Teen fingers her luscious girlfriend using a sex toy

Teen fingers her luscious girlfriend using a sex toy
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Jasmine 30 year old widow is singing in one of my nightclubs, I invited her to my penthouse to discuss possible audition. While I had never hit on her, I had certainly looked at her in a manner that she felt was inappropriate. She knew I had bedded many women. In addition she is concerned about her own reactions. I'm rugged looking, I'm sitting close and my maleness is continuing to invade her senses.

" Bottoms up," I said, indicating to her glass, before lighting the cigar and drawing back deeply. Emily did as instructed, placed down her glass.

Her manners overrode any apprehension she feels. The liquor will soon make her very mellow and, I hope, very compliant. I continue to chat as I smoked the cigar. Jasmine begins to feel the effects of her drink. She found herself relaxing and finding humor in my aimless chat. She became increasingly conscious of how close I am. " Jasmine," I said quietly. " What?" she said, slowly turning her head toward me.

I immediately brought my lips to hers. She is taken completely off guard, did nothing to stop me and this fact would later haunt her. She has been a widow for five years, her husband died in a trajic accident. She has not dated since stranded teen in sports outfit gives road head death.

I kiss her on the lips, worse she opened her mouth and welcomed my tongue. The liquor heightened her awareness and she reveled in my touch. My lips are soft, my tongue flicking lightly onto hers. I tasted good. For my part I could not believe my luck. I had anticipated immediate rejection. " Maybe I've misjudged her," I thought, as I brought a hand to her breast and begin to lightly lift it. The kiss has already begun to arouse her and when I touched her breast the hormones flooded her pussy.

The alcohol is dictating her responses. She let out a light sigh, which did nothing to inhibit my attention. I move my hand to manipulate her nipple through her dress. It is not until I brought my hand off her breast and moved it to the bare skin under her loose dress, that she first feels apprehension. She suddenly came to the realization that this wasn't right and is quickly getting out of hand. Emily pulls her lips from mine.

" John this is wrong," she said, looking directly at me through glazed eyes. " Oh God, he's much older," she thought as she feels my hand slip higher between her thighs, onto the soft flesh located there. " John please," she protested, but briefly accepted my lips again, delighting in my taste and touch.

At this point she is completely compromised. " John please, we can't do this. It's not right." " No one is here and we will never tell anyone," I said, now pressing my hand into her crotch through her panties. I smile as I feel heat and dampness. She feels my fingers slide easily up and down her lips. She feels shame at her body's arousal. " Look., look," she said, her heart now racing, as my fingers begin to have the effect I had hoped for.

" Look what, baby? I'll tell you what. Let's take off our clothes, make out for a while and leave it at that. Is that OK?" All the time I continue to manipulate her labia and clitoris through her panties. My touch feels good and she longs for me to touch her bare flesh, but hoped I would not. " Ok," she reluctantly agreed. She thought this might calm things, while bringing my hands back to her, now aching, breasts.

She separated from me and pulls her dress up over her head and I did the same with my shirt. She is happy when I pull my hand off her panties, however unprepared for the effect her semi-nakedness would have on both of us.

I looked down at her and for the first time saw her naked breasts. They are pert and firm. " Perfect," I said softly as I swiveled and brought my hands up to cup each of them. Then I moved my mouth down to her small, brown nipples, kissing each one in turn. Again she did nothing to stop me.

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She did not want too. Her loins are on fire and she feels safe in the knowledge that I had agreed we would merely make out. Safe from me and safe from her own feelings of lust. Through the fog of the alcohol, she thought to herself how she would enjoy this interlude, I would leave and she would masturbate in the shower.

I need never know. She is again startled by my mouth suddenly locking upon hers. This is no chaste kiss, my lips kiara advani nude pussy photos against hers and my tongue slips inside again. It feels like a violation, having never kissed this way before, she moves her head backwards to be stopped by my hand holding her firm.

My large hand holding her neck with my fingers laced into her hair, it hurts as I pull her in even deeper. Responding in a way she hopes will please me, she gives over to the kiss hoping it will stop.

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I keep possession of her lips and moves them inside the bedroom. Once there and the door closes, I push her back against the wall. Never once do I break my hold or even seem to lose concentration with my exploration of her mouth. Alone, pushed up against the wall, Jasmine starts to panic slightly. If a simple kiss is hard to bare what would our consummation be like?

With me this close to her she can feel the threatening bulge in my pants, she can even feel it throbbing as I continue to kiss her fiercely. Unsure of what to do with her hands she keeps them limply by her sides, thus allowing me free access to her body.

Unreservedly, I move to grasp her tits again. Finally overcome with emotion, Jasmine's hand comes up and slaps my face with as much force as she can. The sound echoes around the room and the realization of what she has done hits her with the reverberation.

Slowly, looking into my eyes confirms her thoughts. She has just made the worst mistake of her life. I pulled her against meshe feels the bulge in my pants pushing against her ass. " Is it ready for me? I've heard when a woman has not had sex for a long time, she starts to dry up. Do we need to lube you up?" Jasmine is torn. She didn't want me to know the truth and yet, my fat fingers went around her hips and to her pussy. Sliding up and down her already drenched lips.

" I guess it ain't dried up yet is it Jasmine?" I leered. She feels my hot breath against her neck. It is so quiet in the house, there wasn't a sound but the two aidra fox in an outdoor tease session then takes a bbc them breathing. And the sound of my zipper.

" A good thing too. Cause I got a little present for you." Oh God. She feels my hard cock against her entrance. She knew I was a endowed beast. " I can't." She whispered. The head slips inside. It filled her up like she'd never been filled before. How much cock was in her? " Sure you can," I said. " A in't like you are running out of here." " It's too big." " It'll fit." " Oh God." Jasmine groaned.

It feels great, until even more slipped in. Then she feels very uncomfortable. " It won't." " It ain't as big as a tree." I said panting. " But I bet it's as close as you're ever going to get." Oh God it is big. So big. She feels stretched. She feels the head bang against her cervix.

She would die. She would. Then she feels my stomach against her ass. She'd done it. I'm all the way in. I begin to fuck her. Not softly and gently like her husband made love to her. My stomach slapping into her back as I slammed inyo her. Slap.slap.slap. My heavy balls jostled inside their sack and slapped her mons with every thrust. Her body begins to react to the stimulation despite her revulsion.

Her pussy quivering. Her clit enlarged and peaked out from its hood, now exposed and getting slapped by my ball sack. My heavy body pressing against her tall slender body, it was uncomfortable.

She arched her back. She rotated her hips. A breathless moan escaped her lips. Oh shit, my cock is hitting places, she never knew she had. " Oh God." she moaned. Her hips begin to buck up. My hands keeping her from moving as I fucked her from behind. My body slapping against hers with every thrust.

I grinned slyly and plunged a thick thumb into her unprepared ass. " Bastard!" Jasmine gasped. ".not there." " No-oh!" She gasped again. " Oh! Oh!" She tried to gain control over her body, but it is far too late for that. It had already betrayed her. A hot flash, flooded her loins.

" Oh!Oh! Oh God!" Her cunt tightened. It danced around my hard cock. Hips bucking. Body trembling.

Tight ass hole clenching a thick thumb. Lightning danced through aching loins. It proved far more than I could take. My balls tightened, and I flooded her cunt with my sperm. Gushing in her like a geyser. Filling her womb full. She feels it, shooting up into her cervix. Filling her to the brim. " Goddamn.you are one hot little fuck Jasmine," I said, slapping her on the ass, then wiping himself clean on her ruined panties before finally zipping up.

Jasmine cleaned up and dressed. She came into the living room going to the door, when I grabbed her, I pushed her between the shoulders, forcing her to bend at the waist over the back of the couch. She moved her legs apart to keep her balance. She feels my fingers between her legs again, stroking her. My hand withdrew, and she heard the rustling of clothing being removed, she feels my cock at the opening to her pussy, and with one sudden shove, I pushed into her again.

She screamed, unprepared for the suddenness of my entrance again. I'm giving her a hard fucking again. She struggles beneath mom and son sleeping father sexy story chinese, trying to get out from under me. But my hands held her hips firmly, my fingers digging into her tender flesh, and my thighs had her pinned against the couch back.

I continued to stroke in and out of her wet pussy with long hard strokes. Then she feels my thumb, slick with her juices, pushing at her small anus again. " No!" she shrieked, renewing her efforts to escape from me. My thumb continued to push, and she feels my finger gaining entrance. She struggled harder, and is stunned to feel a sharp slap across her ass. The surprise caused her to still for a moment, and I pushed my finger all the way into her ass.

She bucked her hips, trying to dislodge my thumb from her ass. I grabbed a handful of her hair close to the scalp with my other hand, and pulled her up partway. " Stop fighting me," I ordered.

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" You might find you like it." I released her hair, and webcam! hot nerd in glasses orgasm on webcam frmxd com tube porn back to filling her pussy with my thick cock, my strokes long and hard. She feels a finger on her clit, moving in small circles, bringing pleasure back to her.

She feels my other hand begin to move, and my thumb is pulled from her ass. Her relief is short lived, as she feels one of my long thick fingers slide in to take it's place. My fucking slowed slightly, as my finger and cock begin to stroke in and out of her at the same time. She howls in outrage, then feels my other hand begin stroking her clit again. As her ass adjusted to my finger, she begins to enjoy the sensations of my finger fucking her there. There are so many nerve endings, and the stroking is inflaming each one of them.

She feels me picking up the pace again, and feels her excitement rising. She can't believe how good this feels, my thick cock in her pussy, my finger stroking in and out of her ass, and my other hand lightly rubbing her clit. She begins to push back to meet my strokes, her cries of anger turning to moans of pleasure. She feels the orgasm gathering low in her belly, and feels her muscles tighten in anticipation of her release.

Behind her, I keep up the assault on her, fucking her hard, twisting my finger in her ass, causing her to writhe beneath me. Suddenly she is bucking wildly beneath me, her screams filling my ears as she came hard. Her bucking pushing me over the edge too, and I shoved myself deep inside her, my cock throbbing as I emptied myself into her again.

She lay pinned under me, her breath coming in short pants. I pull my finger from her ass, eliciting a small moan from her. MY cock, now softening, slipping from her. I took her shoulders and pulled her upright, and turned her head to take her mouth in a deep kiss.

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She sagged against me, no strength left to fight me. That had been the most intense orgasm of her life, and she is torn between the shame she feels at participating in and responding to my assault, and the feelings of complete satisfaction still strumming through her body.