Brazzers my friends hot mom

Brazzers my friends hot mom
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As Gail pulled in the driveway, she had a sinking feeling in her stomach. While clothed, she felt completely naked and vulnerable, but with a hint of excitement about the unknown.

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The events from last night kept playing over and over in her head, and she could only imagine what story the pictures Sarah's camera told. As she walked into the house, her husband Jack was sitting at the kitchen table reading the Sunday paper, sipping on a cup of coffee. She felt it was best to avoid any close contact with Jack until she showered off the smell of pussy she knew she reeked of. Brushing past him, she patted him on the shoulder and said, "Let me give you a proper hello after I get out of the shower, we were up all night and I smell like beer and cigarettes." He nodded, and said, "Did you have fun with the girls?" "Oh, it was interesting as always…" Once in the bedroom, she hooded her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt nudging it over her hips, and letting it drop to her ankles, stepping out of the skirt, she headed to the bathroom pulling the night shirt over her tits and up over her head.

With her eyes shut, she arched her back stretching out with her hands above her head, and a sigh escaped her lips as she drifted back to her shock of waking up with a hot, wet pussy pressed into her mouth.

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As she finished her sigh, she opened her eyes to check out how she looked with a shaved pussy. What she saw in the reflection stunned her, causing a loud gasp to escape her throat. She had what seemed to be a tattoo where her pubic hair used to be, and above the nipples on each of her tits.

Jack yelled in from the kitchen, "Are you ok?" "Yes," she shot back, "Just dropped the shampoo…" Staring at herself in the mirror, nothing was registering in her mind. The world was moving too fast, so many thoughts, so many things in her life were flashing in front of her.

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As she moved closer to the mirror, then it hit her, "cunt" was written on the right tit, and "eater" was written on the left, she mouthed the words, cunt eater, "Fuck" she muttered.

Then looked closely at her pussy, she made out the words, "Sarah's Cunt." "Fucking bitch," she muttered again. Rifling through the drawers, she pulled out a washcloth, soaped it up and began scrubbing at the words written on her body, but nothing was coming off. The rough rubbing of her tits and pussy, caused her nipples stiffen, and as she felt her pussy lips swell as she was trying to hold back the rising humiliation and embarrassment she was feeling.

As she was coming to the realization that the words on her body were not coming off, she looked up at the mirror, and also realized what an erotic site she saw in the mirror. She dropped the washcloth, and allowed her hand to trace down her stomach, past her not bald pubic area, and as she parted her swollen pussy lips with her fingers, she realized how wet she had become. Her fingers slipped easily into her cunt, and she started slowly rubbing her clit and easing her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

Watching herself masturbate in the mirror was erotic and the site made her more and more excited. She raised her now dripping fingers from her pussy and looked emptily at her fingers, then to the reflection in the mirror.

Slowly, watching herself in the mirror, she parted her lips, brought her hand to her mouth, and one by one sucked her pussy juice off each finger. She spread her legs a little more, and lowered both hands to her pulsing cunt and began furiously masturbate her aching pussy. As her orgasm began building in her body, her knees became weak, and with both of her hands busy, she fell noisily back against the first time younge girl fuckrd by old man wall to prop herself up as her orgasm began pulsing through her body.

As the pulsing orgasm began to subside, she slowly sunk to the floor with her knees up and her legs spread, with her cum covered hands still on her pussy. She was in another world when the bathroom door swung open with Jack saying, "Are you alright, I heard……" he stopped in mid sentence as he took in the site before his eyes.

There was his wife of 15 years, flushed, dripping in sweat, and naked, with the words "cunt eater" written on her tits.

"What the fuck," Jack said, "What kind of party did you girls have last night?" Gail was shocked, confused, and unsure of whether to cover her pussy or her tits, finally realized that she was done for, she let her hands fall back to her crotch and muttered, "It's a very long story Jack, very long…" As Jack was taking in the scene, he noticed the aroma of pussy in the air, and was becoming more and more aroused at the site before him.

Gail looked less and less like a wife, and more and more like a means to satisfy himself on a Sunday morning. Surveying the situation, Jack figured it was now or never. "So, the short story is that you ate pussy last night?" Gail nodded. "Did you have your pussy eaten last night?" Gail nodded again.

"Did you like it?" asked Jack. Gail looked up at him and said, "I don't know, I don't really remember. Am I a pervert?" "Well", said Jack, "If you are, you're my little pervert." By this time, Jack was becoming rock hard, and with his crotch almost at eye level with Gail, he lowered the front of his shorts allowing his cock to spring out almost slapping Gail in the face.

As Jack looked down at Gail, she raised her head to look up at him. Jack's cock was only inches away from Gail lips, when he said, "This has gotten me a little excited, can you help me out a little. I mean after all, you already took care of yourself!" Gail, feeling more like a cheap whore than a wife, lowered her eyes, leaned forward and opened her mouth, to take the head of Jack's cock into her mouth.

Jack let out a moan and said, "That's my cunt eater, that's my girl." This just added to Gail rising humiliation, but also to Jack's excitement. He strived to get more and more of his cock in his wife's mouth, but Gail kept leaning further back keeping his cock from the back of her throat. When the back of her head was resting against the wall, she could not keep sleep sister and brother xstory sex stories rest of Jack's cock out of her mouth.

He pushed his cockhead further and further into her mouth, against the back of her throat, and he could feel the gag reflex coming bianca luckiest girl on earth swallow sperm cocktail going in Gail's body. Getting into a rhythm he could feel his cock going deeper and deeper, and in one push, felt it go down her throat.

Now pumping in and out of Gail's throat, Gail got her breathing rhythm down, and found herself getting excited once again. As Jack was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, she began pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt, building once again to another powerful orgasm.

Having his naked, whore of a wife deep throat him for the first time was about all he could take, as he was approaching orgasm, he pushed his cock deep into his wife's throat and stopping the rhythm, he left it there until her gag reflex caused her throat to pump his cock to orgasm. Jack shot his load deep in Gail's throat, but her gagging caused her to cough up most of Jack's cum.

It was coming out of her nose and mouth and dripping down her chin and onto her tits. When Jack came out of his orgasm fog, he looked down at his cum covered wife in joy.

"Wow! That was good. We gotta do that again." By this point Gail was crying. Not only had she been found out, she had just been used like a whore by her husband, nearly suffocated by his cum, and cut out of an orgasm she dearly needed. Her cunt was throbbing for more attention, she smelled like a whore, and her husband's cock was dripping cum onto her stomach.

This was like something out of an X-rated movie. She lowered her head into her knees and began sobbing trying to sort out what she was going to do. Jack thinking he may have gone too far, turned to walk out of the bathroom trying to sort out what he should do next.

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