Mr grey in porn movie showing bdsm fetish loving

Mr grey in porn movie showing bdsm fetish loving
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I was on my to Atlanta to see some friends. I decided to take the back roads so I could smoke my weed with out getting paranoid about gettin pulled over. I'd been on the road for three hours and had smoked three joints to the head of some Alabama Cush when I realized I was orjinal bagla xxx sex story com. "Where the fuck am I?" I say to myself. Just then the engine starts to sputter I look down to see my gas gauge on "E".

"Fuck me," I say in disgust. I pull to the side of the road and grab my cell to find where I'm at and where the nearest gas station is but of course no bars out in the middle of nowhere.

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So, I had no choice but to start walkin and hopin I found something. I got out of the car with my phone and cigarettes in hand and started walking down that long dark road. I had made it a mile or two down the road when the warm glow of headlights appeared behind me.

I turned around and stuck out my thumb. A classic 50's pick up truck pulls over and I hear a sweet southern drawl call out to me, "Hop in, Sug." I sit down and shut the door and turn to thank this kind stranger and thats when I see her face. A sweet caramel brown skintone with long straightend black hair. I guessed her to be about 5'8" and 110 pounds. She smiled at me and asked where I was headed.

"Goin to Atlanta to see some frineds and got a lil' lost and ran outta gas.

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To make things worse I don't have any reception out here so I just decided to walk to the closest gas station." She chuckled a lil' and said "Hun there isn't a gas station for about another 50 miles." "Well then in that case I really appreiciate the ride." "Well my place is only a couple miles up the road you can call someone when we get there." "Thank you so much. I'm Erik by the way." "Marie." she said with a smile. We turn onto a gravel drive and I see a nice size house. "You live here alone?" I inquired as we got out of the truck.

"No I live here with my brother and one of his friends." She opens the door and walks in, "Well don't be shy Hun come on in." She leads me into the living room and points to the phone. "There should be a phone book under that table if u wanna try callin somebody to get ur car into town." "Thank you so much." "Oh, your welcome. Fancy luscious cutie gets anal ready for sex gonna go get changed would you care for a drink?" "Thanks anything you got is fine." With that she turned and walked out of the room.

I called every station in the book and they were all closed. Marie called out from the kitchen, "Any luck?" "They were all closed." She comes into the front room wearing nothing but some panties and a tank top, "You can stay here tonight and call someone in the morning if you want." I take a beer and say "That would be great." We sat on the couch and made small talk and I couldn't keep myself from staring at her long, smooth, well toned legs that led straight up to those pink panties.

Suddenly I heard her clear her throat which made me raise my eyes to see her staring at me. "See something you like?" She asked with a sweet and innocent tone. "I'm sorry" I said averting my eyes. She slid her hand across my cheek turning me to face her. "Don't be" With that she moved across the couch bringing her lips to mine and stradled me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in closer to me squeezing her firm round ass.

She moaned into my mouth then pulled away. "I've never been with a white boy before." She said as she peeled off her tight little tank top exposing the most perfect C-cups I've ever seen. "Well in that case I'll have to make sure its something to remember." I leaned forward and licked her nipple then bit it making her moan in pleasure. I kissed her my tongued parted her lips and made its way into her mouth. Our tongues danced as I pulled her into me standing up and laying her down on the couch.

I broke the kiss and leaned in and started kissing her neck. I bit her hard and she grabbed on to back and head whimpering and gasping for breath. I grabbed her tit and massaged as I kissed down her neck to her chest. I alternated between licking one breast and pinching and massaging the other. "Mmmm.

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that's it, suck my titties." I stood up to take my shirt off and she leaned up and sucked on my nipple and started undoing my belt. She quickly had it undone and my pants were soon unbuttoned and unzipped as well. She looked up at me as she pulled my eight and a half inch hard cock free and looked at it in amazement. "I didn't think white guys were this big." She said as lowered mouth and licked the sex ssxxx 555 xxx com of my dick and took in the head and sucked it.

She licked the pre-cum from my dick "Mmm" She said as she took all of my dick into her mouth. "Oh fuck Marie, suck that dick. Mmmm. yeah." "You like that?" Marie said as she jerked my cock and rubbed her pussy burningangel hot emo chick fucked in stockings tube porn her panties.

"Oh fuck yeah I do. But now its my turn." I said as I dropped to my knees in front of her and laid her back. I stripped off her pink panties and threw them aside. I spread her legs and ran my tongue along her slit. She threw her head back and pinched both of her nipples as I started flicking her clit. I brought up my hand and slid two fingers into her dripping wet pussy.

She started bucking against my hand and face. I pulled my head back to look up at her and she started screaming "I'm cumming, I'm cum." as she squirted all over my face. She jumped forward and started licking off my face and kissing me. She told me to follow her upstairs to her room.

She got off the couch and headed for the stairs. As she started climbing I just couldn't help but to reach forward and smack her ass. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at me "Is that all you got daddy?" and bent over the stairs.

I licked my hand and brought it down with a loud smack. Marie let out a loud moan of both pleasure and pain and immediately reached between her legs and shoved three fingers into her cunt. I spread her ass cheeks and shoved my tongue into her asshole.

She moaned loudly and shoved another finger into her pussy. "Oh yeah baby lick that asshole. Mmmm. yeah." I pulled my face away and replaced my tongue with a finger.

She reached behind her with her free and started jackin me off. I looked between her legs and realized she now had her whole hand inside her. That was it I couldn't take anymore.

I pulled my finger out of her ass and spit in my palm and used it to lube up my cock. With out so much as a warning I lined up my dick with the entrance to her tight asshole and shoved it in. She screamed and started cumming right there with my dick in her ass and her fist in her cunt.

I smacked her ass and grabbed a fistful of hair driving into her with hard deep strokes. "Oh yeah, oh god, yes, fuck me, fuck meeee." "You like havin this white dick up your ass, baby?" "Yeah. yeah. I love it!" I let go of her hair and dug my fingers into hips and thrust harder and faster into her until finally I unloaded one of the biggest loads of my life into her quivering asshole.

"Mmmmm baby that was great. Lick my ass again. Please Sug." I dropped down to my knees without even thinking about it and started licking my cum out of her ass. When we finished she led me to her bathroom and we showered and laid down to get some sleep. I awoke a couple hours later to the sound of loud laughter coming from downstairs and realized that Marie was gone. I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Marie?" I heard a voice call out. Sueddenly it dawned on me that I was naked and my clothes were downstairs in the living room. "Marie? Where the hell are you?" The voice was just outside the door now.

I got a lil nervous when I heard the doorknob slowly bein turned. The door opened and there stood a big, tall, bald black man. "Who the hell are you?" He asked.

"I'm Erik. I broke down a few miles back and Marie brought me here until I could get ahold of someone to come get me." Just then another man came into the room not as tall as the whipped cream solo and hardcore movie scene sarah banks in anal assertion but just as big.

"What the fuck is this? Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my bed?" "I thought this was Marie's room." I said as I realized it was also his bed and I had fucked his girlfriend. He jumped towards the bed and just barely missed me as I rolled out of the way.

I scrambled to my feet and tried to run out the door but I was grabbed by the taller of the two. "Bring that fucker over here Tony." "Dude you are so fucked" he whispered into my ear. Tony brought me closer to the bed and threw me down. "So what are we gonna do with him John?" Tony asked.

"What do you think?" he said as he took off his shirt. "On your knees you white bitch!" John said and I wasn't really in a place to argue. Now I'm no pussy mind you but I couldn't have kicked both their asses, so I did as I was told. I got off the bed and sank to my knees. They both kicked off their shoes followed by the rest of their clothes.

Then there before me swung to big dicks John's was about 7 inches and not all the way hard and Tony's was about ten in the same state. "Suck our dicks" John commanded. So I reached out and took each of their cocks into my hand and started to jack them both off. "He said suck not jerk. Now suck damn it." With that I opened my mouth and took John's member into my mouth and I absolutely loved how it felt. I felt his hand grab the back of my head and he forced his entire now hard dick down my throat.

I gagged as he began face fucking me. He pulled me off his dick and Tony took his place. He was now hard as a rock and a full twelve inches. My eyes went wide as did my mouth and I tried to swallow all of him. I cupped his balls as I worked his shaft. Then I realized I was hard and completely turned on by being dominated by these two black studs.

"Hey Tony, look at this, John said as he grabbed my dick, "the white boy likes suckin big black dick." "Well lets see how he likes to have them ramming his asshole." Tony brought me to my feet and threw me onto the bed. "Bend over bitch." He said and I willingly complied. I got onto my hands and knees and put my ass in the air for them to ravage.

Tony got back infront of me and I eagerly put his dick in my mouth. I sucked as I felt John's tongue touch my asshole and I loved it. I moaned as he tongued my asshole. I felt the weight on the bed shift as he got on his knees and lined his dick up with my hole.

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"You ready to be fucked like the bitch that you are?" "Yes daddy" was my response. He chuckled at this and pushed his way inside me. He started thrusting his dick in and out of me and I couldn't believe how good it felt to be fucked like that. "How's that ass John?" "He's so fucking tight man." John smacked my ass and slammed his dick into it picking up his pace. I reached between my legs and started massaging his balls wanting him to blow his load in my ass. "Oh fuck yeah you ready for it?

Here it comes." He grunted as he shot load after load of his cum into my ass. He pulled his dick out of me and turned me around waving his dick in front of my face. I reached out and lifted his dick to my mouth and sucked him clean. Thats when Tony said "My turn." He pushed me onto my stomach and I felt his dick at the entrance to my back door and he pushed into me firmly and steadily until he had all twelve inches inside me.

It felt so good to have his huge dick fucking my ass. He was much more forceful with his thrusts making me yell and moan with each thrust. He pulled out of my ass and pulled me ontop of him. "Sit on it. Impale yourself on my pole like a good little slut." "Yes daddy." Was all I could say once again. I sat down on his long, hard shaft and moaned as I felt it bottom out. I bounced up and down on his cock as I took my own in my hand and started masturbating as fast as I could.

I bounced harder and faster grinding his cock into me as I felt him shoot ropes of hot cum into my ass. That was what put me over the edge and I blew my spunk all over the bed.

"Now get your clothes on we'll drive you to town." John said. So we got dressed and we got into their town car and started the fifty mile drive.

John drove and Tony sat in the back with me. We were going down the road when Tony grabbed my hand and brought it to his lap and let it rest against his cock. I took this as an open invitation to get his dick at least in my mouth one last time. I bent over and did just that.

I used my mouth and hand in unison to get him nice and hard which didn't take long at all. I pulled my pants down and bent over and he rammed his dick inside of me. He pumped hard and fast I loved it. He kept calling me a whore and truth be told, I was. I couldn't get enough dick in my ass. He started getting close to cumming and I spun around 18 boy and girls sexi movis sucked his cock as he shot his wad in my mouth and down my throat.

I swallowed it like a good whore. He zipped up his pants and I pulled up mine just as we got to town. They dropped me off at a gas station and wished me luck and left. The gas station attendent called up a tow truck to get my car.

My car got there I paid for everything and left. I made it to Atlanta an hour later and walked into my friends house.

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"What the hell happened, dude?" "Sorry I ran outta gas and got a litlle sidetracked." I said with a smile on my face.