Amwf shyla stylez has sex with french guy

Amwf shyla stylez has sex with french guy
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Maria is about to turn 13 and she will discover what is tradition for the prettiest girls in her family. Many men have been keeping a watchful and expectant eye on Maria as she has developed the least few years.

Maria is without a doubt the sexiest girl to CUM of age in her family in the last 50 years. How will Maria react to her role in her family? Will Maria uphold the family honor and do what all of the men will expect of her for the next 7 years? Maria is so young, so cute, so innocent, so deliciously sexy, so in need of being trained to please the men in her family! Let's get it started Maria! Dip IT Low and make them MOAN girl!

BODY: Maria was about to turn 13, in fact next weekend. Maria had began to blossom in the last year as her legs became long, tanned and muscular. All the boys noticed her now and her butt had begun to do that rhythmic sashay that girls do so well. Maria could hypnotize any sany lay on xxx story that watched her walk.

Every man in her family from 21 to 90 had watched Maria come to this point. Maria had been so sweet and flirty the last year and men took note! Maria was almost without a doubt about to assume her position in her family, on her back, legs spread! She just didn't know it yet. Maria was babysitting for her uncle Pierre who had divorced his wife nearly a year ago. He had gained custody of their children ages 2 and 4.

He was getting ready for work and Maria was keeping the kids for him tonight at his house. Maria would be sleeping over since he worked till 9 in the morning. The children were already in bed and fast asleep as he ate his supper in the kitchen before departing for work. Maria wore her favorite little shorts (white) and a pull over top that accented her brown eyes.

She did wear a bra for the purpose of training her budding breasts to be erect and proud. Her panties were peach colored and silky smooth, bikini style. Her complexion was perfect, her legs so tanned and creamy smooth, her hips tight and inviting, her tummy tight enough to bounce a quarter on.

Maria's breasts were merely more than a mouthful but her nipples were still large and pointed. Her brown hair hung down past her shoulders. Maria loved to listen to the funky R&B music and dance around. She knew all the latest dances that the other kids did and she could move her body to every beat.

Maria's uncle couldn't help but watch her now as she heard her favorite song (they were all favorite songs!). Maria dipped her hips low and did a slow humping motion as he choked on his food as he watched her beautiful ass wiggle and could clearly see where Maria's panty gripped her busty babe rachel raxxx pays landlord with sex. Pierre had seen enough!

Pierre stopped eating and picked up the cordless phone. He walked into the back of the house and called into work letting them know he wouldn't be in tonight. There was a problem with his babysitter he had to take of so he would use one of his leave days the boss had been asking him to take.

Pierre returned to the kitchen to see his foxy niece turning to face him, her firm belly showing between her top and shorts. He told Maria he was not going to work tonight and that he was staying with her. Maria asked why and he answered that it was time she learned and accepted her role in the family as all the girls before her had done, even her mother. He explained to Maria that their's was an old Spanish and Catholic family, rich in tradition. A big part of this tradition is that the young girls in the family provide relief for the men of the family except for their father or brother.

But uncles, grandfathers, and cousins are to be satisfied whenever they need to physically release themselves and inform the young girls of their need for them. Maria said she didn't understand. Pierre walked to Maria, put his arm around her waist and pulled her to his lap as he sat down in the kitchen chair. Maria sat on Pierre's lap as one of his hands massaged the small of her back under her top while the other gently teacher and students in school xxx her creamy thigh.

Pierre began to explain what the family expected from her. Pierre explained that when a girl reaches age 13 in their family, she has a duty to satisfy the desires of many men in her family until she reaches 21. Then she is free to marry and will be more pleasing to her husband because of all her experience. He told Maria that she was the sexiest girl that had been in the family for many years.

As a result she could expect many nights and days in the beds of many men. Maria asked, "Do you mean sex?" "Yes my dear Maria. You will have many long, busty honey samples a fat love wand hardcore cumshot nights of sex, pleasing the men in our family and it begins with me, tonight baby." Pierre stated. Maria jumped from his lap and Pierre quickly caught her and forced her against the kitchen cabinets.

Maria begged her uncle Pierre, " please no, I don't want to do that. I'll scream if you try". "Oh sweet Maria, that will only make it hotter when you yield your body to me, and you will. I will be your first lover tonight just as many more men will have you in the days, weeks and years ahead. It is your destiny my child." "You will learn to love giving your body to men over and over." explained Pierre.

Maria struggled as her uncle tasted her lips for the first time. He pinned her arm up and behind her back forcing her to yield her lips to him. Maria's soft plum lips opened for his probing tongue and they kissed for minutes.

He then held Maria's soft hand as he led her to his bedroom. Maria once more asked her uncle to not make her do this as they entered his bedroom and closed the door.

Pierre smiled and replied, " Maria, you must give yourself to me because it is your duty to our family and I have asked to share your body. I am only so glad I am your first lover and will make you moan your first sexual sounds." Pierre took Maria into his arms and kissed her passionately as he held a handful of her ass through her shorts. "Your pussy is going to make me so happy Maria" Pierre whispered in her ear. Pierre lifted Maria's top and her bra over her head and laid her back on the bed.

She was so very sexy and not quite 13 years old yet. She would bring so much pleasure to so many men in their family. Tonight though, Maria was all Pierre's. Maria looked up at her uncle with her big brown eyes.

He really was kinda cute but she had never dreamed of doing this with him or any man. She had talked and flirted with boys and they had even slapped her butt and asked her out on a date. But her dad said there was no way, that she had to save herself? Is this what he meant? Did he know she would one day become lovers with any man in the family who wanted her? Pierre peeled his shirt as Maria looked at his strong, hairless chest.

He had a nice figure for a man in his late thirty's. Maria watched her uncle step out of his pants and she saw the huge bulge in the front. Maria had never even seen a man's thing.

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Maria saw it moving in her uncle's boxers. Moving side to side some and pointing more at her. It looked like it was growing in his boxers. Maria wondered if a man's thingy could really grow and what was her uncle doing to make his grow? Maria was wondering what his thing would actually look like when he took his boxers off. Maria was totally focused on her uncle's hard throbbing cock and the huge shield look of his cock head. Maria couldn't help but stare at it.

Pierre eased onto the bed with his young niece who was no longer trying to escape but seemed rather to be curious about him and his thing as she called it. Maria asked "Uncle Pierre, is this going to hurt me?". "I will not lie to you baby, it's going to sting real bad when I go down inside of you. But it will soon feel so good having me moving in and out of your virgin love. You will feel so happy when we cum together and you see me smile after we have been fucking.

You will see lots of men smile when you give your body to them." Pierre explained. Maria asked one last time, " you are sure, I am supposed to do this with you?" "Momma tells me all teen girl fuckwd by her black guy time to do what ever you say." Maria's mom knew her daughter's time to honor the men in their family was nearly here.

"Yes Maria, you are supposed to become my lover baby" Pierre replied. Pierre lowered his lips to Maria's and they kissed as he held her bare waist. Maria had kissed many boys and loved doing that. The problem was she had no experience at any type of real foreplay or sexual activity but Pierre was about to begin her training in all areas. Maria was so beautiful and felt so good in his arms. He held Maria, nude now from her waist up as his hands explored her soft skin and their lips melted together, tongues entwined.

Pierrre whispered into Maria's ear how sexy she was as his hand unsnapped her shorts and opened the front of them. Maria gasped only slightly in anticipation. Pierre nibbled Maria's neck as his hand young teen uses dildo xxx proving papa wrong inside of her shorts feeling her legs and smoothness of her panties.

Maria was afraid but had been taught by her Mom to do as she was told by those older than her, so she allowed Pierre's hands to roam freely over her exposed flesh and inside her shorts. They began to kiss again as Pierre withdrew his hand from Maria's little white shorts and then slid it back in and under her panties and shorts. He could feel her bare love with only a hint of pubic hair beginning to grow over Maria's love. Maria moaned softly as his hand slid over her love.

They continued to kiss off and on as Pierre's hand played in young Maria's panties. He traced his fingers all around her love slit and clitoris. Pierre kissed Maria's bare shoulder and neck as he whispered for her to push her own shorts and panty down.

Maria was feeling things she had never felt or even really dreamed of feeling before. Her uncle knew how to use the lightest touch of finger and hand on her love area so as to draw his desired response from his young niece.

Maria tried to do as her uncle instructed her by pushing down the sides of her shorts and panties. Maria managed to push them down to the middle of her creamy thighs but could reach no further. It didn't matter anyway because Pierre now knew his sexy, young niece was going to willingly spread for him and he would be her first lover.

He could see how sexy she was a week from being 13 years old and he could imagine how Maria would begin to look after becoming sexually active with men. He was so ready to knock out the first piece of ass from her but was already planning in his deepest mind how he would party with her and share her with other men. Their lips were melting together as the palm of his hand worked and massaged Maria's cunt mound and hairless spilt.

He flicked her clitoris with his finger and massaged it with his hand as Maria moaned during their kiss. This was so totally blowing Maria's mind. She didn't really feel comfortable doing this with an older man, especially her uncle but there was no way she could stop him from having her now and she knew it.

Besides, Maria wouldn't stop even if she could. Maria moaned as the first wave of pleasure swept through her body and her pussy creamed her uncle's hand. Maria held her Uncle Pierre's face and hair with her hands as they kissed and he slipped a finger up inside of her tender pussy. Maria broke their kiss as her cheek pressed against her uncle's cheek.

Maria moaned so softly and sweetly, just like a virgin does as she gets her first finger fucking! He told Maria how good he was gonna make her sexy body feel. Pierre slipped his finger in and out then around Maria's love hole as Maria moaned each time he massaged the interior of her virgin love. Maria moaned more and more as her creamy legs held her uncles hand tight within her pussy.

Pierre worked Maria's virgin hole with his finger and quickly slipped another digit into her as she moaned so sweetly. He could see her eyes beginning to glaze with the pleasure she was getting from him. Maria's chest rose as she quivered under her uncle's touch. He wasted no time in seizing her small young breast with his tongue and teeth. Maria gasped as he inhaled her breast into his hot mouth. Pierre slurped and moaned with delight as he awesome teenie doxy swallows his whole jock and chewed and sucked Maria's breasts.

Her pussy opened more for him now as he sucked and she heated up. Pierre could hear Maria gasping for air as her hips bucked against his hand and fingers. Maria groaned and slapped her hips to him hard and held them there and moaned from deep within. Maria's uncle had led her to her first of hundreds of orgasms. Maria laid under him as he licked her juice from his fingers and then peeled her white shorts and panties off her feet and tossed then to the floor. Maria knew she wouldn't be needing them again tonight.

Pierre kissed his niece's lips softly then down her shoulders, arms, across her chest and down her firm belly as she giggled and jumped.

He used a hand to spread her creamy thighs and licked her waist. Maria's uncle then licked each of her thighs up and down to her virgin cunt. He had always dreamed of gobbling a beautiful virgin pussy. Maria watched her uncle closing in on her pussy as she bit her bottom lip in anticipation. Some of her friends had talked about doing this with older boys but Maria never dreamed it would happen for her. She watched uncle Pierre's tongue lick and slither to the edge of her love and then he sucked her clitoris into his mouth and Maria cried with a deep pleasure as she creamed again and her uncle quickly lapped her young female cum up with his tongue.

Maria's head laid back across her uncle's pillow as he parted her pussy lips with his fingers and licked her wet slit. "OH GOD YES!" Maria cried.

Uncle Pierre began to dart his tongue in allison parker with friend and massive dildo out of Maria's preteen cunt. Pierre had worked his way down in between her sexy legs and they were now draped over his back as he began to enjoy a true virgin meal of delightful, juicy pussy. Every woman in Maria's family knew how to screw well.

It was breed into them. Maria was no different. Maria instinctively began to move her hips and cunt up and down against the hungry mouth that was devouring her very soul. Maria's head tossed side to side as her hands ran through her hair and alternated to run across the balding head of her uncle as he gobbled her cookies.

He soon had a hand on the side of each of Maria's sexy hips as he pulled his meal tightly to his mouth. Maria couldn't control her hips and legs as they disconnected from her brain and yielded to the intense pleasure occurring in her vaginal canal.

Mari's fists clenched her uncle's bed-sheets while her toes pointed and worked under the back of his boxers raising the waist of them time and again. Maria's uncle ate deeper and deeper into his sexy niece's cunt while his hands ran over her small breasts then down her tight belly and over her thighs before repeating the circle again. Maria couldn't even recognize the sexual sounds coming from her lungs and throat as her uncle captured her soul through the tongue that was rimming her virgin love.

Pierre had slurped and licked up all of Maria's female juices he could. The flood was continuous now though and he couldn't keep up. Maria's cunt juices coated her uncle's face and oozed down her ass-cheeks creating a large wet spot in his bed.

The smell of Maria's young and delicious pussy filled the bedroom. Maria suddenly arched her back with force and pushed her hips hard against her uncle's probing tongue. She cried out his name and held her cunt against his mouth as a wave of intense energy swept through her body and out her cunt. Pierre sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and lapped Maria's pussy with an animalistic desire. Maria collapsed after three or four minutes totally stunned and limp under her uncle.

He owned her now and he knew it! Pierre knew he could easily fuck his sexy niece right now, but she was spent for the moment. He had consumed all the energy her young body had as he had eaten out her tender, young cunt. He wanted her meeting his thrusts of hard cock into her hot virgin pussy. Pierre wanted Maria fucking with him, not to just fuck her as she lay under him exhausted.

Pierre slid to a dry spot on the bed and pulled Maria to him. He laid on his back while Maria's nude body lay against him with one of her sexy legs draped across his legs beautiful woman fucked in the living room her hand on his chest.

Mari's head rested on her uncle's chest as his arm held her delicious naked body against him. Pierre told Maria how very sexy and beautiful she was. He told Maria they would soon make passionate love and she would experience the feeling of a man's hard cock filling her womb, a feeling she would desire for the rest of her life. "Rest baby. Sleep in my arms and soon your man will teach you about letting your man fuck your pussy to his satisfaction" Pierre told Maria.

"Soon we will be fucking. You want that don't you Maria?" Pierre whispered. "Yes, yup I do" Maria uttered as she drifted off for a nap. "I do". How should sweet Maria be trained in bed? Tenderly or forcefully? Passionately or with sheer lust?

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How quickly should she began to share and party with men in her family? (Genuine ideas welcomed) The cherry will soon be gone but in what style?