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Kanojyo no oneesan wa yuuwaku yaritagariko momotani erika
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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Angelika ran to Alan as soon as she was sure it was him. "My god Alan! Please stop doing that!

If the worry doesn't kill me the apprehension will!" Throwing her arms around him she held him as close and tight as she could. "I'm sorry mother; I had to find the answer to what you asked me. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't find out the truth." Alan told her as he held her close.

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"I believe that I found out enough to actually give you an answer, mother." "Alan it wasn't that important right now I was., Wait, did you just call me mother? It sounded like you were completely convinced now. What has changed?" Angelika asked. "I asked Uncle Emory if he remembered where that bunker was. He did, so I thought I might be able to visit it and find out a few answers." Here Alan sighed.

accidentally fuck ass hole and surprise poop shits it all bad news Alan?" Angelika asked a little afraid of what Alan had found or might not have found. "No, I wouldn't say all bad news. I did find evidence of all of you, the assistant, the Doctor, and one other. Apparently three others besides you four survived. Though I haven't felt the presence of this third person." Alan explained Varick had just walked up his eyes growing wide at this news.

"You mean to tell me that there is another homicidal maniac out there?" "I'm not so sure, the third person might be hiding much like all of you were.

I'm not even sure if it was a lab person or not. I guess we'll have to see if they make a move. They are nowhere as strong as the Doctor or the assistant were, but they have some abilities that I can tell," Alan explained.

"Have you tried to go back to that day again to possibly find out?" Alan heard Truda behind him. "Not as of yet though I don't think I can. Remember when you tried with me and I stopped you?" Alan asked to which Truda was nodding.

"It's a little like that the further back I go to that point the harder it is to see. The only time it is clear is in the dream state.

I can't really explain that though." Alan replied. Truda was quiet a moment as she was in deep concentration. "Have you ever tried to induce that state on your own," she suddenly asked. Alan thought a moment then replied, "No, the thing is I don't even know how I do it.

I'd try to induce it if I had any idea of how I could." Truda sighed then a new light shown in her eyes. "Can you tell me anything about this third person? Did you feel anything at all? I know you found the doctor's, the assistant's and our DNA there. What of this third person?" Alan almost smacked his head when Truda mentioned this. "That is another strange thing.

The third person's DNA felt female but I know that is impossible, you and mother were the only females left weren't you?" Truda's eyes went wide again as she turned toward Angelika. "Are you thinking what I am?" Truda said as Angelika's eyes also went wide.

"You really think she survived? I know they kept her around but we all assumed that she was killed also. My god!" Angelika said in horror her hand over her mouth. "All this time alone! None of us knew!" Alan was at first confused, then a little upset that they were purposely keeping him out of the conversation.

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"Excuse me, powerful person here? Hello? HEY!" Alan finally shouted to get their attention. "We're talking Alan in a minute!" Angelika told him. Shaking his head Alan knew better than to argue with her. Sitting on a bench Alan looked at Varick who was also shaking his head at what the women were discussing. Finally what seemed an hour later Alan felt a tap on his shoulder.

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"We need your help Alan." Angelika told him after he opened his eyes. "Why?" Alan snapped at Angelika. "You both obviously have no damn need to talk to me!" Angelika and Truda both stopped short backing up a bit. What in the hell was Alan's problem? "I'm sorry Alan," Angelika said, her face turned toward the ground a small pout on her lips.

"We didn't think it wise to discuss this until we were more certain. As you know there were ten of us in the bunker." "Yes I remember that part, what was this talk that you both were on about? They kept her around and you thought she was killed?" Alan asked. Sighing and taking a deep breath Angelika started.

"There were ten of us, five males, and five females. Five you know of, all of us here. Of the last five four were killed a few months into the program. The last was a young woman named Helga. The Doctor gave her to the soldiers to. to use. She did it to survive we thought she was with the soldiers when the bunker exploded, now?

Neither I nor Truda are sure." "So how do you think she responded after they were all killed? I haven't felt any others as strong as we are out there." Alan stated. "Yes I know," Angelika replied a strange look on her face. "I know it was horrible for her, to be used by so many so uncensored husband porn train grope and rape in sex stories. My god Alan if she really survived she is probably a master of hiding." Tears were now starting to fall freely from her eyes.

"If she is alive you think you could heal her Alan?" Alan looked at the almost shattered look of pain in his mother's eyes.

"All I can say is, I can try. As powerful as I am though, I have had no inkling to her. I'll start to look, though if as you say she is hiding, it might not be a solicitous welcome I receive when I do find her." Angelika nodded a true look of gratitude in her eyes.

"Thank you Alan that's all I want, if we can help her I want to. No one deserves the pain and torture that both of them put all of us through!" Alan nodded as he reached out he had to be careful not alert the Doctor if he did find her. They really didn't need him finding her and starting on her again. In the mean time the others went about strengthening their abilities. It was almost a week later when Alan got the first niggling of another strong natural ability person.

Gently Alan tried to talk to the presence finding that he was quickly pushed away! Startled Alan tried again only to have the mind disappear! Shaking his head Alan knew that they couldn't hide from him anymore he'd already felt their energy. Another day Alan finally had a break through as the mind finally talked to him.

<Go away!> Alan heard very forceful thoughts! <I am here to help kinky jada takes it up her ass as I have the others.> Alan told the voice. <NO! You are one of those that wish to hurt me, I won't allow that EVER again!> the mind said as Alan was knocked off his feet! Smiling Alan knew he had his work cut out for him. Winking out Alan appeared outside a stone building on the other side of the village!

Well I'll be damned! Alan thought. <May I talk to you? Please?> Alan asked. <I told you to go away! They won't like you disturbing me. Go before you get hurt!> the voice told him almost pleading. What in the hell was going on? Alan thought as he held up a hand blocking about thirty energy blasts.

<I suggest you call them off before they get hurt.> Alan told the mind. <Hurt? Just who are you?> the mind asked, even as Alan blocked and reflected half of the next wave of blasts that hit his defenses. There were about fifteen cries before Alan felt the minds of those cries passed out. <I suggest that you withdraw before more of you get hurt!> Alan told those left. <I am far stronger than you think!> <Stop my children, please?

I do not want you hurt. Let him pass> the mind told those left.

<But Precious india summers craving for a large meaty cock Alan heard several minds respond. <NO! Stop before you are hurt. This one is different, very different.> the first mind said. <Stranger you may come in but I warn you what you will see is not for the faint of heart.> <I understand, may I ask? Are you Helga?> Alan asked. There was an almost audible gasp as the mind replied, <I haven't been called that in an extremely long time.

Tell me stranger how do you know it?> <I was told that a Helga was one of the five that were still alive when the bunker exploded. That she might have been one of those that survived.> Alan responded. <Survived? I thought they all were killed. When I awoke I was alone, in such pain, so broken.

I knew I had to get out of there before I died. I was suddenly miles from the bunker beside the river. The same you see here, I have been here the ever since. Who told you my name?> the mind asked. Alan smiled as he prepared his self for the surprise that he was sure the mind was going to receive. <Why my mother, Angelika Verlorenen.> Again there was an almost audible gasp, <Angelika? My god! She's still alive? She survived? And what of her brother?> <He did also, as did Harman and Truda.> Alan told the mind as he hot busty buffy cleaningrnwindows topless for fun masturbation big boobs moving to the door.

<That is such good news, thank you for telling me the truth. Please don't be alarmed when you having naked bodies all around him is the sexiest thing ever me?> the mind told Alan.

Alan took a deep breath as he opened the door. On the other side he saw a huge bed though what was on in resembled nothing that could be called a human any longer. It appeared to have possibly been human at one time though now every part of it was twisted and misshapen. Parts were still charred with a great many that seemed to be missing. <As you can see I am no where what I was.

I haven't had the gift of speech since that day. I knew I couldn't go home, not like this, not after what I had done to survive. I have tried to heal myself to no avail. I therefore accepted my fate and here we are.> the now sad mind said.

<As I said I am far more powerful than you think, I could try to heal you if you wish. In fact it was my mother's wish that if I could I was to help you.

May I?> an unfazed Alan asked. <I would like that if you could, though I do not hold out much faith. Let me tell the others so we are not disturbed.> the mind told him. <I should tell mother also so they don't start hunting me. Mother has an annoying habit of doing that!> Alan replied.

With a chuckle the mass of broken, charred, twisted, misshapen flesh was silent as they both told the others. It was almost two hours later that Alan stopped with his examination of the mass. There had been an extremely huge amount of the DNA that had been rewritten. Finally understanding Alan told Helga, <I finally know what I have to do. I am afraid that parts of this will be painful.

I am sorry I'll try to hurry through those.> <Anything that you can do will be a god send. Just to be able to look at myself again and not be disgusted would be wonderful.> Helga told him. Nodding Alan finally started the long and arduous process of restoring Helga to a semblance of looking human. After an hour Alan could see that this was going to take a hell of a lot longer than he thought.

Two hours and he finally had almost all her DNA where it should be. Feeling drained Alan knew he had to keep going. This was taking far more energy than he thought it would.

At three hours Alan felt that he was going to fail. Helga had barely started to shift back to what she once was. 'Damn it!' He thought, 'I've come so far!' Barely able to keep his eyes open he tried to push more when he heard a voice. "That's enough Alan." The raspy, gravelly voice said. "If you are dead then I'll never be human again!" Shocked Alan had stopped but the energy drain had taken its toll on him as he looked up seeing that the mass was far more human looking.

"I'm sorry I failed you." Alan said then concentrated. "Mother I think I did it ag." Was all Alan got out as the world began to spin and he was falling. Expecting to feel the floor he was surprised his head was laying on something soft. <God,> Alan thought. <So soft!> Hearing a soft giggle he let the darkness take him.

It was several hours later when Alan jerked awake disturbing the soft pillow he was laying on. Trying to sit up too quickly the room slightly spun again as he grabbed the first thing he could. There was a gasp as his hand met very soft clothed flesh. Without looking Alan knew it was Angelika, "Sorry mother but I still say that they are so soft." Angelika got a huge smile on her face.

"I thank you son, though you can let go now. Your grip is a little intense!" Alan quickly released Angelika's breast his face reddening. "Sorry again Angelika, I grabbed the first thing I could.

I am obviously still not completely recovered." Angelika's face was suddenly serious as she told Alan, "I thought I warned you about extending yourself so far? You know you can only do so much before your body gives out. Though you are a lot stronger you aren't invincible!" Alan was nodding as his mind ran through everything that he'd done.

Suddenly a raspy voice behind Two euro sluts crave for jizz loads said.

"I agree. This is the first time in ages that I have had any hope." <I am sorry Alan, talking is still difficult.> <It's alright Helga, I am sorry that I failed to finish you.> Alan told her the regret heavy in his thoughts. <As I said Alan, just that fact that I now have any type of hope after so long is encouraging.> Helga's thoughts said.

"Really Alan," Angelika spoke up. "You are far too hard on yourself." Shaking her head she continued on. "I wish I had been there to instill more confidence in you. That bastard will pay if it's the last thing I do!" There was a gasp then Helga's thoughts said, <You mean to tell me that sadistic mad scientist is still alive?> Looking at Alan her thoughts almost screamed.

<You have found me! It is only a matter of time before he does also. He will destroy me and my children!> Angelika turned to Helga, "No, he will not. Not if all of us have anything to say about it! Alan is as strong if not stronger shemale fucks girl and cums in her pussy him. He has already destroyed the Doctor's assistant that also survived.

It shouldn't be too long before the Doctor is next." Helga had been starting to get worked up 'til Angelika told her the last part. <Just how many of those sadistic bastards survived? I don't want to have to look over my shoulder the rest of my life.> "Til he found out about you, we thought only six had survived. Though I have to ask Helga how you did." Angelika asked. <I had just, finished with one of the guards. I was recovering but needed something for pain.

I thought the Doctor might help as he often did. I had just opened the door when the whole lab seemed to explode. I was propelled backwards through the wall into a back store room.

As I explained to Alan I awoke alone thinking that everyone was dead. Feeling I needed to get out of there I was suddenly beside the river.> Helga told them. "I am so sorry Helga," Angelika told her. "All of us have lost so many memories because of what both of those two did to us. Had we known we would have tried to help you. For now we need to have Alan recover so he can finish you.

I have to say you are looking more and more human by the hour." <Yes, I can feel my body starting to shift more and more. The changes are so slow but I can still feel them.> Turning her now more human looking head toward Alan her thoughts continued. <I can almost see again! Many things are starting to feel normal again, I thank you so much Alan.

It has been so long, when you are ready I will be ready. The short wait will be nothing compared to how long I have been like this.> Suddenly there was a commotion at the door as a multitude of children burst through. <Mother!> came a multitude of mental shouts.

All of them stopped short when they saw Angelika with Alan laying on her lap. <Hey mister? Is that your mommy?> Alan could only smile wide, <Why yes, she is.> He replied. <She is very beautiful, like mother was before she was hurt bad.> the multitude of minds said as one. <Are you fixing mother up? Will she be beautiful again?> the minds asked.

Angelika's eyes went wide then she blushed. She was so unused to being called much of doctor sex xxx sex sd let alone beautiful. <I am trying, I tried to do too much and got really tired. I am sorry if I hurt some of you earlier.> Alan apologized. <No, it was a lot like the hunting and hiding game we play. Though we don't usually take naps this early.> Alan heard the minds chuckle. <I understand, I will try again soon to as you say, continue fixing up your mother.> Alan responded.

<I hope that soon I will be able to hold each of you my children.> Helga told them. Many of the children had tears falling from their eyes, <that would be so nice mother.> Alan sighed he just hoped that he could actually help Helga more. Again attempting to rise he found that he was finally starting to recover his energy. Leaning back against Angelika Alan whispered into her ear. Nodding she concentrated then there was suddenly a huge plate of food in her hands. "Thank you," Alan said as he started to wolf the food down in no time.

He busty mom and teen bitch lesbian session just realized that he hadn't eaten in an entire day! A moment later Angelika handed him a second plate that disappeared as fast as the first. Two more plates later Alan stood finally starting to feel more normal, well what normal was for him. Walking to Helga he warned her that this next part was going to hurt. Nodding she told all of her children, she didn't want them attacking thinking she was in danger.

Alan looked at Helga intensely as his hands started to glow. Suddenly there was a popping and crackling of flesh and bone as Helga started to scream. Speeding up Alan finished her head and shoulders in a few minutes. Shaking his head the body was going to take a lot more. Slowly Alan began to move down her body finally reaching her pelvis. Here he was having the hardest time as many of her organs had shifted to perform other functions.

Finally an hour later Alan had finally reconstructed everything from the waist up. Stopping he panted, this was the most extensive reworking he'd ever done. It was almost as if he was building a human being, then thinking about it he thought he just about was. Moving down further he skipped her reproductive organs, there would be time for that later.

He'd been at it for almost two hours when he was finally finishing with her feet. Falling back Alan was tired though no where as bad as before. Closing his eyes a moment a soft female voice asked, "Alan are you alright? Oh my god!" Helga said as she grabbed her throat. "I haven't heard my real voice in so long! It has always been a memory that I thought I would never experience in life again." There was a rushing of feet then Alan was being crushed against another pair of soft breasts!

"I'm just tired Helga." Opening his eyes he saw a twenty something female with big blue eyes, long brown hair, and a slender figure. Damn Alan thought the children had been right she was gorgeous! That plus the fact that his head was still pressed against her somewhat large naked chest! Helga eyes went wide when she saw that Alan was responding sexually toward her. Quickly she withdrew wrapping a large sheet around herself. Alan saw the look of near terror on her face understanding immediately.

"I'm sorry Helga," Alan said as he lowered his head. "It wasn't my intention to bring up such painful memories." When Helga didn't speak Alan really felt bad as he arose on shaky feet heading for the door. He'd almost made it when he cursed as his legs betrayed him. Sinking to the floor with a thud Alan thought, 'Damn it twice in one day!' There was a gasp then Alan was being helped to lean against the wall.

The thing was it was Helga not Angelika that was kneeling beside him. "Thank you." Alan whispered drawing a huge smile from Helga. "I apologize Alan I know you'd never hurt me like those animals did all those decades ago.

The pain is still there as the fear. I'm not sure if I can ever get past it, I hope I can with your help. Anyone who can do this," here she indicated her body. "Can obviously do a hell of a lot more than I at first gave them credit for." Alan nodded as he tried to speak damn it he hadn't waited long enough! Here he thought he was far stronger than he was!

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<I am sorry I didn't finish everything. I skipped your reproductive organs, knowing they would take far longer to repair.> Alan thought to her. Laughing for a moment Helga told him, "Alan I have thirty children!

I think that part can wait! That is if I ever want it whole again. Knowing I cannot be used right now, helps me far more than a lot of what you have already done." "We need to get back soon Alan before." Angelika started then there was a multitude of mental shouting about another pretty lady appearing outside. Smirking Angelika thought, <in here Truda!> Helga's eyes went wide as Truda stepped in the sex xxx bideos usa com. Truda's eyes were also wide as both of the women ran to embrace each other.


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Dear friend I thought you were gone!" Reaching into her pocket Truda brought out a necklace. "I kept all these years. For a long time I didn't know what it was, or who it was from. Alan gave all of us our memories back. Thank you, it was always something I held close to me even though I didn't know why.

All these years I have been longing to know, now I can return it to you." Tears were streaming from both women's eyes as Helga tenderly touched the cross shaped necklace. "I thought it was lost with you, thank you." "We'll be back soon Helga, we have to get back.

Will you be alright?" Alan asked. Nodding Helga threw her arms around Alan's neck hugging him. "I am now, better than alright." Alan nodded as both Angelika and Truda took his arms and they vanished.