Mom say nfuck me oky

Mom say nfuck me oky
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THE MAN WHO HAS A SPARE This is a sequel of sorts to "Buying a Teenage Girl" by Angel. The author brought the story to a reasonable ending, but I was intrigued by some unexplored possibilities in it. This begins with a summary of it, with some details changed because I felt them superfluously complicating, and others altered to fit my own prejudices. I had started my own business and worked quite hard on it; hard enough that it probably accounts for my not marrying when I was in my twenties.

At 30, I has 50 employees and branches in three cities. At about 35, an uncle on my mother's side whom I had been polite to but never had much contact with died. I had not realized how much money he had, but it seems that he had approved of my business venture and left me enough money that my business could be greatly expanded very quickly and I myself could now have less of a hands-on role - or really only as much as I wanted. I was approaching the age when many executives took a second wife, a trophy wife as it is called.

I had always felt that the practice was immoral, but the idea of marrying a much younger woman had an appeal, and, since I had never married, a young and beautiful first wife was a very different matter to me. I had found a young woman of Latin American ancestry, with no living relatives besides a maternal aunt, raised in the US and American in everything but citizenship.

(Her parents were killed when she was an infant.) She was breathtakingly beautiful, 18 years old, intelligent, and a virgin. I approached the aunt, saying that I had selected the teenager for an apprenticeship and scholarship program. The girl would be working a few hundred miles away, and I would provide food and housing for her. This was true in a way. The lodging was in my home. I told the girl, Maria, that she could either run the household for a salary, or become my mistress.

She would have a month to decide what our relationship would be. From the moment that we left the aunt's home, I tried to be as courteous and romantic as possible, to win her over. After two weeks of intense wooing and attention, Maria blushingly announced her decision.

I took her virginity at eight o'clock on a Friday night, as her shyness turned to enthusiastic cooperation. All her pent-up desire was released on me, over and over, and on Monday morning I asked her to marry me. By the time of the wedding, two weeks later, she had conceived. She remained a very inventive lover, appearing at my office at times in the middle of the day to offer herself to me, as time and the pregnancy went on offering her mouth more than her body Six months after the wedding, some old fantasies surfaced, however, and I began to search again.

This time I found a woman named May Spriggs, a month or so short of 18, and the same distance from high school graduation, living in a small town in North Carolina where she was a science talent search semi-finalist who was being raised by her grandmother.

The girl's mother had been killed by a stray bullet in the neighborhood she had moved to in Durham; the father was a man whom the grandmother never met and who had vanished before the child was born. May was tall slim and black, with very dark skin. The grandmother was told that May would be given a leaked honeymoon video of hot couples of goa job with my company big tits amateurs compilation watch more on in Baltimore and free tuition at Johns Hopkins University, as well as a living stipend and a guaranteed job when she got her degree.

The grandmother was wary at first but came around when given materials on the scholarship program (quite genuine, by the way). The materials were given to her by May. May had gotten hold of a used computer, donated by a local business when the PC was depreciated away, and had an email account through which I had approached her. I told May that she had a choice with me. Either she would be given a twenty hour per week job with my company, with all tuition refunded, and the job full-time at graduation for a minimum of five years - or a position requiring about an hour a week with free room, tuition and board, and me in her bed from time to time.

May, I learned, investigated me thoroughly and demanded both options in writing. This gave me a higher opinion of her than I had held before. The situation was this. It was desirable to have people in my company visit Baltimore and DC (an hour away if you are not familiar with the area) on a regular but unpredictable basis. With hotel prices as they were, it was more practical on a long-term basis to buy a two-apartment house in a nice section of Baltimore (cheaper and safer than Washington), and have someone maintain one apartment for visitors in return for a reduced rent on the other.

This was the second option given to May Spriggs. She would keep the upstairs apartment stocked with food, clean the sheets as they were used in the two bedrooms in that apartment, and have any repairs to the building billed to my company. She would be reimbursed for any groceries or staples bought for either apartment, and given a $20 thousand annual salary. The rent would be on the company books as reduced, but in reality I was going to pay it personally if she used the second option.

The neighborhood in which the house was located was just west of and an easy walk from the Johns Hopkins main campus.

It had the reputation among some people as being racist, because there were newbie lesbo chicks get their yummy pussies licked and rode few blacks living there, though there were many in the city.

But some did live there, more worked there, and there were even a few interracial couples. The racial segregation was real make daddy cum first time dukke the philanthropist in its way, but existed because any house or apartment that became available in the neighborhood became known to relatives of the locals before it could go on the market. And the locals had long been used to Hopkins students of all races living nearby for a few years, three or so in a house with the individuals slowly changing.

I told May that she could live for a month rent-free in the house while deciding firmly on which option she would use. But as a precaution, while she decided (and indeed before she left her grandmother's home) I had her given a thorough examination by a physician and put on birth-control pills. I had no interest in fathering mixed-race children, or indeed in having any carelessness or weakness saddle her with children before she got her degree.

So for August of that year she maintained the house while I visited her for a few hours each week of conversation, ostensibly to see how she was doing but in reality to get her accustomed to the idea of things becoming much more intimate. My trips to the area were nothing like so frequent as a usual thing, but I decided not to delegate any of them for this time. For this month I let myself obsess on how May Spriggs looked in her tight jeans and ruffled blouses, and imagined how she would look when out of them.

I pictured her opening her long legs to me and wrapping them around me as I plunged deep into her, bringing her to ecstasy and filling her with my foiled seed.

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I had told her that I would demand her virginity if she took the second option, and would require her to give me her body when I was in town, but she was going dirty talk masturbating pornsrtar pov be given at least a week's advance notice of that every time.

But I saw no reason at all to deny her the normal social life of a college student. Dating her peers by age or even going to bed with them caused me no problem at all - though I did caution her about venereal diseases, since I certainly did not want to be given one by her.

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I wanted her available to me, and I certainly wanted to be first, but being exclusive when I would only be around from time to time would be absurd, I felt. I telephoned May Spriggs at the end of the month to hear her xxxsanilan hot janamar chota isha ho, and she shyly said that she would agree to accept me into her body, for me to end her maidenhood and make her into a woman with my erection.

The next Friday, a few days before classes began at Hopkins, I arrived at the house in Baltimore with a small suitcase - not a thing commented on by neighbors long used to people from my company staying for a few days. I also had three dresses in May's size, newly purchased for her and of different styles. I let her choose which of them she would wear for a dinner with me in an expensive restaurant, but she modeled all of them for me, one after the other.

One was a yellow ruffled full-bodied dress, one a black semi-business suit, but what she chose for her last night as a virgin was a green silk clinging gown, strapless and almost backless, which showed off her flawless dark skin to perfection. As I sat opposite her that night in the restaurant, my mind came back again and again to how beautiful she looked now and how wonderful it was going to feel as her wet vaginal walls parted for me and I drove into her, two lusty passengers fucked by nasty driver in the taxi her up for the first time.

I pictured her mouth opening at the first penetration, as I broke the membrane of her innocence, and how it would gape again as I gave her an orgasm, and as I flooded her inside with my semen. The way that she kept looking at my face, then looking away and blushing, sometimes looking a bit fearful, made it clear that she had the same thoughts.

While she was below drinking age in the state, nobody at the restaurant was going to object to her being served alcohol - they knew me from past visits, and who could doubt that this sophisticated young woman whom I had as my companion might not indeed be twenty-one or more? Some vodka relaxed her very well without affecting the sweetness of her breath for me.

We returned to the house at midnight. As I stood in the living room, she made the first move, walking toward me with open arms. Our lips touched, and soon our tongues did also. I used my practiced skills to arouse her, until she was trembling in my arms, though perhaps partly from nervousness. I unhooked the clasp and lowered the zipper on the back of her gown enough that the front sagged and exposed her sweet young breasts, for no bra would go with that gown.

I ran my hands over her smooth dark skin and pulled her to me. Then we went hand in hand into her bedroom. "Please be gentle," she whispered as we stood by her bed.

"Of course," I replied. "I want you to want me each time that you see me. I want this and every time to be good for you, because the better it is for you, the better it is for me." The zipper went all the way down. The gown did likewise. I picked up her slim black body and lay her on her bed, and then I slid her panties off, leaving her perfectly naked, and perfect in my eyes.

I removed my own clothing and lay at her side, kissing her again, fondling her breasts, grazing my fingers across her labia, and letting my erection touch her there as well from time to time. She plainly expected me to enter her then, but instead I lowered my head and kissed her vagina.

As she cried out in surprise and drew her legs back in reflex, I continued. I used my lips and tongue to open her further and build her up and up until she cried out again; if it was in surprise this time it was because of the force of the sensations she was feeling at the height of orgasm.

I knew that once I had given her an orgasm with my mouth, May would be more likely to look forward to sex in sleep sister mms me take her virginity and spread her wide for the first time. I had her rest in my arms for a moment, and now I was the one surprised at how quickly she decided to kiss me and taste her own juices on my mouth.

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In a few minutes, May said to me, "I hope you can go on soon. I want very much to feel you in me. I want to know how it feels to have you explode inside of me." "I want to know how it feels to have you open to me and feel your walls part for me; I want to feel your body under mine as you climax at the end of my penis," I replied.

"Oh, God in heaven, I want you!" she whispered. I moved until the end of my erection was between her lubricated lower lips. I slid in for an inch and she gasped.

I slid in a little, and a little more, and in and out until I felt a slight obstruction, though whether it was a maidenhead or just a place where she was tight was not clear. In any case I bent my head to kiss her, and then I moved again. In any case, I moved easily forward now, moving in and out further. May was still nervous and tight - in more than the place where her tightness was to be expected and was so sweet to feel - until I was all the way into her, as deep as I could be and since I felt the end of her cervix as deep as anyone could ever be.

Something changed then, for somehow her mind relaxed and she became more eager for me. May built quickly now under my long slow strokes to a peak that caused her to squeeze me more than even before, calling out, and then collapse to a puddle of satisfied femininity --for some moments. But I continued to pump her body, and now she began to jerk more and more quickly, until the end of my penis shot out hot thick liquid and she screamed my name in release.

We fell asleep together, and when I awoke I learned some things about this dark beauty whom I had deflowered. Or rather I realized the implications of what I had already known. She was intelligent, very intelligent. She was independent, and given to thinking things through by herself.

She had read about sexual practices and activities - what teenage girl is not interested in them? And any hesitations that she had were neverseen japanese trio sex hardcore and blowjob ones, and she knew that what did not harm others would not harm her.

I woke very pretty college sorority pledges finger banged at hazing the feel of a damp cloth washing my groin clean. Then I felt a warm wet mouth on the half-erect shaft that her washing hands had raised.

When she saw my eyes watching her as she knelt over me, dark and glorious, she raised her head to say, "I want you in my body again, but I may be too sore right now. But I can give you this!" She returned to her delicious work, until she seemed to take nearly everything I had, far more than one would think possible for someone to whom this was new.

She stayed on me until I exploded in her mouth, or rather deep in her throat where the bitter taste of semen could not make her hesitate at a critical moment. Later, in the shower together, I brought her to a peak with my fingers as her naked body sagged against mine. That day we talked and walked around the city; that night I entered her twice, the second time making her scream out as she had the night before.

On Sunday afternoon I entered that black teenage body from behind, rubbing her nipples as I did. On Sunday afternoon I left town. Perhaps twice a month I have returned to her, always rejuvenated by her lithe acrobatic form and her eagerness for me.