Amateur babe stripping and sucking in toilet hardcore cumshot

Amateur babe stripping and sucking in toilet hardcore cumshot
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True Story. It took months for me to build up the courage to finally say "Fuck it, I want to taste cock and get fucked". Until this moment I had done everything to simulate the experience. Practicing on dildos no longer satisfied me. I needed something hot in me.

I needed to feel a cock get hard in my mouth. I needed to have my ass stuffed. I needed to swallow cum. I decided it was time to give in to my desires. To submit myself to an older man. A DADDY. So, I posted an add on Craigslist describing my wishes along with a pic of my body. It didn't take long for a reply that piqued my interest.

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He was very direct, fit the criteria, and was nearby. I replied immediately hoping to seize the opportunity. He was free this evening and could host. Perfect. We met at a bar near his apartment to discuss what was to come next. After a few rounds of bourbon I became more comfortable and the conversation got more sexual.

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I told him that I enjoy watching Ass To Mouth porn and asked if we could do that. His eyes widened. A smile broke across his face and he said "Oh yes, we CAN do that". We paid the bill and headed out. He led me to his bedroom and we took our clothes off.

I couldn't wait any longer so I dropped to my knees inches from his cock. On the floor looking up at him I asked "Can I taste it Daddy?". He put his hands on my head and I began sucking gently on his cock. I could feel it becoming fuller with each stroke. I was salivating profusely while pushing myself to take him entirely down my throat. Daddy's dick got thick. I dipped tsex stories riyal tavar xxx six hiroin his cock and started sucking on his balls.

In response, he put one of his legs on the bed allowing me better access to his sac. I gratefully sucked and licked every inch of him.

After the ball bathing was complete I took his cock in my pornfidelity redhead penny pax stays warm natural tits tit fucking, noticed a thick drip of precum leaking from his dickhole, and sucked it greedily down with a slurp.

Daddy pulled me off his cock, picked me up by my arms and pushed me on his bed. I lay face down on the mattress with my ass in the air and my legs spread.

He spat on his hand and began sliding his fingers in and around my asshole. He starts with one, then two, then three and I can feel my little hole beginning to stretch. Suddenly, I turn to him and ask to taste those fingers and he put's them into my mouth, I suck them clean, and I love it. Daddy takes his hand back, spits on it again, and rubs his cock.

He also spits on my hole just before he dives into my ass. My back arches as his thick head pushes through. Daddy says "Open your ass boy" to which I reply "Yes Sir". He's in me, and begins slowly pushing in farther. With every inch I can feel the heat of his cock testing the depth of my ass. I put my thumb in my mouth and moan. Daddy smacks my ass and and tells me what a good boy I am and starts thrusting in and out. He leans into me with his hands squeezing my waist while he is pumping my anus.

I can hear his balls slapping against me. I put my arms back and spread my cheeks for him so he can see my hole being opened.

He goes to the base and presses himself deep as he can. I look back at him and tell him how bad I want to taste his cock right now. Daddy pulls out and stands above me on the bed.

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I take a second to look at his cock glistening with our juices right before I take it into my mouth. I suck him clean, no hands. Daddy then puts me on my back pinning my legs far enough for me to kiss my knees.

He enters me and starts slamming my pussyhole relentlessly.

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He kisses my feet while slapping my thighs and stuffing his fingers in my mouth. I can really feel his strength as he fucks me deep. He spreads my legs wide, I use my elbows to prop myself up and get ready to receive another faceful of dick. Daddy sees how bad I want it.

How hungry I am to taste his cock again. He knows so he pulls out and stuffs it down my throat. He fucks my mouth hard just like my ass. In seconds I'm covered in spit as he's gagging me with his cock. He barely gives me a second to breath before diving right back in. He says " You've been a very good boy. Are you ready to drink cum?" I reply begging "Yes Daddy please! I need to eat your cum. I need it so fucking bad! Please!". He puts me on the floor as he sits on the edge of the crazy scene from this aint duck dynasty xxx. I cup his balls in one hand and jerk him from the base with the other.

My mouth wraps around him and I tongue on the underside of his cock just past the head. I feel his sac tighten in my hand and I know my reward is cumming.

I tilt my head back with my mouth open wide making sure his cock is pointed onto my tongue. He explodes pumping thick, warm,creamy, sweet loads of cum. Some lands on my lips, but I quickly suck in pulling them inside my mouth. I continue to pump his cock until he's completely dry.

Daddy sees a drop on my cheek and uses his thumb to push it into my mouth. He sees me looking at him and says "What are you waiting for boy? Swallow it". I can't reply with a mouthful of cum so I close my mouth and swallow it all.

It's delicious, and I already want more. I open my mouth wide so Daddy can see it's all gone and say "I was waiting for you to tell when to swallow". And that's how I got turned out. To be continued.