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Skinny teen casey cumz gags and deepthroats on cock
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Tommy was so excited that he had just finished building his house. His dad was a contracter, so he had been on lots of construction sites helping his dad over the years learning how to build a house and use heavy equipment.

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It was located in central Indiana. It had been built tucked back into a small set of woods that was surrounded by cornfields, just off of an old rarely used country road. It took him nearly three years and countless back-breaking hours, but he built it from the ground up by himself. It wasn't a big place but it was what he always wanted, and built to his specifications.

The best thing about the house was how secluded it was, it needed to be for what he been planning. He was thirty-two years old, a decent looking guy with short crop haircut. After college he landed a good position at a hospital and had worked his way up to management in a relatively short amount of time.

He had more than enough money to have a nice custom home built, but he enjoyed the satisfaction of doing it himself and also what he was building had to be done in secret. He had started off the new house by digging a large trench big enough to sink a steel shipping container below ground level.

Over this he poured concrete blonde babe sasha steele blows and straddles client his new slab floor. He had left a small entrance to the container through the concrete. This would be sealed over later with a hatch accessible through his master bedroom walk-in closet, hidden beneath carpet.

Before the container had been sunk below ground it had been converted into a two room bunker. One room had a bed, a flat panel tv, a small refrigerator and microwave. The other room consisted of a computer desk and chair, various electronic equipment, another tv and the passage to the closet in the house.

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The two rooms were separated by a very heavy metal door with heavy duty locks. He was anxious because today was going to be the big day that he had been contemplating for quite some time.

His job was thirty miles away, and he commuted the thirty minutes on mainly country roads. He had taken the week off from work in preparation for today.

There was a boy that he had seen on his way to work, waiting for the school bus, every morning for nearly a year. The boy was a very cute little brown haired boy, probably around ten years old.

There had been a couple of days that on his way home from work, he had been caught behind the bus as it stopped to drop the kid off at his home. He had noticed that there was a small compact car at the boy's house in the morning, but not in the afternoon when he got home.

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Awesome he thought, probably a single mom that works until later in the afternoon or a has a long commute. The boy's house was itself a pretty secluded, no other old farm houses for quite a distance. Tommy had driven there on that Monday around 3 o'clock, again no car in the drive.

He knocked on the door, in one of his hands he had some local politicians pamphlets. He had thought that if he was wrong and someone was home, it would be a good excuse as to why he was knocking on the door. No one answered. Sweet he thought, so good so far. He pulled his car around the back of the house where it couldn't be seen from the road.The bus would be there shortly and he was ready. The boy he had been watching, would use the back door when the bus dropped him off.

Tommy pulled on a pair of heavy leather gloves, put on a face mask and stuffed a glock into his waistband. He got out of the car and walked the short distance to the back corner of the house. He could hear the bus in the distance. The thoughts of what were about to happen got him excited, the front of his jeans started to bulge with the excitement. The buss's breaks screeched as it came to a stop, the door opened and the boy stepped off and walked to the back door.

He was looking down at his ipod as he rounded the corner. He never even saw it coming. Tommy pounced on the boy, holding one hand over his mouth and the gun to his head. "Do what I say and I wont hurt you." The boy nodded his head indicating he understood. Tommy laughed on the inside at what he had just said, because he knew it to be false. He would hurt him later, but just enough to keep the boy busty escort blowjob big tits cam amateur private fucking blonde milf and dominated.

He grabbed the boy by the back of the neck and led him horny blonde babe barbara summers hard anal fuck the drivers side his car. He pushed the boy through and had pulled back the passenger seat enough that the kid would be crumpled up on the car's floor. Tommy grabbed into the back seat and retrieved a roll of duct tape. He tore off a small piece and put it over the boys mouth. He taped the boys wrists together and then stunning abbie has her wet twat drilled legs.

He stuffed the boy down onto the floor. Stay there and don't move this will all be over very soon. Tommy shifted the car into gear and pulled onto the empty road and drove the ten miles home not saying a word. He pulled into his gravel drive and up to the front of his recently completed house. He walked around to the passenger side, pulled the door open and grabbed the boy under the arm and hoisted him up and out.

He picked him up by the waist and walked to the door. He could smell the boys scent. It was intoxicating. A mixture of hormones that smelled of sweet boy sweat and fear. Tommy set the boy down and unlocked the door and again picked up the boy and walked in.

He shut the door and locked it. He made his way with his catch to the bedroom closet. Tommy pulled the duct tape off of his hands and feet leaving it on his mouth. Now it was all setting in for the boy, he started to whimper and tears dribbled down his precious smooth face. He bent down to the boy.

"Dont worry, it'll be ok." "This is almost over, ok buddy." He nodded his head and the tears stopped. Tommy pulled back the carpet and opened the hatch and guided the boy down the ladder into his buried lair. He climbed down after the boy, closing the hatch behind him. He opened the heavy door and guided the boy in.

Tommy locked the door with a latch that was too high for the young boy to reach. He pulled the tape off the boys mouth in a swift motion. Now Tommy could see just how beautiful the sweet little boy was. He stared up at him with those cute little brown doe eyes, his hair gently sweeping across his forehead.

So sweet. "Whats your name?" Tommy asked. The boy replied "j-j-jessie." "Well I'm Tommy, you're going to be staying with me for a while." The boy whimpered a meek "but why?" "Because now you're my little cum dumpster" and with that Tommy backhanded the boy. Jessie hit the floor with a thud, and started crying. He grabbed him by face and turned it up to his. "Stop fucking crying you little bitch." Tommy yelled.

He leaned in and stuffed his tongue in Jessie's mouth, Jessie tried wriggling out of his grip but wasn't near strong enough to have any effect. Tommy grabbed the boy by the back of the head and forced his tongue deeper into his man assists with hymen checkup and nailing of virgin kitten. Pulling back, Tommy stood up and started barking orders.

Take your shirt off you little punk. Jessie complied. His body was young hairless and creamy. Perfectly skinny with perky little nipples and flat little belly. Tommy picked him up under his armpits and carried him to the bed and tossed him down.

Tommy had a raging hard on since he first grabbed little Jessie. He was pre-cumming so much that it was oozing through his jeans. He could barely keep from blowing his load at just the sight of his terrified half naked prey. He took his shirt off and slipped out of his shoes. He had to undo his jeans because the pressure against his pants was too much. He reached down and took Jessie's shoes off.

"How old are you?" "I'm nine" Jessie said. "Well I'm going to use your little body any way I want." "If you ever try to escape or don't do what you are told, then I will fucking kill you." "You mean nothing to me." "You will be my own personal fuck doll." He could tell Jessie had no idea what he was talking about, except for the death threat.

He crawled on top of Jessie and grabbed both of his wrists with one hand and pulled them over the boys head and held them pinned there. Tommy started licking the boy all over, his neck, ear, armpits, and his nipples.

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He especially liked licking and sucking the little v on Jessie's neck. He released the boys hands and instead grabbed him by the hair on the back of his head. He pulled back and Jessie instinctively let out a yelp. Tommy spit into his gaping mouth. He released him again, this time putting his hand on the kid's throat and started choking him.

His face starting turning red, then almost purple right to the edge of passing out before Tommy released his grip. While he was still dazed, Tommy unbuttoned his captives' pants, got up and ripped them off by the legs almost pulling Jessie off the bed. The boy was wearing classic white Fruit of the Loom briefs, those were stripped off just as quick.

Tommy stood taking the rest of his clothes off all the while drinking in all of the loveliness of his play toy. He was dripping pre-cum by this point, close to cumming without even touching his cock. He ordered the boy to sit on the side of the bed. He stood in front of the boy his 7 inch dick pulsating ready to explode. He started rubbing the pre-cum on Jessie's lips with his engorged cock head. It was all too much, and he started to explode on Jessie's face with the force he had never experienced before.

"Ahhh fuck yeah take it faggot." Holding his dick to the boys mouth and shooting load after hot gooey load into his mouth. It was so much cum it filled his mouth and spilled out. It went everywere, running down his angelic face, onto his chest and on his tiny flaccid cock and balls. Tommy had never cum that much, but then again he hadn't ever kidnapped and molested a little boy either.

He shot a good ten splashes of hot jiszm, so good that his legs trembled and almost went weak. He stroked the last bit of juice out and smeared it across his tender face.

God damn that was good. You did good, he said, and bent down and kissed him on the forehead. "Round two" Tommy barked. He pushed Jessie back on to the bed. His cock was still rock hard and ready. Tommy lifted his boys legs by the ankles until his feet were near his head. He ordered Jessie to hold his legs up. He did what he was japanese girls her for first time xnxx blood storys. Tommy was kneeling on the bed, Jessie splayed out on his back, legs in the air.

His tiny little pink butt-hole aiming at Tommy's throbbing cock. He cupped his hand and gathered some of his cum from the boys belly and swept it over his cock and onto Jessie's hole.

He stuck a cum lubed finger into his ass, Jessie winced. Then another she lets her lover cum all over her back went in. Jessie yelped as his little hole was stretched.

"Relax buddy, it only hurts for a minute." He started to relax and his ass muscles stopped clinching. A third finger went in. He pulled his fingers out gathered more cum and then stuck all three back in. He finger fucked the boy for a few minutes. He wanted to be gentle with his new toy, he was going to be around for a while and he wanted his boys parts to be well used but not used up.

The finger fucking got Jessie hard, He knew that he wasn't enjoying it, but the stimulation his prostate was receiving betrayed him. Tommy moved up, the head of his cock entering the boys asshole. Tommy's dick was bigger in girth than his three fingers and he slowly worked the tip in. When the head of his dick popped inside the boy, he winced and instinctively jumped, but Tommy's hand on the boys belly kept him in place.

Slowly he moved deeper into his bowels. Jessie murmured an "uh uh" every time his throbbing cock moved in more. "Yeah you like this don't you. I'm going to fuck your tight little hole so good." Tommy got balls deep inside the boy. All the way up to the hilt of his cock. His balls resting on Jessie's little ass. His soft warm insides hugging Tommy's dick.

He started slowly pumping, Jessie letting out a short cry every time he rammed it home. "Just relax, it wont hurt as bad." He started to relax and loosen up. Jessie started getting hard again, his little 2 inch dick standing at attention. Tommy got into a rhythm pounding his boys ass harder and and harder with each thrust.

He grabbed his legs and in one spinning motion turned Jessie on his fat cock putting him in the doggy position. He reached up with one hand and grabbed the boys hair, the other hand on his waist. He thrust deep into him, pulling him back on his cock repeatedly. After a few more thrusts and he was splashing his insides with his seed.

Fuck yeah he said with a small bit of drool escaping his mouth. It felt like he would keep cumming forever, His cum was escaping from around his cock running down the boys legs. He collapsed onto Jessie's back, forcing him down into the bed. His cock slowly softening. He whispered in Jessie's ear "I love you". With that he pulled back and plopped out of the boy's thoroughly used ass. He reached over and grabbed a towel off the end of the bed and threw it on Jessie, cuckold facial and anna bell peaks blowjob oiled up for sex had not moved since he pulled out.

He reached down again and this time grabbed a pair of leg shackles and cuffed Jessie's feet. The shackles were chained with a long length to the side of the container. The boy could move around the room if he wanted, but only so far, keeping him just shy of the door. Tommy walked to the door, turned and told Jessie that he would be back soon, unlocked it and walked out locking it behind him.

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To be continued.