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Xnexx story free sex stories japanese mom
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A couple weeks had passed since Ron got Bella to pleasure his old man. And safe to say, he was very pleased with her work. He watched the video of Bella pleasing his father many times, and it got him hard every time.

He, of course, was still having a lot of fun of his own with the beautiful girl. Each day the sex would get wilder and more perverse. But today, he got word that his poor old sexy broads with big boobs gabriella outdoor toys had suffered a heart attack and was critically ill in the hospital. He gave Bella some time off as he decided that he needed to spend the last few days of his Father's life by his side.

Meanwhile Bella didn't really care about the dying old man, she was just glad to have a few days to herself. She was at home spending some time with her family, relaxing for once.

They started talking about the future. The topic of finances came up. Bella knew she didn't have enough money to move into a place close to her college. Her poor immigrant parents, while very hard working, could not afford such an expense. This saddened Bella. She loved her parents dearly, but they tanner cruz gets fucked in hardcore fashion too strict and conservative.

They set too many rules for her. She needed to be free and live life for herself. She did have a decent paying job as a waitress at a friendly restaurant across town, but recently there had been a management change and the place shut down as it was under some renovation.

Her and the entire crew of employees were unsure of whether they still had jobs or not. They were told the new owner would be in touch with them shortly. Bella opened up her laptop, casually checking her email. Her eyes lit up! A message from the new owner was on her screen!

He sent it days ago but she was so busy with that bastard Ron that she hadn't checked her inbox for days She read the email and gleefully reported the news to her parents in Serbian "Mama, Papa the new owner said I'm one of the employees he wants in his new restaurant! He wants to meet tomorrow!" Her Mom and Dad smiled and hugged her. They knew how much this job meant for her. She replied to the email apologizing profusely for being so late to reply, and asking if tomorrow afternoon was still fine.

She quickly got a message back "Yes it still works, see you tomorrow, Jon." Bella went to bed happy that night, excited that she was employed once again! The next day after lunch with her parents, Bella took a shower and got ready for her meeting.She was trying to decide what to wear. Jon described in his previous email that this was to be a casual meet and greet, so Bella decided against wearing anything too formal. But of course, the young dick-tease still wanted to look good for her new boss.

First impressions, after all, tend to go a long way. She decided to put on a bright pink push up bra that held up her DD cup breasts magnificently. She slipped on a tiny matching pink thong. The poor string simply sunk into the cheeks of her curvy ass. Overtop she decided to wear a favorite that never failed to attract attention.

She wore a thin summer dress. It was a cream colored dress with a faded pink floral pattern. It had a loose fit that flowed beautifully down her body, descending to just above her knees; showing plenty of her toned legs.

She loved the way this dress fitted her body, its like it was made for her. She put on a pair of black flats, and headed out to the restaurant. As she pulled into the familiar parking lot, she read a sign instructing all employees to enter through the back door, because there was construction going on in the front for the renovation.

She opened the back door, and walked into the kitchen. It was the same old kitchen, and the manager's office massage model amateur gets sucked before riding client in the same place as always. She knocked on the door, sweetly asking if anybody was there. "Yes, yes come on in dear" A man replied with a heavy Italian accent. She opened the door and gazed upon a small Italian man sitting at his desk, dressed sharply in a black blazer, matching slacks, and a white dress shirt with the 2 or 3 buttons undone showing his ample chest hair.

The man smiled warmly and stuck out his hand "Hello my dear, You must be Bella. I'm Jon." As Bella walked across the spacious office, Jon was awestruck at her beauty. She was wearing a short cotton summer dress that, when the sun shone on it, was almost see-through.

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It fitted her voluptuous young body like a dream, almost fluid-like the way it cascaded down over her gorgeous curves. The loose and flowing material seemed to cling where it touched and allowed her lovely big boobs to bounce freely and her ass to jiggle almost uncontrollably, lesbian couple licking and masturbating masturbation and couples truly cock hardening sight.

Jon felt a jolt in his groin, he was truly turned on. But alas, the seasoned businessman who was now into his late 50's, knew how to keep a strong poker face. Bella shook his hand. Jon gave the back of her hand a gentle kiss. She smelled of delicious lavender perfume. Whereas some girls would've been taken back by such a gesture, Bella had experienced old men do such vile things with her, that this was nothing.

"Bella, I noticed like myself, you also have an accent. Where are you from?" "I'm from Serbia sir, I moved here when I was young, but I guess I kept a bit of my accent!" She laughed "Oh Please call me Jon. Ahh Eastern Europe" He continued "Home to the most beautiful women in the world." "You got that right" She teased. She warmly smiled back, and then they both took a seat. "I'm from Italy Bella" The old man spoke with confidence "Did you know that your name in my language means beautiful?.

Your parents most definitely named you right" Bella giggled and thanked him for his words. She could already tell that this man desired her, but at least he was confident. It was kind of charming, she had to admit. "So Bella, on to business. Tell me a little bit about what you liked and didn't like about your old job here" "Well, I liked how I got to interact with so many different kinds of people.

I loved my co-workers and that my old boss was very pleasant to deal with" As Jon listened to her response, he noticed that her big breasts would jiggle as she spoke enthusiastically. Whereas most men would allow their gaze to wander, the experienced businessman kept strong eye contact with his employee. Bella noticed this too. Being the tease that she was, she felt a little insulted that he wasn't gazing at her cleavage!

She continued to speak demonstratively, taking the opportunity to make her breasts bounce as often as she could. She knew was already able to see her cleavage, he was probably able to see a small trace of her hot pink bra as well. She continued "I guess what I didn't like was how few shifts I got. I only got a few shifts per week, and most of the Friday and Saturday nights went to the older employees that had more seniority" Jon took out a pencil and paper and jotted down this point.

Bella felt so good about this gesture. It made him seem like he really cared about her concerns. He looked back up at her "That can't be all you didn't like dear, how about the pay?" "Well since you brought it up, It was kind of crummy. Pay was minimum wage." "Ah as many of these waitress jobs are" he agreed as he jotted down this point as well "How about the tips though?

Surely a pretty girl like you made a lot of money through tips" Bella smiled at his compliment and replied "Not really sir. A lot of the customers in the shifts I worked were elderly couples. they weren't exactly the best tippers." He wrote down this last point as well. He took glances up at her and then back into his paper full of her problems. He looked as if he was in deep thought. "You poor thing" he empathized "I'm starting to see why the previous owner went bankrupt.

You see Bella, the key to a successful business is utilizing your employees strengths. You should never have been hidden away in matinee shifts for no one but old hags and their men to see." Bella smiled wide and nodded in agreement. She loved this new owner! While a little brash, he seemed to genuinely care for her.

"This is my offer Bella, listen carefully. I will give you twice your previous salary. If you do your job well, I will give you 10% raises every 3 months." Bella smiled brightly. He continued "If you accept this job. You will have the chance to work every night of the week if you wish, and I will make sure that you work Friday and Saturday nights." He looked at the list again "Oh and the tips, I katinxxx fullsex stories story com you will make more tips in your first week here than you did in a year at your old job." Bella was over joyed!

"YES YES I Accept!" She said with glee. She wanted to give the sweet man a hug. Jon laughed warmly "Oh the ignorance of youth. Bella how can you accept?

I haven't even told you what you job is!" He cried out Bella was confused "Isn't it as a waitress?" "Yes it is, but with a little bit of a twist." He explained Bella listened intently "Let me tell you a little bit about myself dear, I have been around two businesses for almost 3 decades. The restaurant business" he gestured at Bella with his hand "and the business of Strip clubs." He gauged her reaction.

Whereas some of the other waitresses he interviewed seemed put off by this, Bella seemed intrigued, perhaps even aroused. He continued "I own shares of such establishments around the nation. Without getting into the specifics, both businesses have their pros but also have their fair share of cons.

I wanted to start a business that combined the pros of both. So I bought this establishment with this idea in mind" Bella slowly nodded her head "Come Bella, lets make our way and check out the new establishment, its almost ready." They got up, Jon held the office door open for Bella. "After you sweetheart." Bella walked in front of him. His stare now fixated on her ass.

Her flimsy dress clinging to her outwardly jutting ass. The soft fabric stuck in the crease of her bum, outlining its shape magnificently. Bella could almost feel Jon's gaze sexy amateur czech babe gets pounded good for some cash her ass. She made sure to sway her hips as she walked. There was something about this man that was making her wet. While he was a good looking man for his age.

It more so had to do with his confidence, the way he carried himself. He was in control and he acted like he knew it. He wasn't grovelling over her like most pathetic men were.

Bella found this sexy, but also took it as a challenge. As they walked out of the kitchen into the main area. Bella gasped "It looks so different!" she exclaimed. Whereas the old restaurant was bright and cheerful, this was now dimly lit for effect.

There were black booths everywhere, with black circular tables in the middle. Attaching at the center of the tables were silver poles that extended all the way up to the high ceilings. "Jon this renovation must have cost a fortune." she said in awe "It did dear, but it will make me a fortune too." He smiled "And you know, when you come to be my age, you stop obsessing with money and you pursue your passion.

This is my passion project" She continued to look around Suspended from the ceilings were what looked like over-sized bird cages. And at the center of the restaurant was a large round luminous stage. The one part of the place that was brightly lit. Jon saw the girl's eyes gaze toward the stage.

He put his arm around her thin waist boldly. "Oh don't worry dear, the stage and the cages aren't for you. Those will be occupied by the finest exotic dancers I can buy" "What will I be doing then sir?" She asked curiously "You see Bella. My vision is for this to be a place where wealthy men come to enjoy beautiful women, eat delicious gourmet food, and sip on the finest alcohol." he held her chin "you are a beautiful woman, and you will deliver to them the food and alcohol they order." Bella looked inquisitively at the booths "Then what are those poles for?" "Those poles are your chance to earn the the type of tip money you desire my beautiful girl." He smiled "You start as their waitress.

If they want to see more of you, you set your price. If they meet it, you dance for them. You take off what you want to take off, you do what you want to do.

You are in control." Bella felt that familiar tingle in her groin. She was getting so turned on by all of this. Thoughts of teasing rich businessmen were already racing through her head.

Jon could tell how aroused she was getting. He knew she was going to be his star attraction. She looked up at the second level. It was so dark old man virgin teen can you trust your gf leaving her alone with your father there she could barely see what was up there "And what's up there?" she pointed "That's for our highest paying customers.

Those that require a bit more privacy." He smiled as his fingers stroked the small of her back and rested it on her right ass cheek "And you my girl will be getting a lot of offers to go up there." He squeezed her cheek. Bella did nothing. Her panties were getting damp. "There might be one issue with this" Bella said with a concerned look "The dancing, the activities up there. I'm only 17." Jon was amazed. She had the body every stripper he's known would love to have, and at the tender age of 17!

"Age is only a number my girl" he replied smoothly "You don't tell anybody, I don't tell anybody. If by chance someone finds out then I'll get fined. Who cares. It will be our little secret." he smiled He took his other hand and placed it on her waist, turning her toward him. She felt the overwhelming desire to kiss him, but he stood still, subtly rejecting her.

She had never felt like this before. She felt like she desired him more than he did her. Impossible! "Now for the last part of our meeting beautiful girl, I want to train you on teen age brother fuck real sister to act around our customers.

The better you learn, the more money you will make for me and for yourself." "Of course, please teach me" she replied softly "Good girl." He broke their embrace walking to the side room "How tall are you sweetheart?" "5'7", about 120 lbs." "and your breast size?" "30D" "mm good" he replied Bella smiled, she felt the need to impress this powerful man.

He disappeared into the side room and then reappeared shortly. "Bella go into that room." That's where you and the girls will be getting ready before shifts. "I have assigned you a station and put your uniform on the desk.

Also put on your make up. Take all the time you need. I want you to look even sexier than you did on your prom night." "Yes sir" as she walked to the room door "she took his words as a challenge. She wanted to know his socks off" The room was large and spacious. The whole room was brightly lit, in stark contrast to the space outside. The walls were painted white and in large font and ink letters, the word 'Heaven' was painted over the doorway. There were dozens of individualized spaces for girls to get dressed.

Each space equipped with a stool, table full of makeup and accessories. A large mirror in front of every space. Above each space was a cubby with three compartments. One held a beautiful white dress. The other held a white lace pushup bra and matching panties. And in the last there were white stiletto heels and a transparent hair clip that supported on top of it a bright halo.

Bella figured Jon was intending for his girls to dress as angels. They both knew that they would act anything but angelic. Bella noticed her name taped to one of the spaces. She walked over and examined uniform. She was in awe. Each uniform must have cost hundreds of dollars. The man really did not cared about money!

She slipped off her clothes and started to get ready. Jon waited outside for half an hour. He didn't care about the wait. He wanted his girl to look perfect. He saw great potential in her. Working in the stripper industry, he had seen a lot of beautiful women, none were on her level though. None had the complete package she did. Her big breasts, thin waist, a masterpiece of an ass, and long toned legs. Most importantly, she didn't look worn down like most older strippers did.

She had the youthful looking face that alone could make a man crumble. She was young, she was malleable. If he taught her the trade properly, men would come from all over just to see her. She would be his star attraction for the next ten years. Finally the door swung open. His eyes widened as Bella walked in The top half was perfectly fitted. Made of silk and subtly embroidered with very fine lace. It fitted tightly around her slender waist and the two lace trimmed cups fitted the beautiful shape story xxx gratis de jovencitas menores de edad dormida her huge round breasts perfectly.

Being strapless it seemed to be a gravity defying miracle the way it held out her big breasts in front of her. Her shoulders were completely bare, her flawless young skin was so smooth and taut.

All that hung around her neck was a delicate silver chain with a tiny matching cross that sat comfortably just above her exposed mountainous cleavage. The lower part of the silk dress flowed tightly over her ass showing off its steep outward curve from the small of her back and its gorgeous shape to perfection. It ended just below her ass cheeks.

Jon purposely bought such dangerously short dresses for his angels. She walked so gracefully toward him on the high heeled white stilettos that so many women would struggle with. Her breasts jiggled with every step. As she came closer, he examined her face. Bella had put dark black eyeliner which accentuated her big youthful green eyes. She had on seductive eye shadow, and just a touch of blush on her on her ivory colored cheeks.

To top it all off, she put on dark red lipstick. Of course, it seemed as if there was a halo floating over her head. Jon thought this was so hot. He had created the sexiest and naughtiest angel conceivable. Jon pretended not to look impressed. He couldn't let her get comfortable, she had to keep the will to improve if she was to become as great as he wanted her to be.

Jon sat down in a booth. "OK Bella, you are to be my waitress. Here, we begin by serving our patrons wine as they look over their menu." "Yes sir." She walked back to the bar area. Jon once again took the opportunity to admire her shapely ass. The dress did the trick he hoped for. The bright white color in the dark environment served so patrons could admire the bodies of his angels from across the room. Bella looked like she was glowing. She brought him a bottle of wine and a glass.

And started to pour. "Uh uh uhh." He stopped her "What did I say about using your strengths?" Bella was confused "Patrons will come here to view your body. You must show it to them.

Bend at your waist as you redhead camille crimson gives a sensual irrumatio blowjob so they can view down your wondrous cleavage." He said sternly Huh so he wants to play this game huh? thought the tease. Ill show him. She had to admit though, this powerful, calm, collected man commanding her around was making her so wet.

She bent over like he said as she poured him a cup. She left the bottle there and handed him a menu. He opened it. She asked him if he had any questions about the specials. "Come on Bella" he begged "Men want to feel like sexy young girls want them. Make them feel like you want them. Touch them at every chance you can get." This challenge was appealing to Bella's competitive side. She asked the question again, this time patting his thigh dangerously close to his crotch.

"I do have a question, does this appetizer contain nuts?" he feigned In order to read the menu. Bella positioned behind Jon and let her breasts press against Jon's head. Pressing forward while wrapping an arm around his shoulder. "Good, now you're getting it" he said with pride Bella felt proud of herself. She was shocked at the price of the food on the menu though, it was the most expensive menu she had ever seen.

She knew only the wealthiest men would be coming here. This aroused her. "Get me the soup" "Of course sir" she went to the kitchen there was a dish out labelled soup so she just brought that to him "mm smells good" Jon feigned "why don't you keep me some company while I eat" Bella wasn't too sure how to respond. At her old job she couldn't spend too much time with any customer because she had so many others to take care of.

She looked at Jon with some confusion. He simply nodded reassuringly. She did as she was told. "I would LOVE to sir" she smiled seductively She sat down on his lap, feeling his cock twitch at the touch of her ass cheeks "Good girl" he said He took out his wallet. Bella looked at it and couldn't believe how many big bills were stuffed into it. He took out a single bill She stuck out her hand He slapped it away "When accepting a tip, use anything but your hand to accept the tip.

It makes the man feel powerful. Men love to feel powerful." He took the hem of Bella's dress and pulled it up so that her bare ass cheeks were on his lap.

He took the band of her panties and folded the bill over top of it. this was making Bella so horny "Pour me a glass of wine girl" She brought the glass up to just below her cleavage, and poured in the wine.

This almost forced Jon to look at her breasts. Jon smiled this time he took a larger bill out of his wallet. Bella's eyes were fixated on the bill.

"Greedy girl, look at the patrons eyes as he gives you the money." She quickly looked into Jon's eyes. Jon reached into her cleavage and felt her magnificent breasts. He folded the bill and placed it in the inside of her bra, grazing his had over her hard nipple. "Now Bella, how many of these bills will it take to get toe curling orgasm for coed hottie olivia wilder out of that dress?" Bella looked confused.

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"Remember Bella. You are the prize. You demand the price. If they refuse, then it is their loss." Bella hesitantly put three fingers up. "Stupid girl." he said "Men will pay so much more to see you" Bella was shocked. This was the first time anybody talked to her like this. He peeled off three bills. She looked him in the eyes again. He folded one up and circled her lips. She opened her mouth and he shoved it in her mouth. She felt so disrespected, but it turned her on so much He put the other in her right bra cup this time.

Taking the time to play with her nipple before withdrawing. With the last her reached under her dress and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Her panties were soaked. He knew she was loving this He reached under her panties and placed the folded bill there. "One more if you dance while you take it off" She shook her head and held up two fingers He smiled He peeled off two more bills and stuck it in the crotch of her panties again, this time inserting a finger into her soaking wet pussy Bella moaned softly She loved how he was commanding her around.

But also the element of money was making it so exciting for her. She felt like a cheap whore, but it was so arousing. She stood up on the table and started moving her body rhythmically Jon sat back and enjoyed the show She dude is willing to fuck black babe her back to him and started shaking her ass in front of his face.

he had seen few strippers shake their ass as well as this young babe was. How well she could dance was surprising him. She moved so seductively and gracefully in her high heels. Bella knew she could dance, having had so many years of dance training. She was a master of her own body.

Even at a younger age, she would stay after hours and exotic dance using the poles in the studio. She was truly at home on stage. She next she wrapped her legs around the pole and suspended upside down from it. Gravity took her dress down so that her ass was exposed. Even the bills in her panties fell out! She started moving her hips rhythmically, pretending to hump the pole Jon was getting so turned on watching this performance. He took multiple bills out of his wallet and showered her in them.

This encouraged her even more She got off of the pole. put her ass inches from Jon's face and moved it in front of him. the normally composed old man lost all control He sunk his face into her delectable ass. Licking her cheeks.

Bella knew now, she was finally in control. She let him have some fun, before she immediately stood up and wagged her fingers. She She took the hem of her dress and lifted it all the way over her head. She took her dress off completely and placed it on the booth; revealing her magnificent breasts encased in the silk white push up bra. Jon lost it "Enough. How much to take you upstairs and fuck you like the teenage slut you are" Bella smiled seductively "She motioned with her fingers, not a number, but a distance between her thumb and finger." Jon smiled as he realized he had created a monster.

He took out a stack of bills from his wallet and threw it on the table Bella smiled "lets go old man" In his lust he got up and picked up the light girl in his arms.

He carried her up the stairs like a groom carries his bride after their wedding day. He practically ran up the stairs. Bella saw that upstairs there were tables that were surrounded by hammock like beds.

He threw her on suspended mattress. He could not recall ever feeling this type of lust before in his life He slipped off her panties. She stood up and took off her bra, letting her big breasts out at last. She walked to him, completely nude save for the stilettos and hair clip, took him by the collar of his shirt and started making out with him passionately. She wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. His hands were mauling her tits as she kissed him. She unzipped his pants and started stroking it with her small soft hand.

His cock was so hard, it was pulsating. She took him and pushed him on to the bed. She mounted him, moaned as she inserted his thick cock into her soaking pussy.

She started riding him The man was caressing her breasts, gently squeezing her breasts as she fucked him. "Squeeze harder!" She roared Jon was shocked but did as he was told. He started to squeeze the life out of her tits. Bella smiled.

It hurt so much but she loved the pain. The whore in her had taken over. And it became bolder each day. "Squeeze my nipples!" Jon was finding this so hot as well. He pinched her light pink nipples and started twisting them, causing them to darken Bella screamed. Jon took one hand and out it around Bella's slender neck. He started squeezing it. Bella was finding it hard to breath, yet she wanted him to choke her tighter as she fucked him.

She was fucking him so hard. She couldn't remember the last time she was this turned on. Jon put both hands around her neck and started squeezing tightly. She tried to scream but no words came out. She felt her legs shaking, she was losing consciousness. As she had a powerful orgasm and dropped onto Jon's body.

She blacked out before quickly coming to. She had never felt something so sensational. She had to repay her new pretty chubby blonde enjoys a hard fucking. She stepped off of his dick and lowered her mouth to his still hard cock. She started licking the tip of his cock while looking up at him seductively with her big green eyes. Jon started moaning loudly She took the full length of his cock into her mouth and started to suck it rapidly She took it out of her mouth momentarily and wrapped her breasts around it.

She started moving her breasts up and down the length of the cock, while putting the head in her mouth, licking it round and round. Jon started moaning louder and his cock started to twitch. Bella removed her tits from around his dick and fully took its length in her mouth This was her favorite part. She waited as the hot semen came spewing out of the old man's cock and started going down her throat. She sucked the head of his cock, milking every drop of semen She looked up at the dazed old man and smiled "How was that?" Jon was speechless Bella was satisfied with this response.

She stood up and walked downstairs to the dressing room and changed back into her original outfit. As she walked out of the room, Jon awaited her, fully dressed and composed again. "You were wonderful" He said as Bella was collecting the old man's tip money, amazed at how much money she just made "We open two days from now, on Friday night.

You will be my head waitress." Bella walked over to the old man and again kissed him hawt legal age teenager shows off amazing body hardcore and blowjob. She didn't want to stop making out with him, but she knew she had to get home.

She smiled, thanked him for the job and expressed how excited she was for opening night. As she walked out, she did not have that familiar feeling of guilt she did after fucking Ron and his dad. Her looks and sexual ability just landed her a well paying job that she would absolutely love. Maybe there was more to gain from seducing men than she initially thought. END For those that like pictures to accompany a story. Check out this album I made to see how I picture Bella when I write my stories.

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