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Nice assed girlfriend fucked on hidden cam
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Mister Stephenson's Fucking Machine part 3 As his Fucking Machines increase in popularity, George fights for his Fanny Will our working class hero George with his steam powered cottage defeat the aristocratic prat Lord Arthur with his crumbling Mansion.

=========================================== Arthur Cleghorn sat at his magnificent dining Table in his brand new red brick Mansion entertaining the Dowager Lady Maplethorpe arguably the most awful person in wicked seduction with a hot attractive babe hardcore and reality whole of Newcastle and even in Yorkshire area she would have made top two hundred, and her effeminate stuck up prat of a licking amazing chicks hot beaver hardcore blowjob Arthur, seventeenth Baron Maplethorpe.

"Arthur went to Cambridge, studied classics" "What does he know about mining?" asked Arthur Cleghorn "Lord Maplethorpe is a gentleman of leisure father." Fanny replied.

"How much brass thee got?" Arthur Cleghorn was blunt, to the point and no fool. "One lets ones agent worry about such matters" laughed Lord Maplethorp, knowing his finances depended on marrying well and quickly.

"And you are in't Army.? "Reserve Sir, half pay, Major and all that." confirmed Maplethorpe. "I were in Militia for a piece, come home me sweetheart were up duff from me mate" "I am sorry sir" said Maplethorpe. "Mr Cleghorn, such matters are not for the Dinner Table,"admonished Lady Maplethorpe.

"Can't talk mining, can't talk brass, can't talk women, I'll go check the Geordie" "What is a Geordie?" asked Lady Maplethorpe. "Please not at the Dinner Table Lady Maplethorpe" giggled Business lady drilled by nasty pawn man in his pawnshop reality and blowjob. The Cleghorns had two Fucking Machines, La Cuntraption Belgique as modified by George Stephenson and a genuine Stephenson steam fucking machine, nicknamed "The Geordie".

George and his wife Ada after much soul searching had agreed that the Geordie should be made available to Lady Maplethorpe in the red guest room while she, Ada, made do with La Cuntraption Belgique, or perhaps even Arthur himself if he could leave the Newcastle Brown Ale alone for the evening.

Arthur Cleghorn knew roughly how much Lord Maplethorpe was worth and that was less than nothing, the creditors were waiting to pounce, in fact Gribblesdyke investments which had quietly acquired all the mortgages on the Maplethorpes estates was Arthur Cleghorn's own company, and yet Fanny loved the prat. Just because he had a Title, he could buy Stephenson a bloody title for about two thousand, less if the Liberals got in, and Stephenson might get a Knighthood for free if his rocket got to the moon and found coal there, Arthur reasoned.

Kelly the senior maid was just testing the "Geordie," as the Stephenson Mk1b Fucking machine was known, Josie stoked the boiler and manipulated the controls, Hiss, pock, Hiss, Pock, Hiss, Pock. the connecting rod whirled around between the shining flywheel and the piston between the girls legs pounding her with a steady rhythm. he feet strapped securely to the frame of the machine as she lay with her knickers and petticoats neatly folded beside her and her skirt around her waist with her bodice undone as she kneaded her breasts as she writhed in ecstasy.

"Works then" Arthur Cleghorn, noted. "Yes sir" "Hand us Chamber Pot I got a stiffy" "Oh sir let me" cried Josie and unbuttoned his breeches, she held his manhood and kissed the tip and as he let fly she deftly caught the flow in the white glazed pot with the pretty floral imagery around the rim. "Good Lass" Arthur thanked her and handed her two pennies for her trouble. Kelly sighed as the engine slowed and stopped, the safety valve lifted with a roar and Josie loosened the straps and Arthur helped the exhausted girl to ease away from the machine, the piston came clear with a loud plop and Kelly recovering quickly dressed.

"Oh Mr Cleghorn sir you saw everything, I am so ashamed" "Don't be silly girl you look bloody gorgeous, shot me load just looking at you, here have two pennies." Lady Maplethorpe was ready for her bed at 9 O'clock, she habitually retired early to save candles and was astonished to find Kelly and Josie waiting to attend to her.

She refused to use the new fangled water closet preferring to foul the Chamber pot and insisted on a cold bath in the hip bath in her room, spreading a huge cape over her before undressing to hide her nakedness. The "Geordie" was in the dressing room. "What pray is that?" she enquired, "A Fucking machine Madam" said Kelly prettily. "Don't be impertinent, I can see it is a Machine, what is it for? the Dowager demanded. "Fucking Madam" "I shall have you sacked for impertinence girl" Kelly lost it, her mum worked in coal mine and her veneer of civility was paper thin.

"Look you old cow" she manhandled the old lady. "Your feet goes here" Kelly dragged the Dowagers feet into the leather straps. "And this goes up there" Kelly pulled the Dowager's cape from her exposing her flabby, blotchy, overweight body to daylight for the first time in years.

"Should have done the piston first Kell" chided Josie, "Pull the clevis pin out and reset it." Kelly pulled the pin retracted the piston and jammed it in the Dowager's aged and parched slit. Josie gave the piston a few squirts of Clegg and Wood's second grade patent steam and machine oil, then Kelly replaced the clevis pin and its retaining split pin, and then Josie applied steam.

The piston shuddered and the machine hissed but the old cow was too tight and dry, her screams blended with the Hhhhiiissssss of the straining steam engine yet the piston remained jammed firmly, while the pressure was at maximum and the safety valve about to lift. "Push on the rim of flywheel Kell" suggested Josie as she pushed in her turn and both tried to turn the flywheel. Slowly oh so slowly the penetrator piston eased in and out of the little used cunt and again the old bitch screamed, the safety valve roared and inch by inch the piston eased in, then out Hiiiiisssssssss, suuuucccchh, Pock, Hiiisssss, so slowly yet with 25 pounds of steam pressure and another good dollop of steam oil with two girls straining the machine slowly eased the aged flesh apart the piston gradually spreading the steam oil to lubricate her innards and quite suddenly the Geordie began to master the job allowing the girls were able to stand back as Hiissss, Pock Hisss Pock, Hiss, Pock, Hiss, Pock, the Geordie laboured and strained but gradually increased speed as it manfully began to fuck the old crone unaided.

The Dowagers eyes widened and she went to cry out, Josie shoved a wet bath towel in her gob shutting her up, then as the Geordie picked up speed they saw the old cow grabbing at her own tits with her hips began to thrust against the engine. Josie let go of the towel as she realised the engine was racing.

"Its over speeding Kell!" Josie shouted, the old bitch had become wet and the Geordie was up to nearly 100 RPM. the exhaust became a purr until Kelly screwed down the regulating nut for sixty RPM, or one thrust each second to save wear on the big end. "Oh my lord, Great god in heaven, Jesus be praised I have found heaven upon earth" the Dowager screamed, as she spat the towel from her gob, she was in uncharted territory, she thought back, to her wedding night her Husband's fumbling, then her innards cruelly invaded, and then she had woken to see her husband and the best man, conjoined, she never forgave him, one fumbled insertion one son, and now this, she could never have dreamed of such pleasure, she thought of all the wasted years.

Twenty minutes of pleasure was all the girls dared allow the old bat as they thought either her cunt would rip open or her heart would fail with the excitement, so eventually they shut off steam down onto the pilot valve and the pounding changed to a gentle sighing as the speed fell away. They feared she had overdone it. He makeup was all cracked around her mouth as it was unable to stick to the sweat pouring from her and she was completely unable to stand or speak coherently.

Kelly and Josie carried the Dowager naked and exhausted to her bed still bathed in sweat and stained with her own juices. then following the instructions they damped down the fire and filled the boiler water on the Geordie and went downstairs. Arthur Cleghorn admitted defeat, "All right Fanny you can marry the prat." "And the Dowry?" asked Lord Maplethorpe. "Thee wants jam on it, so what do thee want?" "Ten Thousand?" asked Lord Arthur "Two more like" replied Arthur Cleghorn.

"Five then" suggested Fanny. It was barely enough but his Lordship was forced to accept, "You will of course pay for the wedding, as the brides father, at the Cathedral?" "All right" Arthur Cleghorn was annoyed, Stephenson would have paid him for girl. They retired to their beds, Lord Arthur declining Fanny's invitation, kissed her sweetly and left her to take to his own bed with Hubbertson his Valet. A strange sound was heard in the Mansion's corridors next morning, a kettle perhaps or a bird with indigestion, but no it came from the dowagers room, singing, the beautiful Geordie aria "Thou Shalt have a Fishy" and for the first time in years the Dowager was trying to sing as she thrust the spare penetrative piston from the "Geordie's" tool kit in and out of her dripping sex.

Kelly and Josie were amazed to see her, "Can you get the machine going again please girls?" No one would have recognised the evil Dowager bitch of 24 hours earlier as this sex crazed wreck, and using such words, she had never said please since she married.

Josie was soon pumping the bellows and the steam gauge rose, "It's ready Madam," They strapped her on and soon it was running sweetly. Hiss, slap, Hiss, slap, Hiss, slap. "We better order a bigger piston if she is that loose!" giggled Josie, but the Dowager was past caring, Kelly had to get more coal and water and it was not until high tea at four that the Dowager staggered downstairs.

Hubbertson, her sons Valet, dropped the tea tray as he saw her. "Madam, I can see" She wore her green dress but the blouse buttoned to the neck was discarded, displaying her ample but pale blotchy cleavage, Hubbertson a lifelong Mans, Man, preferring penile insertion within his own rectum to penetrating the opposite sex, realised he had an erection, lusting after his employer.

"Don't fuss it is oriental moans while taking ramrod japanese hardcore fashion" she smiled noting the bulge in his breeches. "Arthur" she sidled up to her son." "Pray examine the machine in my room, such would be most efficacious for your dear fiancée when you serve with his majesty's forces." Lord Maplethorpe nearly fainted when he saw the Geordie, but hiding his excitement he agreed to ask if such could be added to the Dowry, what could excite the ladies unmentionables surely could be equally efficacious for the gentleman's rectum he mused.

Arthur Cleghorn could scarce believe his luck, Young Maplethorpe wanting a Fucking Machine and sent his Valet forthwith while he went to check on winding engine at Number three Pit. he could see exhaust from mansion and it looked slow.

Except Arthur actually went to see George Stephenson at his workshop. "Look George Lad, Fanny gas got it in her head she wants this effeminate stuck up aristocratic prat for a husband" "Ee Mr Cleghorn I see you likes him." "I want's her to marry you lad, we speak same language, Brass, Coal, not bloody Latin or Greek" "So why you here" "Fucking Engine, I never did pay you for Geordie, how much is it?" "Two Thousand" "Two Fucking Thousand Pounds" Arthur Cleghorn's eyes bulged.

"No Guineas" "What" "But I'll do it for cost plus ten per cent" "How much" "Twenty Seven Pounds, Eighteen Shillings and Sixpence Halfpenny" Arthur grinned, "You bugger, is it really two thousand?" "In the adverts, yes, Nobs think its wonderful if its thousands. like painting, sell it as thee's own work and no one wants it, make out as some dead Dutch bloke done it and its makes thousands." agreed George. "Tell thee what, there is a mortgage here for about two thousand, how about that for the engine we got and I pay cost plus for t'other." George examined the document, "Hey this is for Maplethorpe's house" exclaimed George.

Arthur Cleghorn grinned wickedly. "I'll see thee two O'clock sharp tomorrow then and I want a Geordie ready for test." The evening went splendidly, all were in good spirits, and Hubbertson seized his bree in a good book masturbation fantasy finding via the downstairs grapevine that the Dowager had tried the Fucking Machine and arranged to take over Kelly and Josie's role in the bedchamber that evening.

Lord Maplethorpe looked magnificent in his spotless white breeches and red jacket, Fannys juices flowed and leaked from her each time she saw him but his disinclination to deflower her was becoming frustrating, she though of Mr Stephenson's energy and ardour comparing it to Maplethorpe's but reasoned he was merely well bred, while Stephenson was perhaps shy.

or stupid. The Dowager entered the bedchamber eager to experience the Machine again, she had stripped almost naked when she realised Hubbertson not the maids were with her. "What is the meaning of this Hubbertson" "Beg pardon Madam lusty seduction from two sexy beauteous chick hardcore and blowjob I heard you have been using a Fucking Machine" "Yes, so what has it to do with you?" she enquired.

"His lordship cannot afford such for you so I offer my services Madam" "You, you weasly excuse for a Man what possible use, ah" she stopped as he unbuttoned his serge trousers revealing his monstrously engorged manhood, over six inches from Balls to tip and of monstrous girth, an appendage worthy of a Donkey.

"You see madam," she remembered the piston had felt loose at times but Hubbertsons monster she was sure would be a perfect fit.

"Yes Hubbertson, I do see, I do see, force yourself on me then man and if you are not up to scratch I shall have you whipped. "Thank you Madam," he stripped and folded his clothes neatly, and led her to the bed. He aimed his monster at its target and thrust firmly in claiming her. "Oh Hubbertson that fits perfectly, you naughty man" His rhythm increased then all too soon his excitement overcame him and he spurted his seed deep within her.

He made to leave her. "No Hubbertson, stay with me, hold me, it was your choice, now live with it." she ordered. "My pleasure Madam". he answered., and so he remained until his monster bestriied once more in the early hours as lads on four till four shift walked past Mansion on their way to number three pit. George could hardly sleep and was up very early polishing and oiling the Geordie, Bessie, his elderly maid, had the fire lit and the boiler water full and checked all was well, and by Two all was ready.

They arrived, Arthur Cleghorns Carriage gleamed in the early afternoon sun with the six horses fretting and snorting, "See my Lord thee needs six on hills, four's all right but they ent got the poke." Arthur Cleghorn enjoyed winding aristocratic folk up.

George heard them arrive, Fanny Cleghorn, her Father and Mother and Fanny's Fiancee, Lord Maplethorpe. "Good day My Lord, Ladies, Mr Cleghorn, may I show you my machine." "That's why we are here lad, that's why we are here" announced Arthur Cleghorn needlessly. The Fucking machine sizzled gently, "Here we are, this is all ready to use, two thousand guineas, for cash, fully adjustable with a selection of penetrators, this penetrator is the Newcastle standard, and there are smaller London versions modelled on the weedy little runts you gets down there," "I thay Stevenson, bit ambitious eh what?" exclaimed Lord Maplethorpe.

"No sir fully tested," George insisted. "No the thingy, much bigger than any man surely, do a gel an injury," "No sir modelled it on meself" "I say, steady on old chap, now that can't be" "Yes it is" agreed Fanny feeling her face reddened with embarassment.

"Look, cried Lord Maplethorpe, this is the size, now stop step dad and associate partners daughter caught the double date dilemma to Fanny's horror he unbuttoned his breeches to reveal a straining manhood nearly five inches long and an inch in diameter. "Now don't pretend you have more than that" His Lordship challenged. George responded unbuttoning his breeches his prick a drooping four inches. "See he lies", Maplethorpe challenged.

"He ain't erect you prat," chuckled Arthur Cleghorn, " "Think of Fanny that night, we her kit off, lad, close thee eyes." "It is unreal, deformed" cried Maplethorpe as George's Manhood finally rose to the occasion, replicating in flesh the brass of the machine. Suddenly Fanny exclaimed "You beast" and rushed from the workshop, and, before anyone realised what she intended she had detached a horse from the carriage team and leaped upon it to ride off furiously down the muddy ttrack.

"Come along my Lord we best get home see what daft bitch is at." Mr Cleghorn urged. They piled in the Carriage and the Carriage Driver steered the lopsided team awkwardly from the yard and gathered speed down the rutted track. Fanny watched them pass from a roadside copse then returned to Georges house. "George," she cried. "Miss Cleghorn" "Oh George, that awful man, he deceived me, he hid his manhood from me, how could I know he was so inadequate." "I can't stop, here gassing with thee, I said I would check boiler at Church so come on down and we can talk there." George replied.

He snatched an envelope from the desk then grabbing some tools he ushered her from the room. They entered the Church: the Vicars wife tended the flowers, "Is Frederick around?" George enquired. "Up tower I'll get him" she replied. George stood at the Alter looking up, "Roofs leaking". "George my dear fellow, and this must be Fanny" "Aye Fanny Cleghorn" said George. "And do you want to marry Fanny?" "Yes" agreed George. "And you Fanny, do you want to take George for your lawfully married Husband?" "Yes, But" "No buts dear, I now pronounce you man and wife" "Very funny but I am betrothed to Lord Maplethorpe," agreed Fanny.

"Sorry but you are married to George now, just sign here, I'll get it witnessed later.

in fact my wife and Alf Buggins are in Church they can do it." "Oh no, she wailed, " "I'll sign then she can stick hers on when she is ready" agreed George signing the register then ushering Fanny from the building. "You tricked me you pauper," she yelled as they went back to Georges house.

"Has got steam up Bessie?" George shouted. "Yes Mr Stephenson sir" They went in to the parlour, "Wash up then Bessie will get us, us snap, and mind hot water it might be too hot." "Hot water, too hot, in tap?" she repeated slowly, she experimented, the hot water, it was hot, from the tap, and Soap, George watched her, he smiled.

"Thee can have hot bath if thee wants." She looked at the gleaming white bath nearly six feet long and turned the taps, steam rose and she found it much too hot then she added cold. just a few inches. "Do I get any privacy or do you want to watch?" she asked. "I'll see thee after" he shut the door.

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She stripped and luxuriated in the warm water, confused as visions of his lordships undersized manhood sprung to her mind. she heard a commotion, Fanny quickly rose from the bath and started to dry herself. Lord Maplethorpe had returned.

and finding Fanny's horse there had put two and two together and made seven and a half and had therefore stormed into the workshop and challenged George to a duel, "Choose your weapon sire" "Beam Engine connecting rods" shouted George. "Dash it, I meant sword or pistols, whined Maplethorpe. "Beam Engine connecting rods, there is a pair here," George idly tossed one at Maplethorpe but he could not hold it or pick it up from its resting place on the floor.

Fanny grabbed a towel to hide her nakedness and rushed to the workshop to watch. "Fight for me Arthur, I shall give myself willingly to the winner." she trilled in excitement. With a mighty heave Maplethorpe raised the connecting rod as George whacked him on the thigh with his, hitting his Lordships sword scabbard which bent, then with the back swing he took off his Lordship's hat and as he swung again, his lordship cried.

"Enough,enough, you win you take her" and George lifted her on to the workbench tore his breeches open and rammed his monster inside her. Her brief cry of pain turned to cries of pleasure as he pounded into her, Maplethorpe looked on in astonishment, he never realised the working classes fornicated so long and so energetically, he knew he could never compete and slipped quietly away. Fucking finished George gave Fanny his old coat and they went to Church to complete the paperwork, then they consummated their union on the vestry floor and again in cowshed on the way home.

Fanny did not care how dirty she got with a full length bath and hot water on tap she had found perfection.

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To be Continued.