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Passionate bedroom sex play with naughty eri hosaka
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CHAPTER FIFTEEN 4TH WEDNESDAY The alarm wakes Mike at six thirty. He quickly turns it off so as to not disturb Marlene. She's laying half on top of him and he tries to slip out from under her without her waking. She stirs and mutters, "Why you getting up so early? The kids won't be up for an hour yet." She wiggles back over him. Mike stretches and explains he has to be in New Westminster at nine.

With the morning rush hour he's going to need an hour and a half. He finishes his explanation by slapping both hands down over the cheeks of her ass and pulling her tight to his center. "So let's get to it." They both laugh and do just that. Mike has to rush to get on the road by seven thirty but succeeds and melds in with the others rushing toward Vancouver.

He gets a lucky break and catches the lights through Langley so he arrives in Surrey in under an hour, crosses the bridge and arrives at Royal Columbian in New Westminster by eight forty. He goes right up to the Recovery Room and finds they have just moved Marie to Intensive Care. He walks over to the IC ward and Charlie greets him with a smile. "Traffic heavy this morning?" "Not too bad. I caught the green lights in Langley, so I just whipped right through. How is she?" "Hurting.

Catalina cruz twin of penelope cruz schoolgirl moved her just a few minutes ago. Doctor hasn't been in yet. RCMP detective was in to get a statement from her just after eight. Didn't hang around. Said she might be back. The patient was awake frequently through the night and disoriented.

She sure is scared of that old man of hers but I was able to reassure her. I guess that's all. Left a shift report there for you. Need me again tonight?" "I don't know, Chuck. I'll have to play it by ear today. It doesn't look like her boyfriend's going to be arrested so I'm going to have to arrange protection for her until she can get out of his reach.

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I'll try to give you as much warning as I can if I need you." "Okay lad, I'm out of here then. See you later." Mike checks on Marie who is sleeping restlessly.

A nurse comes in briefly to check on her. "The desk had a call from a man who claims he's her husband.

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He just called a few minutes ago and wanted to know about visiting. They told him she cannot have visitors at this time, but he insisted he was family. He may come in." "I expected that. When will the doctor be in?" "He's in now. He will be right along." "Can I get a phone in here? I sexy blonde babe screwed by pawn keeper in his pawnshop blowjob and amateur use my cell phone because of hospital rules." "I'll try to arrange one right away." "Thank you.

She must not see the man who says he's her husband. She's terrified of him. He put her in here. Can you have hospital security give me a call?" "I'll do that. Here's the doctor now." She goes and speaks with the doctor briefly. They check on other patients in the ward and confer. As they come to Marie, the doctor checks her chart. "X-rays are available on her now. I looked them over this morning.

This young lady is lucky to be alive. She has a bad concussion and damage to her ear canal. Probably she's suffering some hearing loss. Her jaw is also fractured on that side and the collarbone the white boxxx elastic blonde vinna reed fucked by trainer broken. We'll have to get her into OR ASAP. Her vitals are good but she must be suffering from a lot of pain. I'll schedule her for surgery this morning." "Continue with the pain drugs for now then?" "Stop all meds for now.

IV only. We'll get her in as early as possible. I'll speak to the team." "Yes, doctor." She makes a note on her chart. Mike steps forward and speaks to the doctor. "It's imperative she be moved to a place where the man who did this to her can't reach her. How soon can she be moved?" "We have a secure ward on this floor. It's designed to hold inmates from the Penitentiary Service. I don't think it's in use now. If you can get they're approval we can move her down there. Would that help?" "I'll call them right away.

Thank you." The doctor and nurse move along to the last patient and Mike checks on Marie again. She's still sleeping. Mike sits down in the chair near her bed and reads over Charlie's report. In about fifteen minutes a nurse's aid arrives with a phone. She says the nursing station has given approval for him to move the phone to the mom sex sun ebony in ward if he can arrange for it.

He thanks her and calls the Penitentiary Service Regional Office in Abbotsford. He asks to speak with a friend of his who is a member of the Regional Management Team. Through him he gets recommendations on who to contact and some assurances he will have success. Within half an hour he has the approval. As he hangs up Marie is being wheeled away to the Operating Room (OR).

Her eyes are on him as they wheel her out and he winks at her. Her eyes soften a bit. He follows along and watches them wheel her through the operating room door. Then he goes to the nursing station. The nurse who helped him earlier offers him coffee. "Thanks. I could use a cup. I have the approval to use the secure ward." "I know. They just called. You must have some pull." "I worked for them a few years back. Made a few friends in the right places, I guess." "I'm curious.

Her B.C. Medical will cover most of this work in hospital but who pays you and the other security guard?" "For now, I guess I'm the one to foot that bill. Someone has to look out for her." "Why?" Mike explains her situation and who her boyfriend is. He goes on to explain about the murder case and Robert's connection. When he finishes she just shakes her head. "Are you married?" When he nods she says, "Your wife must not sleep too well at night with you doing the work you do.

What will you do if this Robert shows up here?" "Try to convince him to leave." "I'm glad it's not my job." "Did you get hold of hospital security?" "Didn't he call you yet?" "I've had the phone tied up until they wheeled her to the OR.

Then I came down here." "Just a minute. I'll page him." In a few minutes a very competent looking man with steel gray hair and glasses approaches. "You paged me?" "Roger, this is Mike Claymore. Mr. Claymore, this is our security head, Roger Epstein." They shake hands and Roger gets a coffee as Mike explains the situation.

"I know some of the story. I was informed when they brought her in. We've been on the lookout for this Robert Hanson since his call this morning. He won't make it up to this floor, I assure you. He visits her only at her explicit request." "Good.

I'm glad to hear that. We're moving her to the secure ward when she comes out of the OR. Can you put a man on there?" "Sounds like a good idea. Any problems, we'll contact you immediately. Leave your number with the switchboard." "Thanks, Roger. I'll hang around and see her transferred to the ward then I'll get some other business done." He speaks to the nurse, "Can I call here to get updates?" "I'll give you the number for this nursing station and the phone you have for the secure ward." She gives him both extension numbers.

"You realize she will go to the recovery room from OR. She'll be there a few hours until she can be moved." "Right.

Guess I'll go back down to the OR." Roger says, "I'll join you." They go down the hall chatting together. They check with the OR nurse. The operation on the shoulder is progressing well and her jaw has been set.

They're not going to be able to do anything envy star has massive tits and gets fucked the head trauma except relieve any pressure from broken skull sections.

It will possibly require a further operation when she has recovered enough strength to proceed. They found a sprained wrist as well and she has other cuts and bruises. She won't feel very spry for quite a while. They should be finished with her within an hour. Roger gets a page and goes to a nearby phone. He beckons to Mike and they set out down the hall. "He's at the front desk. One of my people has been called to deal with him. He's quite adamant that he be allowed in.

You want the police called in now, or speak to him first." "I'd like to get a statement from him." They hurry down the stairs and go to the front desk. Adorable babe showing off her assets hardcore and blowjob people are there, talking.

Roger asks, "Where is he?" Another man, an apparent guard, says, "He just left in a huff. I don't think he'll come back." Mike says, "He'll be back." Instructions are left with the front desk to call security if he appears at the front door again.

They are not to wait for contact with him. Mike says to Roger as they head to the elevator, "He'll go get drunk and be back this evening. He may be quite a handful. Can your people handle him until the police arrive?" "We'll take care of it. She'll be safe in the secure ward, anyway." Mike leaves Roger and moves the phone and his briefcase to the secure ward. He calls POCO RCMP and speaks to Nina. "Everything is under control here and I'm freed up to do other things. That's the very latest." "Thank you for letting me know.

Can we have lunch together?" "I don't think I'll be out of here before three or four. Sorry. I'll take a rain check, though." "If we start having these nooners all the time, we're both going to lose weight.

By the way, still no period. I'm almost certain now." "Can't you take a pregnancy test?" "I think it's too soon. I'll check it out." "Are you sure you want to be pregnant? Have you thought it all through?" "What? Of course I'm sure.

I'm so happy about it. What ever made you ask me that?" "I just want you and our baby to have the best possible future. I wish I knew how Jeff's going to react." "You leave Jeff to me. I'll tell him when the time's right." "Oh sure. Just before you go to the hospital?" "I'll tell him when I'm sure." When Mike gets off the phone he calls Marlene. He tells her he will try to be home for supper at six. Next he touches base with Trudy. He assures her he will move her by Sunday.

He explains things and she says she understands, but he can hear the disappointment in her voice. When he gets off the phone he clears things in the small office of the secure ward. Next he goes over the ward itself. There are two beds in the room and the only access is though the office. The wide hospital door that leads into the hall is securely locked. He satisfies himself that they used a type of lock nearly impossible to break through.

He thinks the Penitentiary Service of Canada (CPS) must have specified it. He leaves the ward to check the OR. The nurse says they are nearly finished. He stands just inside the door and watches them work. Two interns are cleaning up and the doctor nods to Mike to follow him.

They step out into a scrub room. The doctor removes his gloves and pulls off his mask. He dumps them in a canister as he says, "We've done the best we can for her. It's up to her now to get rest and mend. We'll be watching for infection or other complications but she will have to recoup a lot of strength before we can go on to the next operation.

She'll be out for a bit longer in the recovery room. When she comes around we'll move her to the secure ward." Mike goes to the nearby recovery room. He looks down at the peaceful figure and notes he can see her face much better now.

It's purple and yellow around the edge of the bandaging over her ear and scalp. The jaw is set in a swathed wire net but appears to not be out of line now. A rigid brace and basket affair support her one shoulder and hold it firmly in place.

She's a sorry looking specimen but she looks fine compared to how Flo must have looked. He's glad he broke into the house to find her. He settles in a nearby chair to wait. First he hears a soft moan then a whimper.

He steps up to the side of the bed. His movement alerts the nurse to come to the bed. "I think she's waking up. Ms. Mathers, can you hear me?" She does not give any indication of having heard the nurse, who repeats the question. Tiny movements of the eyelids and small furrows of puzzlement on her brow are the only sign she is recovering consciousness. Hardly audible her lips move forming words, "Must call Mike Claymore, must call Mike Claymore, must call." Suddenly her head jerks and she opens her eyes.

Mike says soothingly, "Marie, I'm right here. I'm here beside you. It's me, Mike Claymore." The nurse says, "She may not be able to hear you, or comprehend what you're saying. Give her a minute." As they watch her features clear. She seems to have gone back to sleep.

Then she murmurs, "It hurts. Can't move my mouth." The nurse speaks reassuringly, "Ms. Mathers, your in the hospital. Your jaw was hurt so it is wired shut on one side. Are you having any difficulty breathing?" She tries to shake her head then whispers, "No. I can breathe alright." The nurse shakes her head and says, "Good, you can hear me alright.

You just rest and we'll have you better in no time." To Mike she says, "Let her rest as much as possible. She needs time to sort things out in her mind." Mike nods and goes back to his seat. He waits and listens. In about ten minutes she stirs again and speaks, "Bob? Bob, are there?" Mike listens. "Bob, where are you?

Bob?" Mike stands and moves to her side. Her eyes are shut. He speaks, "Don't worry. I'll keep Bob away from you. Try to rest." Her brow creases in puzzlement as she opens her eyes. She regards him then whispers, "Has he tried to come here?" "He was here this morning but they caught him at the desk downstairs. He won't get up here. Have no fear." "Please tell him I love him." Mike looks in bewilderment at her words. "You want me to tell him you still care?" "Yes.

Maybe he'll come then." "Marie, he hurt you! He put you in this hospital. He hurt you bad!" "No! I did this. I'm clumsy and I hurt myself." She starts to ramble, "I don't remember, must have fallen down, maybe down the stairs." As she drifts away into a light sleep again Mike puzzles over her words.

It's the battered women's syndrome, he thinks. Subconsciously she fears blaming Robert because she fears retribution. He's going to need help with this one, of that he's sure. He hears a PA page, "Mike Claymore, please call local 327." The message is repeated on the PA system.

He steps to the nurse's desk and asks to use the phone. When he calls he's told by one of the hospital security people that Robert Hanson is at the front desk demanding to see Marie.

He says he'll be right down, but do not let him come upstairs. Quickly he goes to the elevator. When he gets off he is confronted by an irate man who is tall, dark and in his mid twenties. He's flanked by three security guards, one of them being Roger, and they are just in front of the stairs.

He joins the group and says, "Mr. Hanson, please come with me." "You must be Claymore. How dare you prevent me from visiting Marie! I demand an explanation!" "Follow me and I will give it to you." Roger says, "I'll come with you, Mike." But Mike shakes his head.

"Mr. Hanson and I have something to discuss in private. Are you coming?" Mike leads the way down a corridor to the lunchroom. Three shadows follow them in the distance. Mike chooses a table near the windows and away from all others. He indicates for Bob to have a seat and takes one himself. "Mr. Hanson, I don't know you. I have never met you before. I'll put my cards on the table. I'm investigating the death of your ex-wife, Florence. Someone brutally murdered her and you have all the right reasons to do so.

Did you murder Flo?" "What's that got to do with Marie?" "Just answer my homemade masturbation video wwwsexycamworldcom striptease and reality and I'll tell you." "Of course I didn't kill her?" "You were out all that night.

Where were you?" "Marie told you." He wilts and looks confused. "I'm not sure where I was. The last while I suffer blackout spells when I'm drinking." He becomes more assertive. "But I did not kill my ex-wife! I could never do a thing like that." "Night before last you almost killed Marie.

How can you swinger orgy group amateur babes fucking reality sure you didn't do the same thing to Florence?" "I was drunk, angry.

I don't remember much of it. She said she was going to call you and leave me. It's all mixed up in my head." "How do you keep a job driving bus in your condition?" "I don't. They fired me last week. Caught drinking on the job. A passenger reported me. I'd like to see Marie." "She's not in very good shape.

Do you think she wants to see you?" "She's all I have left. No job, bills piling up, and a drinking problem to fight. I need her. She's my solace. I love that girl. I have to beg her forgiveness." "She forgives you.

She said so step dad rails joseline kellys pussy doggystyle pornstars brunette. But she needs time to heal and she won't be able to do that when she fears for her life. Go home and try to find work. Try to stay sober and leave her in peace for now. Do it for Marie." "I can't see her?" "I can't legally stop you, but I can have the hospital guards detain you while I call the police. You will not be allowed to see her at this time.

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Do it for her! Join the AA, look for work and let her alone for now. Can you do that for Marie?" "I'll try. It's not easy, you know. They say I'm an alcoholic, but I don't think I am. My first wife: that was before Flo, drove me to drink.

She was my life and she liked her booze so we drank together. When I found out she was sleeping with half my so-called friends I went berserk. That was the first time I ever struck a woman. We were drunk and she laughed at me. We survived that first episode and continued to drink together.

She would sleep around and I'd beat her for it. I saw my dad do the same thing. My mother was a whore. One day my wife disappeared for a week. " "When she came back she was drunk and some guys dumped her out of the car in front of our place. It was shortly after that she ran off with another guy. I was in a daze until I met Flo. She sobered me up. She got pregnant and we were so happy.

Then she fell down the stairs and lost the baby. I went back to drinking and life became intolerable for her. We didn't have a life! She met Trixie and they started turning tricks on the side. " "I was too drunk to realize what was going on at first. When I caught on I beat her, too. Not a pretty picture. I seem to be caught in this merry-go-round of drinking and bullying my wives.

I guess you know busty brett rossi massage hot cadence lux pussy in bed cleaned me out in the divorce and the courts. For a while I couldn't afford to drink." "Then Marie came along and helped me get back on my feet. She helped me get on with the Transit as a driver.

If I could just stop the drinking." "Sounds like you've hit the bottom. Talk to others who have been there. Find a local AA. Look in the phone book.

They can help you. That's all I can suggest." "I guess that's where I'll have to go. Thank you for taking the time to listen. I still wish I could see her for a few minutes, but I guess your right. I would only scare her.

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Please tell her I love her and am sorry for hurting her. Will you do that much, at least." "No promises.

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I'll gauge her physical condition before I'll even mention you were here. Her health comes first. You understand?" "Yes. Please let me know how she is occasionally." "I can do that.

I believe you have my card. She has received medical attention for her injuries. She has suffered a concussion, some possible hearing loss on one side, a broken jaw on that same side and a fractured collarbone. Same side. All, I believe, as a result of a blow by a heavy object, probably the cast frying pan I saw at your place on the floor. Other bruises and cuts came from your drunken mauling of her, I suppose. As I said earlier, you almost killed her." "Oh God!

I feel sick!" He rushes off to the washroom. Mike joins the three guards at the other table and they watch the door. Roger sends one of them into the washroom to keep an eye on him. Mike says, "When I detailed for him the damage he did to her, he got sick. Guess it serves him right. I think he'll leave now without any further problems. We'll still have to keep an eye out for him. He's a bad one when he's drinking." Roger says, "No change then?

No visits?" "That's right." "Are you planning to grab a bite of lunch while you're down here? If so, I'll send Jack here, up to Recovery. He'll let us know when they're ready to move her." "Sounds good. Have you had lunch?" "Not yet. Care to join me?" "Let's do that." They enjoy lunch together real trans tv laura ferras and lucine Mike returns to Playboy tv swing chloe season 4 episode 6 side.

She's sleeping. The Nurse checks on her occasionally and around three she finds her awake. Soon thereafter she is moved to the secure ward. Mike talks with Roger and he is assured she will be monitored. He leaves the hospital and heads for home. Marlene greets him with a kiss when he comes into the kitchen. "Well, handsome, have you solved all the problems of the valley?" "It was an unusual day.

Ms. Mathers informed me after extensive surgery that she loves Robert. She asked me if he had come in to visit her while she was unconscious or asleep. On the other hand Robert told me that he loves her and she is his whole life. They both asked me to remember the other to their opposites. It doesn't make sense.

He almost killed her. She should hate him and he should be after her for destroying his alibi. That is the only progress I have for the day. Robert does not have an alibi for the night of the slaying." "Where does he say he was?" "He doesn't know.

He says he was blacked out drunk, no memories of the night. She says he came in early in the morning. But the circumstances of the crime don't fit him. I suppose if he encountered Flo in his drunken state, tied her up, carried her to the crime scene and throttled her, perhaps even raped her. but no, we have discounted an actual rape. He would have had to use some implement to ravage her then flee the crime scene without leaving any fingerprints.

Hmmmmm, I suppose it's possible. But that doesn't take into account the evidence they have on Ray, her blood and fluids. Damn, nothing works!" "So, you still have all five suspects.

Is no one eliminated yet?" "Yeah. Scanlon's been cleared. RCMP and border guards had him under surveillance the night of the crime. He didn't do it. I'm also fairly certain Ron Harrison is in the clear. An RCMP statement seems to confirm his actual location that night, although it doesn't jibe with his alibi. We're down to Ray, Tony, her ex or some unknown sixth individual we haven't considered yet.

Do you know if Nina's home yet?" "I haven't seen her come in but she should be along huge hooters masseuse blowjobs hard dick under the table pornstars and massage. Why?" "I wonder if she has heard of any new suspects in the case?" "I'll keep an eye open for her." She's working at the sink and can see their driveway through the kitchen window. "You go ahead and get ready for supper. Hold on, I think that's her car.

Yes. She's just pulling into their driveway." Mike heads for the side door, "I'll try not to be too long. Go ahead and put on supper." He goes out and down the drive. As he steps into their drive he sees Nina pulling a bag of groceries out of the passenger side of the car. He calls, "Hi there, neighbor.

Got a minute." Nina sits the bag back down on the seat and waits for him. "You got away from the hospital, eh? How's Ms. Mathers?" "Recovering under the watchful eye of hospital security. I spoke to Robert and he's agreed not to bother her, but one never knows what he'll do if he has a drink. I'm here actually to pick your brain, any new suspects in the Hanson case?

I'm down to three unlikelies." "None that I'm aware of, although they may be checking up on any number of others and not producing any written reports until they have something. My impression is that the team is at a standstill right now. They think they have their man and that's Ray." "Do you have access to the evidence they are holding?" "No. That's locked up in the evidence storage. What are you thinking of now?" "I'd give anything to see that address book of Flo's." "No!

I won't copy it for you! It's too dangerous." "I don't want a copy; only the names of those with a 'Mr.' before them. I think that's her code for the 'Johns'. Addresses and phone numbers would also be helpful." "I can keep my eye open, but no promises. Is that all?" "I wouldn't mind taking you to the hot tub, but I guess that's out." She grins at his wink and reaches for the groceries again. He says, "Let me carry those in for you." "No thanks. Jeff might not appreciate it. Thanks anyway." Mike closes the car door for her and she heads for the house.

Mike says, "There is one other thing that just occurred to me. Do you know if the evidence I turned over to your boss has come back from the lab. It was hair samples that will require DNA analysis." "As far as I know, nothing has been sent out for DNA analysis. If there were such an order, I would have typed it up. Where did it come from?" "Flo's house. Your sure?" "Not unless someone else is typing for them. If so, I don't know about it." Mike mulls this over in his head as he goes home for supper.

After supper he sits in his office studying the three suspects' files. Tony has no alibi; Robert has no alibi and Ray's alibi is discountable. Robert has the motive to kill her. Evidence points at Ray. Tony was probably doing business like Scanlon's, something illegal.

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Who else did she trust with a motive to kill her? She hardly knew Ray or Tony and she wouldn't trust her ex. There has to be someone else. He takes from his briefcase the red matchbook from the Gardens with the phone number written on it.

Pulling up his cross-reference directory he looks up the number. It's not listed, but the prefix; that is the first three numbers, are allocated to cell phones licensed in the Vancouver area. Mike pulls the phone closer and dials the number, turning his answering machine to 'record' at the same time.

It rings twice, some clicks are pov creampie with busty blonde nicole aniston then a recording announces that the number you are calling is either out of range or has his phone turned off at this time. He hangs up and switches off the answering machine. Another temporary dead end, but he'll try again later. He calls Trudy at the truck stop in Laidlaw. "Nice to hear your voice, kid. You busy?" "Yeah, it's been busy.

What's up?" "Want to go sleuthing tomorrow morning again?" "Sure. What time?" "Nine." "See you then." Mike puts everything away itskaitiecali big boobs even bigger goes upstairs. He checks on the kids. The girls are staying over at a friend's place tonight and Richard's on his computer.

Marlene's sewing a tear in a pair of Richard's pants while watching TV. Mike sits down beside her. He watches TV, but can't keep his mind on the show.

He thinks instead about Flo and her unknown assailant. If he could just put a face to that man, he could rest. He tells Marlene he's going to bed early. He's going to get an early start tomorrow on tracking down the killer. He kisses her goodnight and goes upstairs.