Wife and has band sex

Wife and has band sex
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Incest Title: Me And My Older Brother Please note if you want fiction then look elsewhere. I have been sexually active since a very young age. I have so many stories the only limit is time to get them typed up to submit. Very few of my actions can be called NON perverted. One thing is I have never forced anyone to do anything they did not want. I on the other hand have been coerced into doing things. Nothing I ever regretted for sure.

I was 14 my brother was 2 years older than me. Up until now there was never anything sexual between us. We had showered and bathed together when younger. We did the usual kid things when horsing around. I was always the curious one. Mike had touched me in the shower and I had touched him too.

It never went beyond just touching. I do remember that we both got hard when we touched each other in the shower. Anyway we lived in an older two story home in town. You know the ones where the door hardware had an actual keyhole.

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When we got home from school Mike would go to his room and close the door. I did not know why and I got curious, I crept up the stairs and quietly peeped through the keyhole.

There laying on his bed naked was Mike, he had some kind of magazine and was playing with his dick. I had just started maya morena and zoey taylor lesbian sex actually come not long ago, oh I jacked lots before but no cum, you know dry orgasms.

It had been some time since I had seen him naked, I was so envious of his dick. It seemed so much bigger than mine. (turns out is was) I was glued to the keyhole. We were home alone for about an hour and a half before mom and dad got home from work. I spied on him almost everyday during the week, if he went to his room I spied.

90% of the time he was jacking off. He would jack off and cum then wipe the cum off his chest and pubes, then he took the T-Shirt he used and shove it between the mattress and box springs. I never gave it much thought until now. I went to my room and was watching some TV. I heard him come out of his room and say tell mom I'm going to the library be home later.

Then the thought hit me, go check out that cum rag. The doom downstairs closed. I went into his room looked out the window, Mike was headed down the street. I went over and reached between the mattress and pulled out the t-shirt. It was all wadded up, I opened it up. it had so many cum stains on it.

The one he had just deposited was still wet and even had several globs of cum not soaked into the shirt. I sniffed the shirt all over and my dick got hard, I was on my knees, I pushed my shorts pocahontas vs chanel staxx vs kapri styles underwear down and started jacking. I sniffed and sniffed as I jacked. I found the wet spot with the globs of cum, and could not resist, I had to lick it to taste it.

Damn this was so hot and so wrong, soon I was ready to blow my load and thought do it into his cum rag and put it back. So I blew my load on his shirt rag, crumpled it up and showed it back under his mattress. Man that was awesome. I had tasted my brother cum. I looked around and found the magazine he used as inspiration, I was kind of shocked it was all guys. I never knew for sure but thought my brother might be gay. This is when I decided yep he sure is.

I continued to spy as I had done, then one day when spying I kind of lost my balance and fell into his door. it unlatched and there I was on my knees falling into his room.

He was naked and jacking as usual. He said what the fuck are you doing? I said I was just fooling around sorry.

he said you were spying on me you sick fucker. I did not say anything I just said sorry I won't do it again. He said I'm telling mom when she gets home, she will be pissed.

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Then he said you do something for me and I won't tell, I said what? He said come over here, I got up and went over to his bed, my eyes glued on his cock but still trying to pay attention. He said see this picture? Well do what that guy is doing. The guy was sucking the other guys cock.

I said me do that to you?.

He said yes or I'm telling mom. Now my brother ha no idea how much I wanted to to it, I never told him either. This was the first but not the last time I sucked him, he shot in my mouth and did not even warn me the first time although I could feel him pulsing.

So for about a year and a half I was a slave to my brothers cock usually 2 or 3 times a week, I always swallowed and NEVER told him I loved doing his cock. There were times he would make me get totally naked, he would stand in front of me with me on my knees while I sucked him, he would instruct me to jack off and cum first, always cum first before him. He never told mom and I really doubt he ever was going to tell her. Yes he is Gay and after 20 plus years he finally came out. Title: My Older Brother makes me do Anal As relayed in the first part of this korean sex fairy tales porn uncensored subtitles, my brother caught me spying on him, I was and am still envious of his cock.

His makes mine look like a little boy dick. Anyway my brother is "Queer" that is his word not mine. He pretty much controlled me for about a year and a half, when he joined the Navy. Up to this point it was just me giving him oral pleasure (which I loved but never told him) The whole picture changed one weekend, our parents were going away for the weekend, the first time they had done this and left us alone.

Well Friday evening the parents left about 6:30. they were not gone 45 minutes and Mike yelled my name. calling Patrick. I wondered what he wanted, I said here I come, and ran up the steps to his room. He was naked, he told me go get naked and come back.

I figured another oral session, with me on my knees jacking off then finishing him. Well I was so fucking wrong, when I returned he said Paul was coming over. Paul was his best friend and I was pretty sure his fuck buddy.

I said I'll be embarrassed for him to see me naked, Mike said that is the least of your worries. Now I was getting scared a bit, what the fuck did they have planned?

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The doorbell horney mature loves her nipples sucked, Mike said go answer it, I said naked ? He said did I tell you to put clothes on? I said NO, he said then go. I went down and answered the door, I stood off to the side and opened it a bit, it was Paul, I opened the door more and let him in. He looked at me and said I see Mike is taking care of you very nicely.

I said I sure do not think so, but I have to do what he says, Paul said I guess you do. He went up the stairs and turned right into Mike's room. I followed but not real fast, She eats my brothers ass out and swallows his was still kind of freaked. When I got to the door I saw Mike and Paul hugging and kissing, Paul had his hand on Mike's ass squeezing his ass.

Then he took a couple good swats and kind of spanked Mike a bit. Wow that was kind of weird with me watching, Mike told Paul you think Patrick might need a couple swats too? Paul said if you think so he does, Mike said I think so. Before he spanked me Paul proceeded to take off his clothes, every fucking stitch of clothing. I had never seen his cock before so I was a bit surprised. Hid dick was not much bigger then mine, that being said means Mike was the cock king in the room.

When he was completely naked he said turn around, now put you hands on the back of the chair and lean forward, I did as he said and he laid into m bare ass with 5 swift and very powerful swats. I know my as had to be cherry red. Mike said give him 5 more, and he did. Now my butt was numb. I am not sure where my 16 and a half year old brother got the things he has, but between his gay porn and underwear fetish, I do not know where he is getting his stuff.

Paul asked him, you going to break him in or am I? Oh now fuck I knew what he was talking about, he was talking about fucking me in the ass. Now I would have gladly sucked Paul's cock no problem. But the talk about fucking me was scary.

Mike said I think you first them me, I said really guys how bout I just service you both orally as much as you want?

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Mike said oh you will do that anyway, but you are getting fucked I have been planning this since I found out Mom and Dad were going away. The he said you need to go take a shit, and make it a good one.

You will be glad when you get my cock up your ass. I went to the bathroom to see if I could go, I knew it would make it easier. Mike came to the bathroom and tossed me a bottle, I looked at it and said what is this, he said take the cap off and put that up your ass and empty it all, then sit on the toilet hold it until you can not anymore, when the shit and water is all gone then clean up and come back to my room.

As you figured it was an enema. I had never had one before, I stood up put one leg on amateur teen fucked by bigcock before sucking amateurs reality side of the bathtub, I was glad the nozzle was prelubricated, it went in no problem and actually did not hurt at all. I sat on the toilet and held it as long as I could then let it go, wow what a shit storm it was, finally it was all out of me including all the enema fluid.

Teen alice bell showing of her big took a wash rag and cleaned off back there. Then I went to his room, knowing what was next. Paul asked Mike you want me to do him doggy or over the chair or missionary?

Mike said from behind have me bend over the chair, so I did what he said. I as anxious not knowing when he would assault my ass. Mike said to Paul here put on this Rubber, I kind of turned my head to see him do it. Then Mike took a bottle of some kind of Lubricant and poured it down the crack of my ass, Glad I was standing on a towel or it would have been all over the carpet. Paul placed his hands on both sides of my hips, he moved forward and I could feel his cock pressing against my hole.

Mike said you in? Paul said soon, soon. He continued to just slowly press harder and harder, the lube was sure going to be a major help. One last thrust and his cock was inside me, at first it was the feeling I needed to shit again, then that subsided. He was pumping in and out, Mike was standing to the side getting a view of the action, he was stroking his cock.

Paul pumped and pumped for 10 or 15 minutes, all the time changing tempo to make it last. Then he said oh fuck I lost it I am cumming, Mike said show it hard, and he did. I felt his cock pulsing and pulsing, I knew that the Rubber was catching it all but I wondered what it would feel like.

Paul pulled out he took the rubber off and handed it to Mike, Mike said stand up, I did, he said here drink this and he squeezed the load of cum out of the rubber into my mouth, he said now fucking swallow it.

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I did as he told me. Then he said to Paul next time you can feed his right from your cock. I wondered if it was over, and then Mike said assume the position. I did, now I was a bit worried his cock was larger, I was bent over and he poured more lube into my ass crack then he took his hand and rubbed more down the crack and took a couple finger and worked some into my hole. I could feel him again my hole now, he had not put a rubber on, I said you didn't use a rubber, he said you are so right, you are getting my cum up your ass, all of my hot load.

I knew he shot pretty good sized loads. Now I would find out what it did feel like. He worked on my ass pumping, It did not hurt like I thought, maybe because Paul was there first. He had his way for a good 15 minutes then he also blew his load.

I could feel it deep inside, it was really warm, he pumped and pulsed for a good 3 minutes then he pulled out. He said stand up and turn around, I did then he said now lick me clean. I said no fucking way your cock has been in my shit hole. Holivr jav vr my gf public invasion pornography interracial said you can fucking tell mom but I'm not sucking my shit. To my surprise he did not force the issue, then he said get out.

He said do not get dressed until I tell you can. I made my way to the bathroom, I could feel his cum working it's way out of my hole. I got to the toilet just in time, I sat there for 15 minutes all the time trying to shit out the cum.

Finally I wiped and washed up. Then I folded layers of Toilet Paper and put it between my ass cheeks to catch any leaks that might happen. Well for this time the worst was over, my brother and his friend had fucked me. Like I said Mike was a total Bottom, He only fucked me to abuse his power over me. I did as he said and did not get dressed.

I headed don the stairs to watch some TV, as I passed his room I saw Paul fucking him just like he fucked me, what a picture.

That was the first time Paul fucked me but not the last, Mike used me as a token, allowing Paul to use me when he wanted, Mike loved to watch too.