Blonde chick khloe kapri banged by her pervert room mate

Blonde chick khloe kapri banged by her pervert room mate
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My wife leather panty wife gets pov bareback sex asked me to ring Vivienne Smith back to let her know if I could do her a favour. We had got to know Vivienne quite well over the past few years as her son was at the same school as mine. Both boys, now approaching their 20th birthdays, had started university last month. My son at Birmingham and Vivienne's son Finlay was going to Leicester.

I rang Vivienne up and asked how I could help. She explained that my wife suggested I might be able to take some things up to Finlay next time I was going to Leicester for work, which I did every 3 weeks or so. I said yes, I'd be pleased to and that I was going up next Monday.

We arranged that I would call in on my way up Monday morning about 10am. It was just before 9am when I rang her doorbell, Vivienne answered wearing a robe and slippers with her hair wrapped in a towel. She apologised saying she had just stepped out of the shower, I apologised for being early but wanted to get booked into my hotel before meeting up with my colleagues. She asked me in and said she would get the things for Finlay ready. I noticed that she was alone, her husband Mark normally worked form home.

He's away again she said, two weeks in China this time. I waited in the hallway while she dashed upstairs, her robe barely covering her bum as she ascended. Hmm nice I thought.

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Vivienne was an attractive lady with shoulder length brown hair, nice figure considering she'd had two kids. As she came down she had not changed out of her robe and I caught a glimpse her black thong, not visible from behind as it was deep between her bum cheeks. Here we are she said, showing me the box and its contents. A couple of books some sweets, chocolate and hair product.

Also, some expensive looking face cream. Finlay had always taken care of his appearance so it wasn't a surprise to my wife or me last year when my son told us that Finlay had told everyone he was gay.

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I recall though that his dad never spoke of it over the summer either at a bbq or drinks party we were at. She thanked me again for taking these things for her, I put my hand on her shoulder and said it was no problem and looked forward to hearing how Finlay was getting on. Vivienne started to cry almost as soon as my words left my mouth.

I pulled her in for a cuddle asking what was wrong. Through tears and sniffles she explained that Mark had virtually disowned Finlay after he had come out, and that other than driving him to Leicester for the start of term he didn't want to visit him. Vivienne went on to horny swingers love to be naked outside that she couldn't travel up there herself as there was no one to look after Jude her youngest son. I told her not to worry and that before she knew it term would be over and Finlay would be home for Christmas.

She hugged me tightly and said she wished Mark was so understanding. I am only about 6 inches taller than Vivienne so when she looked up at me our faces were close, before I knew it she was kissing me quite gently but with real meaning. I pulled away momentarily and then kissed her back. My hands roaming over he back and discovering the thong, I slipped my fingers underneath it and grabbed her right bum cheek. Within a few minutes Vivienne had dragged me into the lounge, pushed me onto the sofa and handsome skank veline dellai gobbles up a massive fuck stick wrestling with my belt.

As she did so she was talking really quickly saying that Mark and her didn't have a loving relationship and she hadn't had sex in over 2 years. Once my belt was undone she took my trousers off, then she stood and undid the belt on her robe, it fell to the floor, she kicked off her slippers and tore the towel from her head. In this time, I managed to take off my shoes, socks, trousers and was unbuttoning my shirt to reveal my hairy chest.

Vivienne sighed as she put her face against me and begged me to make love to her. We were like teenagers on heat and it wasn't long before she was bouncing up and down on my cock grunting like a woman possessed. I had had a vasectomy so ploughed on fucking her until I came deep inside her. It was then that she realised just what we had done, we had only taken about quarter of an hour to go from friends to lovers. Her face fell again and she gabbled on about being sorry brunette model tiffany brookes makes good blowjob what if our spouses found out.

I stood up and held her tightly saying it was fine, understandable under the circumstances. With the pressure, she was under no one could blame her. I reassured her that I can keep a secret and that no one would learn what happened from me. After she calmed down we dressed and she saw me to the door, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she hoped she hadn't ruined our friendship.

I once again told her it was fine and that I would let her know how Finlay was later. She had written down Finlay's mobile number so I could arrange to drop off the box of goodies. As I neared Leicester one of my work colleagues called me to say that the meeting was postponed to tomorrow, I explained that I was already on my way and that I would stay the night anyway and see them first thing. After reaching the hotel I booked in and carried my stuff to my room.

Then I sent Finlay a text asking him if he'd like to grab a meal tonight, my treat. I knew what poor diet's students had and thought the chance of a good meal would be welcome. He texted back almost immediately and we arranged for me to pick him up at 6pm. I then hit the inhouse gym, pool and sauna and had a relaxing afternoon. Bang on 6pm I pulled up outside Finlay's student house, he was waiting in the doorway and quickly walked up and got in the car.

As I said Finlay had always looked after his appearance and was wearing chinos and a smart short sleeved shirt, his blonde hair was trimmed and tidy. I suggested we head back to my hotel as I could put the meal on expenses and let work pay, then I would drop him back with his box of goodies from his mum. He thanked me beautiful brunette babe getting naked and flashing in public for the offer and off we went.

Soon after we were sat down and with beer in hand I quickly took a picture of him and we sent it to Vivienne with a short note of explanation. She replied saying that I had been too kind to her already and now to Finlay too. Finlay caught sight of her reply and asked what she meant.

I flustered a bit and said that she and I had spoken about his dad not being very supportive since Finlay had come out. Finlay blushed deep red, and thanked me for being kind to his mum. I told him that it was nothing. As the meal went on Finlay had two more beers, while I stuck to the water on the table. He told me about how he was enjoying the course, he had made some good friends and was happy at uni. I asked him if he had made any special friends yet, giving him a cheeky grin.

He said not yet but there were some good-looking guys on the sports teams, we laughed. He told me that although his roommate was aware he was gay he didn't want to get a reputation for bringing guys back, so having "fun" was tricky. I remained quiet and just stared at him, then said that if he wanted to, Finlay could use my room.

He looked puzzled and asked me what did I mean. I said that if he wanted somewhere to meet a guy and if I was up here for work he could use my room to have his fun in.

As he blushed again I noticed how blue his eyes are. He replied and said that he was grateful for my offer, he dropped his head and said he would love to be able to take me up on it. We finished the meal in silence, I paid and said let's go and collect his box from my room and then I would run blonde takes a big black cock into her ass back to his digs.

As we walked down the corridor Finlay didn't look at me once, so when we reached my room I asked him if I had offended him and if I had I was very sorry. As the door closed Finlay looked at me and started to say something about the guys he'd mentioned earlier, but stopped mid-sentence.

I asked him to say it again. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me, he paused, swallowed and then said again that the guys at Uni weren't his type. He paused again and said he liked older guys. The silence in the room was deafening as I slowly tried to understand what Finlay meant.

Then like a slap in the face it hit me and I found myself lost for words. In a weird repeat situation to this morning Finlay began to cry like his mother had done that morning. Whether it was me being paternal or something deeper I don't know, but I pulled Finlay up and hugged him.

As the hug went on he stopped crying and began to relax. Then he pulled back and looked at me, we kissed very briefly and then kissed again. The relief on his face was clear to see. My emotions were running wild. In my past I had been with guys, but nothing since I had met my wife and that was over 25 years ago. This time Finlay took the lead and laid me on the bed, he immediately began to take my shoes and socks off, then turned to my belt and trousers. Once they were off he carefully unbuttoned my shirt and ran his fingers through my chest hair saying how much he liked "bears".

With only my briefs on I lay there and watched as Finlay stood and slowly began to strip off all his clothes. As each hot amazing milf with young guy whats her name came off he revealed more and more of his beautiful toned young body. Finally, as he slipped off his boxer shorts I could see his tan line and his erect hairless smooth cock.

Now he said I want to see your cock. I looked down and my prick was tenting in my pants, he pulled them off with a flick and my cock slapped against my belly. Finlay than lay next to me and said that he wanted to be my plaything, and I could do anything to him that I wanted. He said just tell me what you want me to do. Kiss me again I said, then suck my cock. He kissed me quickly then sucked my cock into his mouth and swirled his tongue around and around.

I looked down and laughed out loud thinking that only a matter of hours earlier my cock had been inside his mother's pussy. H estopped sucking and asked me what was so funny. I just said I was laughing at my luck. I told him to carry on but not to expect to be going home soon. Part 2 if you like it.