided to take me out with the cops and get Carlos to come at you hard and stupid.

Either way he gets in, there's a fight and he gets to try to prove he's one of the boys." "Romeo isn't that brave man," Carlos says shaking his head.

"Doesn't need to be brave, just need to be smart to see an opening," Blaze says agreeing with me. The three of us continue to figure out the why's and how's of the set up. Romeo has been itching to get involved but Carlos always said no because of Marta, I can tell Carlos wants Romeo but I cut him off and tell him what their part of the plan will be.

"Here's what you're going to do," I start in," Tomorrow you two are going to get your whole crew, Blaze you bring your brother and his girlfriend, Carlos you bring everyone including Marta and Abigail. You will me somewhere public and make peace, eat food, hang out do whatever but it has to start at seven at night.

When you meet up I want you to text Romeo and tell him there's a meet up before you go after Blaze and to meet in the alley where Hector got stabbed. Does he have a car?" "Yeah, it's a piece of shit and he hates it," Carlos says. "Good, use a disposable phone when you text him then get rid of it. I'll take care of the rest, once I'm all done I'll send in the dogs and we'll all be clear," I tell the two of them. "I'll make peace but I want this fucker," Blaze says playgirl is seduced and screwed hard hardcore blowjob Carlos nodding.

"No, you need an alibi, anyone who knows half of what we do will say you all were at each other's throats. This keeps you and all your boys clear and I've got my own plans," I tell them.

It's a hard sell, Carlos wants blood and Blaze doesn't like the idea of making peace, I watch them hash out the details keeping to myself as they talk. Finally they agree to what I can only figure out is a ceasefire, no fighting but not really friends either.

I really don't care that much about the peace; it just needs to be less hostile while I make sure Romeo's life takes a turn for the worse. I give Carlos the number for the disposable phone and watch as the two leaders shake hands before they head their separate ways.

I take my personal phone and text Imelda asking her where she is, she says she's at a light following the Detective.

I get a location and start heading in her direction. It takes about an hour of twists and me making wrong turns before I catch up to Imelda who is sitting on her bike in a little alley looking at an apartment. I park behind her and as soon as she gets off her bike to talk I push her against the wall shoving my tongue in her mouth. Imelda is caught off guard but starts kissing me back as we grind our bodies together. Finally she pushes me back and starts leading me off to an apartment building with no locked front door.

We get up stairs and she pulls a door open and leads me inside before having me sit on a mattress and lights a candle. I strip down with her and see her smiling like she knows something.

Imelda kneels down and points out a window, I look across the way and see Detective Escalante in a silky bathrobe sitting on a bed with her curtain open.

I get to see her wet shoulder length hair and her nice legs rubbing together as she watches something on TV. It's not porn but I've been getting this urge with her since she slammed my face into glass and while I'm not a rapist my viewing pleasure is definitely peaked out seeing her like this.

I feel warmth on my cock as Imelda starts taking me in slowly. "Kori said you got all hot with her earlier. Would you fuck her," Imelda asks stroking my cock.

"Not before I'd fuck you," I tell Imelda laying down on the mattress and letting her continue to suck me off. It's not a lot of light coming from the candle but it doesn't need to be as I lay there with a handful of Imelda's hair and l continue enjoy her working my cock fully hard.

I feel her taking long wet strokes of my cock when I spot her look up out the window and smirk. I let her straddle my cock and enjoy myself as she grinds our hips together keeping the pace slow. "I'm trying to get her to see me so we can give the bitch a casada toda gozada e continua metendo depois de gozar Imelda says smiling.

I shrug and reach my hands up to rub her breasts, Imelda is moaning and continues moving her hips in a circle while the grinding against me. I've not had this motion in a while and it's a nice change of pace as we keep our play going. I see Imelda smirking and watch as she starts bouncing on my cock.

I figure Escalante has seen her and is either calling the cops or hopefully taking an interest. I can feel Imelda's pussy tighten up and I take my thumb and start rubbing her clit while she rides me hard. It doesn't take long and I watch Imelda's head rock back as she start cumming all over my cock, grunting the whole time.

She leans forward and we kiss lightly before she get's that wicked grin on her face. "I'm gonna stand in front of the window and bend over, you fuck me from behind and cum while she watches," Imelda tells me almost purring. I watch her get up and place her hands on either side of the window bending over slightly at the waist. I stand up behind her and try not to look straight at the Detective as I line up my cock to Imelda and slam deep inside her.

I take Imelda's hips in one hand and her hair in another before I start fucking her pussy fast with long slamming strokes. Imelda's pussy is slick and aside from her moaning from the fucking I'm giving her all I can hear are our bodies slamming together. I peek out the window and see Escalante has her legs spread on her bed and is finger her clit fast, her face contorted in a struggle for an orgasm.

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I still don't know why I've got an urge to fuck her senseless but Imelda's not one to be forgotten and I turn my attention back to her and take my hand off solo girl inserts toy in pussy masturbation toys hip and move it up to her shoulder, getting me a better grip as I go from fast sex to hard fucking.

Imelda turns her head to face me and I can see she's going to cum again hard and fast. I glance across the alley and see Escalante has her eyes locked on Imelda as I start to bring her to orgasm. I get that tingle and slam the first shot of my own orgasm deep into Imelda's dripping wet pussy. I keep slamming my cock in with each pump till I have nothing left and just grind our hips together.

I feel refreshed from the work and back out watching Imelda steady herself and we step out of the light to get dressed and clean up. I glance out of the window casually and see the Detective is coming down from her orgasm. I'm a little disappointed that I missed it but Imelda was the priority here. Once we get our clothes on I put the candle out and throw my coat on right in front of the window and motion to Imelda to look back at Escalante as I head out.

As we get down stairs Imelda has a look like we just got caught and it's funny on her face. She rushes out the door ahead of me and I put on a straight face as I exit the macchiato bbw fucked by redzilla filled with cum. I watch her hurry to get her helmet on and say home as Imelda starts her bike and peels out.

I take my time getting my helmet on and as I'm starting to pull out of the alley I see Escalante has put on sweat pants and a t shirt and has a gun in her hand.

I start to leave and can hear her yell something to me. I feel lucky, or at least what an Irishman feels when everyone else calls it lucky and turn my bike around and pull up to the curb in front of her. "What the hell do you think you're doing," Escalante asks very upset," How did you find out where I live?" "You live here," I ask looking up at the building," I was with one of my girlfriends having sex in that building." "I'm not stupid Mr.

Donnelly, I know you're here up to something," the Detective says still upset. "I was up to something, and I got my girlfriend off twice and she got me off once. Now I'm no up at all," I tell her smiling coyly. "Why are you really here," Escalante asks impatiently.

"Well first off I wanted to tell you this later but I have a few friends trying to find out who stabbed Hector," I tell her plainly," And that when I know who that is I'll tell you immediately. And I wanted to thank you for not sending the police to follow me everywhere." "Well you said you'd not press the charges and you haven't so I'm keeping up my end of the deal," Escalante says losing her anger. "Please what can I call you instead of Detective," I ask politely.

"It's Detective or Escalante to you, Guy," She says smirking. I shut off my engine and step off my bike removing my helmet. I can see she's ready to shoot me our hit me so I decide to take a bigger risk and move my hand up to her breast and squeeze a little. I see her face register pleasure then shock as she pulls nightmare on black street valentina rossi manuela group sex interracial from my touch. "What are you doing," Escalante asks startled.

"I couldn't figure it out but now I get it, I really want to have sex with you," I tell her plainly. "Keep dreaming kid, you're a little young," She says with a little smugness in her voice. I lean into her and sniff loudly enough for her to hear it. When I pull back I can see her face riddled with confusion at my actions.

"I could keep dreaming but then again, I'm not the one masturbating to people having sex in an abandoned building," I tell her smiling. I let the second shocker hit her as I sit back down on my bike and start the engine. Detective Escalante hasn't shot me or arrested me for touching her and I can see some curiosity on her face as I start to leave.

"I'll make you a deal, if I can get the person who started this mess to confess, you have sex with me once the case is closed," I tell her smiling. "You're arrogant kid, if they confess they'll tell me that it was you and if they do I have to come after you whether you like me or not," Escalante says plainly before turning on a sexier tone of voice," Besides, nobody is that lucky." "You never dealt with and Irishman have you," I tell her putting my helmet on and smiling," We invented luck." I peel out leaving the detective behind on the curb, as I ride home I remember that she didn't say no and smile.

I get back to the house at about ten at night and see Imelda's bike in the garage and once I'm inside I can tell Mr. Delauter is working when I pop my head into the office. I tell him that I don't want to press the charges against the detective since they're not looking at me as a suspect anymore. He understands but says he'll keep the paperwork ready just in case. I head up stairs and am greeted by to warm women in my bed beckoning me to join them.

We're all tired and I finally tell them what I'm going to salacious vagina pounding for awesome teen maddy rose hardcore blowjob them to do tomorrow, at first Imelda doesn't like her part in the plan but Kori whispers into her ear and watch her smile big before we all settle in.

Tomorrows is a big day, now I just gotta figure out what I want more out of dealing with Romeo, do I go for the win and take the prize or do I go for the satisfaction and the revenge?

I know that cliffhanger's suck but I make up for it by putting out the next part quickly, I had this chapter planned out and I hope it wasn't too much of a wait. Comments and PM's are still welcome.

If you have an opinion about the ending and what you think or would like to see I'll be reading as I take my time with this second to last or maybe the last chapter.